Gravestones and Graves - surnames beginning with G - H

All burials in this cemetery are recorded in the burial register held by the Parish Council Clerk. We have recorded here the inscription on the gravestone where one exists and any additional information from the Burial Register for all burials to the end of 2017. The number before the surname relates to the number on the burial ground plan which can be found hereLayout of Button End Burial Plots

211   Gabriel, Constance Isabel

In loving memory of a dear wife Connie Gabriel who passed away 19th June 1977 aged 43

From PC record:

Housewife, died in Cambridge, buried 24 June, no 236 in burial register

224   Gallagher, Edward Leo

No gravestone

From PC record:

Retired, died 13 November 1980 in Harston age 66, buried 20 November, no 251 in burial register

197   Gallagher, Mrs Roseanna

In fond memory of Roseanne Gallagher 1913 – 1974

From PC record:

Housewife, died 23 October 1974 in Harston age 61, buried 26 October, no 227 in burial register

38   Gill, Clara D

No gravestone

From PC record:

Died 31 May 1944 in Harston age 71, buried 3 June, no 70 in burial records

42   Gill, Elizabeth Ann

No gravestone

From PC record:

Spinster, died 23 November 1947 at ‘Roeborne’, Harston age 83, buried 26 November, no 91 in burial register

1   Gill,John

No gravestone

From PC record:

Commercial traveller, died 12 April 1933 in Roeborne, Harston age 58, buried 15 April, no 15 in burial register

62   Gosford, Ida Maud

No gravestone

From PC record:

Married, died 6 August 1942 in Addenbrookes age 37, buried 10 August, no 58 in burial register

200   Grief, Clifford John and Joan

In loving memory of Clifford John Grief Beloved husband, dad and grandad 18th July 1911 – 19th July 1993 Joan Grief Beloved wife, mum and grandma 3rd April 1922 – 15th May 2005 Reunited

From PC record:

Clifford – died Harston, buried 26 January, no 291 inburial register

Joan – retired shop asistant, died 58 Queen’s Close age 83, buried 23 May, no 321 in burial register

97   Gutteridge, Constance Irene

No gravestone

From PC record:

Died Brent House, Boxworth End, Swavesey on 3 March 1999 age 85, ashes 16 April, no 311 in burial register

135   Gutteridge, Harry and Susan

In loving memory of Harry Gutteridge, who passed to rest January 24th 1961 aged 76 years. Also Susan Gutteridge who passed to rest January 27th 1962 aged 82 years. Reunited.

From PC record:

Harry – police pensioner, died Addenbrookes, buried 28 January, no 161 in burial register

Susan – widow, died Addenbrookes, buried 3 February, no 167 in burial register

141   Hamilton, Eric

Eric C Hamilton died 12th April 1958 RIP

From PC record:

Naval pensioner, died Addenbrookes age 38, buried 16 April, no 159 in burial register

57   Hammond, Edwin Alfred

In loving memory of Edwin Alfred Hammond who died on 31st Jan 1945 aged 70

From PC record:

Engine driver, died ‘Wetherden’, High Street, buried 5 February, no 76 in burial register

32   Harding, John

In loving memory of our dear father John Harding who died Feb 13th 1939 agd 91 years The eternal God is thy refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms

From PC record:

Died in Harston, buried 16 February, no 38 in burial register

28   Harding, Leah

In loving memory of our dear mother Leah Harding who died Feb 2nd 1939 aged 92 years Weary of Earth, myself and sin Dear Jesus set me free and to thy glory take me for here I long to be

From PC record:

Married, died Harston, buried 7 February, no 37 in burial register

65   Hart, Harold Baxter

In loving memory of Harold Baxter Hart who fell asleep on the 29th December 1941 aged 54 years

From PC record:

Private secretary, died in Hauxton, buried 31 December, n19o 55 in burial register

19   Haylock

No gravestone

From PC records:

Stillborn child of Eric Wilford Haylock & Kate Haylock, died 18 February 1935 at 2 Council Houses, Harston, ashes 19 February, no 21 in burial register

228   Haylock, Eric Wilfred and Kate

Treasured memories of a beloved husband Eric Wilfred Haylock 1895 – 1981 and devoted wife Kate 1896 – 1985 Remembered always

From PC record:

Eric – died 14 June 1981 at Newton age 85, buried 19 June, no 253 in burial register. Memorial erected July 1981

Kate – housewife died 20 April 1985 at Cherry Hinton age 88, ashes interred 25 May, no 265 in burial register. Memorial inscribed June 1985

