Gravestones and Graves - surnames beginning with K - M

All burials in this cemetery are recorded in the burial register held by the Parish Council Clerk. We have recorded here the inscription on the gravestone where one exists and any additional information from the Burial Register for all burials to the end of 2017. The number before the surname relates to the number on the burial ground plan which can be found hereLayout of Button End Burial Plots

48   King, James Henry

In loving memory of James King died 10th Jan 1946 aged 53 years At rest

From PC record:

A labourer, died Harston, buried 10 January, no 82 in burial register

231   Knight, Norman and Doris Eleanor Louisa

Dearest memory Norman Knight who departed this life 9th Nov 1981 aged 79 Abide with me Also Doris Knight devoted wife of Norman who died 20th June 1996 aged 93 years

From PC record:

Norman – died in Harston, buried 13 November, no 257 in burial register.Memorial erected 20 May 1983

Doris – died at 13 New Road, ashes 10 July, no 304 in burial register. Memorial inscribed 26 October 1998

235   Knight, Trevor Norman

Cherished memories of a loving husband and father Trevor Knight who passed away 16th September 2010 aged 79

From PC record:

No 343 in burial register

348 Konopka, Ruth

In loving memory of Ruth Konopka A loving Wife, Mum, Nanny & Sister 4th April 1953 – 10 th December 2016 Always in our hearts Never forgotten


149   Laman, Claridge Edward Arthur

In ever loving memory of a devoted husband and father, Claridge Edward Arthur Laman who died 3rd September 1966 aged 64 years. Rest In Peace

From PC record:

A railway worker, died Addenbrookes, buried 8 September, no 193 in burial register. Memorial erected December 1967

39   Laman, Elizabeth

No gravestone

From PC record:

A widow, died 27 July 1944 at 29 Union Lane, Cambridge age 73, buried 1 August, no 71 in burial register

230   Latham, Christobel Ellen

Christobel Ellen Latham died 6th Oct 1981 aged 93 She earned her rest

From PC record:

Ddied in Harston, buried 10 October, no 256 in burial register

144   Lawrance, Harry and  Emily Elizabeth

No gravestone

From PC record:

Harry – retired blacksmith, died 21 January 1971 at Papworth hospital age 77, buried 29 January, no 212 in burial register

Emily – housewife, died 13 November 1963 at Ditton Cottage, Royston Road, Harston age 69, buried16 November, no 173 in burial register

214   Leyshon, Yvonne and Victoria Clare

In loving memory of a dear mother and grandmother Yvonne Teresa Leyshon  27.3.1949- 11.12.2016 Reunited with her daughter Victoria Clare Leyshon 19.2.1978 – 27.6.1978 Gone from our sight but not from our hearts

Victoria Clare Leyshon born 19th Feb 1978 died 27th June 1978 We do not lose the ones we love God takes them in his care Sleep safe our little baby girl where peace is everywhere

From PC records:

Yvonne – housewife, died 11 December 2016 at Papworth hospital age 67, buried 22 December, no 359 in burial register

Victoria – died Addenbrookes, buried 30 June, no 244 in burial  register

59   Lilley, Emily

In loving memory of Emily Lilley died 16th Aug 1944 aged 86 years RIP

From PC record:

A widow, died ‘Walden’, Newton Road, Harston, buried 19 August, no 72 in burial register

100   Lilley, Frederick John

In loving memory of Frederick John Lilley died April 7th 1947 aged 75 years

From PC record:

Retired police inspector, died in Harston, buried 10 April, no 88 in burial register

209   Lofts, Frances Elizabeth

Frances Lofts died 17th Dec 1975

From PC record:

A pensioner, died in Harston age 83, buried 24 December, no 233 in burial register

162   Lowery, Caroline Amelia

In loving memory

From PC record:

A widow, died 15 September 1967 in Grantchester age 70, buried 20 September, no 195 in burial register

159   Lury, Mark and Muriel Anne

In fond memory of Muriel Anne Lury Beloved wife of Mark and mother of John, Ralph, Simon, Marcus and Mary Anne who died 18 March 1965 Oh what their joy and their glory must be those endless sabbaths the blessed ones see. Also Mark Lury who died 20 May 1978

From PC record:

Mark – retired garage owner, died in Papworth hospital age 70, buried 5 June, no 242 in burial register

Muriel – housewife, died Hope nursing home, Cambridge age 53, buried 23 March,  no

82   Maletka, Lily Rosina

In loving memory of my dear husband George Henry Nichols who died April 5th 1944 aged 61 years Rest in peace Also Lily Rosina Maletka who died April 6th 1954 aged 58 years

From PC record:

Housewife, died Addenbrookes, buried 10 April, no 129 in burial record

46   Malyon, Frederick

No gravestone

From PC record:

A shorekeeper, died 15 September 1945 at 2 Priory Cottages, Little Wymondly, Herts age 79, buried 20 September, no 80 in burial register

108   Malyon, Harry Arthur

No gravestone

From PC record:

Retired farm worker, died 12 November 1963 in Harston age 66, buried 17 November, no 124 in burial register

23   Marshall, John Henry

No gravestone

From PC record:

A cabdriver, died 8 July 1937 in Harston age 80, buried 8 July, no 29 in burial register

6    Miller, Albert Edward and Elizabeth

In loving memory of Albert Edward Miller died August 1st 1930 aged 58 years Also his wife Elizabeth died Feb 17th 1956 aged 83 years

From PC record:

Albert – bootmaker, died in Harston, buried 5 August, no 2 in burial register

Elizabeth – widow, died at Kendal Road, Cambridge, buried 21 February, no 138 in burial register

122   Miller, James William

In loving memory of our dear father James William Miller died 31 March 1955 aged 60 years

From PC record:

A labourer, died in Harston, buried 5 April, no 134 in burial register

291   Moore, Harold John

In loving memory of Harold John Moore 30th April 1974 – 29th Oct 1996

From PC record:

Died at 4 Pightle Close age 72, buried 4 November, no 302 in burial register

184   Morgan, Ernest George and Olive May

In loving memory of Ernest George Morgan died 5th July 1987 aged 77 In loving memory of Olive May Morgan died 23rd July 1995 aged 80

From PC record:

Ernest – died Papworth hospital, buried 9 July, no 272 in burial register

Olive – died Addenbrookes, buried26 July, no 296 in burial register

191   Morgan, Ann Rosemary

In loving memory of Ann Rosemary Morgan died 11-12-1986 aged 42 years

From PC record:

A housewife, died in Cambridge, buried 18 December, no 269 in burial register. Memorial erected May 1987

105   Morley, Amelia

No gravestone

From PC record:

A widow, died 14 March 1968 in Meldreth age 88, buried 19 March, no 107 in burial register

104   Morley, Herbert George

In loving memory of Herbert George Morley who died 7th Dec 1947 aged 64 years

From PC record:

A retired Army captain, died in ‘Merville’. Harston, buried 10 December, no 92 in burial register

222   Morrison, Frederick Albert and Beatrice Nellie

Beatrice Nellie Morrison 16 Oct 1916 25 Aug 2001 Frederick Albert Morrison 14 Sept 1914 16 Aug 2002 Dearly beloved parents and grandparents. Forever in our thoughts

From PC record:

Frederick –  died in Cherry Hinton age 87, buried 29 August, no 319 in burial register

Beatrice  – died Addenbrookes age 84, buried 3 September, no 316 in burial record


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