No 1 & 1A Hurrell's Row

John & Hilary Roadley

Washhouse to shop

Originally No 1 was a 2 storey cottage with an adjacent single storey washhouse. The latter was for all occupants of Hurrell’s Row and the coprolite diggers of the Button End diggings.

Although the cottage was previously rented out for many years, in 1958 Aug 7th No 1 was bought by Bronislaw Konsiewicz (Polish?). He was known as Bruno and in 1960 got planning permission to use an existing store room as a TV and radio repair workshop – No 1 still being the 2 storey house. Nigel Schoepp remembers buying their first TV from there.

From 1973 until his death in Oct 1993 Eric Webb used the shop part as a clock & watch repair shop. For a number of months the clock stood at 10.22 and some time after 1998 was removed.

For the next few years it was a hairdressers – first The Crazy Hair cut, then in 2001 it became  Helen Martin Unisex Hairdressers.

After a period when it was unoccupied, planning permission was granted to construct a first floor and convert the building into a one-bedroom dwelling in 2007. the open pavement area in front of the shop was enclosed to create a very small garden. This dwelling now has the Address of No 1 Hurrell’s Row.

No 1 becomes 1A

The 1971 OS map still shows No 1 as the 2 storey house, owned by Mr Webb of Haslingfield, who got planning permission to enlarge the kitchen, lounge & bedrooms. Presumably that is why this cottage has a different angle to the roof where the front was extended out towards Church St. Eventually no 1 was renumbered as 1A Hurrell’s Row, possibly when the shop became a residence, but we do not know when.

Occupants of No 1

The 1910 land valuation map named the occupant as Walter Northrop with the owner as Arthur Hurrell. The 1911 census listed Mrs Northrop as the head of household and two other males and three females as the other occupants.

1939 & 1955 records name Annie Whitby (nee Collins), a  widow born 27 Mar 1985 as the occupant. She was Kath Rayner’s Aunt. Kath said that  Annie’s mother, Julia Collins, went to live with her after Julia’s husband John died in 1946. Julia Collins (nee Wing) died in 1949.

Kath said Annie (B:1884 Shepreth D:Jan 1961 Union Lane Cambridge) had several children when she lived in Hurrells Row at the end. It had an upstairs but the washing was done downstairs where the Clock Shop later was. Outside each house were built outhouses to house a toilet and a coal store. There were very tiny backgardens with a wall boundary.

As previously mentioned in 1958 Aug 7th No 1 was bought by Bronislaw Konsiewicz (Polish?), known as Bruno (1920-73), and he ran the TV shop in the 1960s.

We do not know who the occupants were after this.



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