45A   Holmes, Michael

No gravestone

From PC record:

Child 6 hours old, died 28 April 1946 at St George’s nursing home, Royston, buried 30 April, no 83 in burial register

111   Hookham, William Burch and Mary Louise

In loving memory of Mary Louise Hookham devoted wife of William Burch Hookham who passed away August 15th 1948 aged 80 years Abide with me fast falls the eventide Also William Burch Hookham who passed away January 9th 1953 aged 94 years

From PC record:

William – died 115 Chesterton Road, Cambridge, buried 14 January, no 120 in burial register

Mary – housewife, died in Harston, buried 18 August, no 95 in burial register

127   Hopkins, Bertie Frank and Ethel Kate

Cherished memories of a beloved husband and father Bertie Frank Hopkins At rest July 4th 1959 aged 73 years Also his wife Ethel Kate Hopkins died Sept 9th 1962 aged 79 Until we meet again

From PC records:

Bertie – died Chesterton hospital, buried 8 July, no 153 in burial register

Ethel – widow, died Addenbrookes, buried 13 September, no 168 in burial register

243   Hoppitt, Arthur Sidney and Jessica Mary

Treasured memories of a dear husband and father Arthur Hoppitt died 13th June 1982 aged 65 Also a devoted wife mother and nan Jessica Mary 16th Sept 1990 aged 71

From PC record:

Arthur – a welder, died in Harston, buried 17 June, no 258 in burial register. Memorial erected 30 May 1983

Jessica – housewife, died in Cambridge, buried 21 September, no 281 in burial register. Memorial inscribed April 1991

35   Horner, Arthur James, Martha Ann and William Richard

Treasured memories of Arthur J Horner Also his wife Martha A Horner Memories of William R Horner their son Their lives a beautiful memory

From PC record:

Arthur – labourer,died 23 September 1942 in Harston age 58, buried 28 September, no 59 in burial register

Martha – died 27 June 1981 at Brooksfields hospital, Cambridge age 96, buried 2 July, no 254 in burial register

William – soldier Gr 6TB RE, died 6 September 1940 at St Andrews, Lhambryd, Moray age 22, buried 12 September, no 46 in burial register

129   Howlett, Reginald Bert and Elizabeth Alma

Treasured memories of a loving husband, Reginald B. Howlett. At rest July 4th 1960 aged 52 years. Also his wife Elizabeth Alma, died 16th October 1989 aged 74 years. Reunited Abide with me

From PC record:

Reginald – labourer, died in Harston, buried 7 July, no 57 in burial register

Elizabeth – housewife, died in Cambridge, buried 27 October, no 276 in burial register

2   Hoy, Margaret C

No gravestone

From PC record:

Child of 11 months, died 29 November 1932 at ”Riverdale’, Harston, buried 3 December, no 11 in burial register

277   Hughes, Geoffrey Alan

Treasured memories of Geoffrey Alan Hughes our Son, Brother, Uncle and friend who died suddenly 18th Jan 2000 aged 26 Geoff you were someone very special that one in a million who touched the hearts of so many. Sleep peacefully God Bless Always missing you Geoff, love Sarah and David

Inscription on seat – Geoffrey Alan Hughes died 18th Jan 2000 aged 26 years

From PC record:

Financial adviser, died /arrington RTA, buried 29 January, no 314 in burial register

137   Hunter, Ella May

No inscription visible

From PC record:

Housevife, died 5 August 1956 in Harston age 60, buried 11 August, no 142 in burial register

181   Hunter, Rose Ellen

No gravestone

From PC record:

Died 1 October 1972 in Harston age 70, buried 5 October, no 220 in burial register

108   Hurrell, Arthur, Emily, Mary & Geoffrey Taylor

Arthur Hurrell born 19th January 1860 died 19th January 1940

Emily Hurrell born 14th November 1862 died 16th July 1943

Mary Hurrell born 30th April 1911 died 19th December 1995

Geoffrey Taylor Hurrell born 12th March 1900 died Sept 1989

133   Hurrell, Henry & Henrietta

In memory of Henry Hurrell who died Dec 21 1907 aged 92

Also Henrietta wife of Henry Hurrell who died March 18 1860 aged 38 years

188   Hyland, Jacqueline Eugenie Monica

In loving memory of Jacqueline E M Hyland 11 Feb 1926 – 4 Oct 1992 A wonderful person who enriched the lives of her family and all who knew her Rest in peace

From PC record:

Housewife, died in Cambridgeage 66, buried 13 October, no 286 in burial register


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