Primary Class 1983/84?

Names provided by Chris Bates & Jane Cash

Harston Primary school class early 1980s

Pat Legge & Viv Hopkins Class 1980s (Viv a part time teacher) + Gillie Pluck

Can anyone give the actual date? 1985 or after?

Back Row:

Stuart Dickerson,  Gemma Bates,  Matthew Harrison,  Stephen Worland,  Becky Heath

2nd row from back:

Simon Paget,  Vanessa Sercombe,  Alan Benedikz  Joanna Hollier?  Lynn Cage, Helen McKee,  David Carter

2nd row from front:

Lisa Roberts,  Melanie Cash,  Douglas Place,  Rebecca Mason,  Joanne Douglas, William Benedikz

Front Row:

Claire Saltmarsh,  Samantha Canning,  Richard Clarke,  Natalie Ford,  Georgina Roofe, Caroline Starkey,  Dean Konopka

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  • Name corrections:

    Alan Benedikz
    William Benedikz
    Douglas Place

    By Douglas Place (26/12/2021)
  • That is indeed my younger brother, Douglas Arthur Place in the second row. He is married and lives in Iceland with his wife Gunnhildur and 5 kids! My guess is that this was about 1983 or 84 since Mrs Legge came after I left to go to MVC.

    By Hilda Rogers (Place) (24/12/2021)
  • The date is 1985 at the earliest as Becky Heath (my daughter) did not start Harston School until the beginning of 1985.

    Chris Heath

    By Christine Heath (23/07/2020)

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