Mrs Barnes' Class 1961?

Mrs Barnes Class about 1950s

Probably in 1961: can anyone date this photo and add names?

Back Row L – R

Patrick Morgan         boy           Keith Fuller ?       Stephen Hill?            boy            Peter Wainright?     Mrs Barnes

Third Row L – R

Michael Waddell          Steve Hamilton,           June Hedges            girl              girl     Gillian Wintie?        Carol Stubbings      Michael Tabecki          Stephen Judd

Second Row L – R

Ruth Pettit,         Keith Carter               Brian Rogers       Paul Howard?              Bill (William) Thompson         Peter Shipp              boy              Andrea Pearce

Front Row L – R

Mary Hopkin?,             Shirley Stubbings,      girl                Lucy Baker                    Jane Rogers                    girl


Mrs Barnes class of 1961..Andrea Pearce (not Andrea Stubbings which was her married name), Carol Stubbings is next to Michael Tabenski (twin sister to Shirley Stubbings) and finally Jane Rogers not Rivers ( grandparents name)

By Lucy Manning (nee Baker)   15/08/2022

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  • Although I am not on there myself that day – sickly child – I remember quite a few of these faces.
    BACK ROW, Top Left – Patrick Morgan (High Street).
    Next to Mrs Barnes, Is not P (Peter) Baker, (he’s much older and Phillip Baker was younger.
    3RD ROW – Definitely STEVEN HAMILTON, next to June Hedges (Queens Close) June’s Mum was the Lollipop Lady.
    2ND ROW – 2nd in is KEITH CARTER and his mum was a larger than life lady who was the receptionist at the Doctor Townleys Surgery when it was next to the Coach and Horses.
    And at the end of the 2ND ROW is ANDREA STUBBINGS.
    And FRONT ROW is Definitely LUCY BAKER.
    Not Forgetting that some of these children came from Hauxton and Newton on Long’s Coaches, who were based down New Road next to the Volvo Harston Motors.

    By Bill Ashby (21/11/2019)
  • Michael Waddell 3rd row back first on the left (that’s me). I believe that Keith Wainwright is the boy next to Mrs Barnes in the back row. Back row 4th from left may be Stephen Hill. 2nd row, 6th from left may be Peter Shipp. Front row first on left I think is Mary Hopkin, 4th from left Lucy Baker? And then Jane Rivers?

    By Michael Waddell (19/09/2018)
  • I believe the boy between Brian Rogers and Billy Thompson on row 2 is Paul Howard

    By Michael Tabecki (14/04/2018)
  • Note : Stephen Judd is incorrect in his identification re: boy with glasses because it is me – Michael Tabecki I’m in this picture 3rd row second child in from the right. I believe that Gillian Wintie is on the same row as me 4th child from the right. Note: Mr. Rivers was the school caretaker during my years at the School and Mr. Shoot was headmaster. I remember the school pool being built ~1964-65.

    By michael tabecki (07/04/2018)
  • 3rd row extreme right is Stephen Judd, next to him with glasses I believe is Keith Wainright. On the 2nd row 2 in from Ruth Pettit is Brian Rogers. Keith Wainright/Wainwrigh’ts mother was a teacher at the school in the year above Mrs Barnes.. The picture is probably 1961 as Miss Jackson was the first year teacher in the infants and Mrs Barnes taught 2nd year infants.Miss Jackson had a sister who ran a hairdressers opposite the school next to Ware’s grocery/sweet shop.

    By Stephen Judd (14/10/2016)

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