Gravestones and Graves - surnames beginning with N - O

All burials in this cemetery are recorded in the burial register held by the Parish Council Clerk. We have recorded here the inscription on the gravestone where one exists and any additional information from the Burial Register for all burials to the end of 2017, The number before the surname relates to the number on the burial ground plan which can be found hereLayout of Button End Burial Plots

275   Nevett, Winifred Mary

In loving memory of Winifred Mary Nevett who died 27 May 1994 aged 79 years

From PC record:

Died in Newmarket, buried 3 June,no 294 in burial register

7   Newling, John and Daisy

No gravestone

From PC record:

John – a labourer, died 20 February 1932 in Harston age 47, buried24 February, no 8 in burial register

Daisy – a spinster, died 2 October 1962 in Chestertton age 74, buried 7 October, no 264 in burial register

61   Newling, William John and Mary

In loving memory of a dear father and mother 1961 In loving memory of William John the beloved husband of Mary Newling who died Oct 20th 1937 aged 75 years Peace perfect peace Also Mary Newling died 25th Feb aged 84 years at rest

From PC record

William – died in Harston, buried 23 October, no 21 in urial register

Mary –  a widow, ddied in Bourn, buried 1 March, no 105 in burial register

29   Newling, Thomas

In loving memory of Thomas Newling died January 5th 1940 aged 79 years Love and remembrance live on

From PC record:

A smallholder, died in Harston, buried 9 January, no 42 in burial register

75   Newman, Alfred Henry and Henrietta

In loving memory of Alfred Henry Newman died April 14 1936 aged 76 years Also of Henrietta Newman died July 28th 1936 aged 72 years At rest

From PC record:

Alfred –  retired signalman, died in Harstonb buried 18 April, no 24 in burial register

Henrietta – a widow, died Addenbrookes, buried 31 July, no 26 in burial register

9   Newton, Kathleen Veda

In memory of Thomas Aves Redhead Seaman 1889 – 1930 Kathleen Veda Newton 1896 – 1970 Beatrice Ashby 1884 – 1978

From PC record:

Veda – died ?? January 1971 at Narborough age 73, buried 29 January, no 213 in burial register

83   Nichols, George Henry and Emma

George Henry Nichols died 9th April 1940 aged 77 years and Emma Nichols his wife died 30th Sept 1940 aged 78 years This stone is erected in grateful remembrance by their children Do well O Lord unto these that are good and true of heart

From PC record:

George – old agepensioner,died in Harston, buried 22 April, no 44 inburial register

Emma – widow, died in Harston, buried 3 October, no 47 in burial register

82   Nichols, George Henry

In loving memory of my dear husband George Henry Nichols who died April 5th 1944 aged 61 years Rest in peace Also Lily Rosina Maletka who died April 6th 1954 aged 58 years

From PC record:

A licensee, died in Harston, buried 8 April, no 67 in burial register

4   Northrop. Samuel Barnes and Agnes

In loving memory of our dear much loved ……… Agnes Northrop who died 13 Dec 1932 aged 76 years Also Samuel B Northrop who died Aug 24 1940 aged 76 years At rest

From PC record:

Samuel – old age pensioner, died in Harston, buried 27 August, no 45 in burial register

Agnes – wife, died Victoria Walk, Harston, buried 17 December, no 12 in burial rgister

21   Northrop, Arthur and Elizabeth Ann

No gravestone

From PC record:

Arthur – a roadman, died 26 June1936 in Harston age 70, buried 30 June, no 25 in burial register

Elizabeth – widow, died 12 October 1960 at 82 Eastfield, Cambridge age 89, buried 15 October, no 158 in burial register

17  Northrop, Arthur and Clara

In loving memory of a dear mother and father Clara Northrop died June 5th 1932 aged 65 years and Arthur Northrop died Sep 7th 1937 aged 77 years Loved and remembered always

From PC record:

Arthur – gardener, died in Harston, buried 11 September, no 30 in burial register. Plot sold to Mr A Northrop, Hill View Cottages

Clara – wife, died at 5 Hill View Cotages, Harston, buried 8 June, no 10 in burial register

160   Northrop, Audrey Mary

No gravestone

From PC record:

A housewife, dies 21 April 1991 in Harston age 93, buried 29 April, no 285 in burial register

90   Northrop, Bertie and Sarah Ann

In loving memory of Sarah Ann Northrop ded 24th May 1944 aged 64 years Peace perfect peace Also Bertie Northrop who died 5th Dec 1973 aged 90 years

Fron PC record:

Bertie – died in Harston, buried 10 December, no 223 in burial register. Memorial erected November 1974

Sarah – housewife, died in Harston, buried 29 May, no 69 in burial register

102    Northrop, Christopher and Harriet

In loving memory of a dear husband and wife Christopher Northrop who died Nov 17th 1948 aged 68 years Also his wife Harriet died Dec 3rd 1965 aged 85 years

From PC record:

Christopher – railway signalman, died in Harston, buried 20 November, no 86 in burial register

Harriet – widow, died in Harston, buried 7 December

179   Northrop, Eli and Elizabeth Susan

In loving memory of Elizabeth Susan Northrop, died 24th March 1971 aged 75. Also her husband, Eli Northrop, died 6th Feb 1972 aged 71.

From PC record:

Eli – died in Cambridge, buried 10 F 30 March, no 214 in burial registerebruary, no 218 in burial register. Memorial erected September 1972

Elizabeth – died Addenbrookes, buried 30 March, no 214 in burial register

92   Northrop, Samuel and Elizabeth Rebecca

No visible inscription

From PC record:

Samuel – labourer, died 22 July 1945 in Church Street, Harston age 87, buried 24 july, no 79 in burial register

Elizabeth – married, died 7 July 1945 at Church Street, Harston age 78, buried 10 July, no 78 in burial register

208   Nothrop, Jack and Emily

No gravestone

From PC record:

Jack – semi-retired newsagent, died 17 February 1975 age 67, buried 27 February, no 229 in burial register

Emily – housewife, died 6 Jamuary 1987 in Cambridge age 74, buried 13 January, no 270 in burial register

125   Northrop, Frank anf Harold Ernest

In loving memory of Harold Ernest Northrop died May 10 1956 aged 54 years Also his father Frank Northrop died Mar 13 1959 aged 87 years

From PD record:

Frank – retired labourer, died in Linton hospital, buried 17 May, no 151 in burial register

Harold – labourer, died in Cambridge, buried 15 May, no 140 in burial register

160   Northrop, Harry James and Audrey Mary

No gravestone

From PC record:

Harry – died 19 June 1967 in Harston age 71, buried 23 June, no 194 in burial register

Audrey – housewife, died 21 April 1991 in Harston age 93, buried 29 April, no 285 in burial register

15   Northrop, Ivo

No gravestone

From PC record:

A roadman, died 27 January 1934 in Harston age 64, buried 1 February, no 17 in burial register

107   Northrop, Martha

No gravestone

From PC record:

A widow, died 12 September 1950 in Hardwick age 80b buried 15 September, no 106 in burial register

13   Northrop, Mary Ann

No gravestonerow, Harston age

From PC record:

Old age pensioner, died 23 August 1930 in Harston age 85, buried 28 August, no 4 in burial register

41   Northrop, William

No gravestone

From PC record:

A roadman, died 19 August 1947 at 11 Hurrell’s Row, Harston age 52, buried 21 August, no 90 in burial register

232   Osborn, June Patricia

June Osborn 1933 – 2001 Treasured memories

From PC record:

Diied 3 June 2001 in Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle age 66, buried 14 June, no 315 in burial register


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