School class in village Hall- spring 1956

School class at Village Hall 1956

The infant classes were in the Village Hall until a new infant block was built in 1956. Can you name any of the children?

Nigel Schoepp is the boy in the left of the picture. He started school in Jan 1956 but several children in the photo started in Jan 1955 so there must have been two year groups. He can remember Wendy Bushell, John Turrell, John Ship, John Wright, Robert Amps, Trevor Hopkins, Glenn Northop, Norman Jarrod, Michael Stubbings, Susan Alexander, Jane Howard, Norman Brown, Lyn Hedges and Mary and Dot Arbon were in the class.

Ray Grainger, who has commented, started in Jan 1955 so he has identified more of his year group. Ray emigrated to Australia in June 1961. Like Ray, many of the children he mentioned lived in Queen’s Close, an estate which was only built in 1953, and the growing number of families housed there probably contributed to the growth of the school and the need for more classrooms.

Can anyone identify which children they are in the picture?


Top of frame L-R:

Boy                Gerald Smith                    boy                      girl              Brenda Turrell?

At front of frame L-R:

At top- Stella Hodgman    girl at bottom   girl half way up    boy holding on to top

Standing L-R:

Nigel Schoepp   Jean Wisbey     Ray Grainger    girl    Paula Andrews?     Bernard Brown?

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  • I think the second boy on the top of the frame was me Gerald Smith. We lived at 53 queens gardens next door were the west’s and I think Keith was the same age as me and two doors away were the Games and again I think Steven Game was my age. So they maybe on the picture ?

    By Gerry Smith (07/03/2020)
  • some more names, gerald smith, peter saunders,timothy west.

    By ray grainger (03/12/2016)
  • the boy in the middle with hands in pockets is me ray grainger. other kids i can remember are david jeffries,stellar hogkinson,maurice want, derek haylock,bernarn brown,susan lee

    By ray grainger (10/11/2016)

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