Harston School class 1952-4)

Harston School Class 1950s?

Can anyone date the photo, give the age of the pupils or add the missing names? Born around 1947.


Back Row L – R:

boy                ? Jackson                Michael Everitt         Roger Impey        Jimmy Malyon          Peter Stittle            Mrs Kirby 

Second from back Row L – R:

Janette Cooper       Jennifer Withy             ?  Warren      Denise Truselove    Patsy Weddell     Marie Vallis     Ann Wright      Maureen Sutton

Second from front Row L – R:

boy      ? Harris            Jill Chapman      Marsha Connelly       Linda Pettit        Wendy Nutter        Josephine or Denise Brown               girl          Kathleen Clark        Colin Burl             Michael Hoppit                    ? Baker

Front Row L – R:

Peter Harris           boy             Paul Wollins

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  • The un-named boy in the middle of the back row is my brother Roger Impey. The photo will be no later than 1955 as I am told that was when we moved to Newton. At the time we were living at 9 New Road.

    By Peter Impey (21/04/2019)
  • I would say this class was the year below me, some these children were in my class but we used to have two years in one. I don’t think I am on it so it was most probably the two years after me, meaning born after Sept 1st 1947. I can’t add any names, but would agree with those already on there. I do think the Harris boy was Peter Harris, not Freddie.

    By John Wick (14/04/2019)

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