Gravestones and Graves - surnames beginning with D - F

All burials in this cemetery are recorded in the burial register held by the Parish Council Clerk. We have recorded here the inscription on the gravestone where one exists and any additional information from the Burial Register for all burials to the end of 2017. The number before the surname relates to the number on the burial ground plan which can be found hereLayout of Button End Burial Plots

27   Dean, Sarah

No gravestone

From PD record:

Died 22 January 1939 at 81A Mill road, Cambridge, age 79, buried 25 January, no 36 in burial register

104   Denton-Smith, Violet Ethel

No inscription

/from PC record:

Ashes interred 27 January 1996

221   Diss, Gillian Irene

In treasured memory of a devoted wife, dear mother and grandmother Gillian Diss who passed away 10th Jan 2005 aged 51 years

From PC record:

Housewife, died Brookfields hospital, Cambridge, buried 18 January, no 320 in burial register

203   Dixon, Peter Lawrence

In loving memory of Peter Lawrence Dixon 10th March 1935 15th May 1999 Dearly loved sadly missed

From PC record:

Retired, died Arthur Rank House age 64, buried 25 May, no 313 in burial register

167   Dyson, Frederick and Julia

In loving memory of Frederick Dyson who died 15th November 1968 aged 82 years. Also Julia Dyson who died 5th June 1978 aged 91 years. The spirit shall return to God who gave it

From PC record:

Frederick – died Harston, buried 19 November, no 201 in burial register. Memorial erected July 1969

Julia – housewife, died Chesterton hospital, buried 9 June, no 243 in burial register. Memorial inscription added November 1978.

123   Edwards Catherine Ann and Frances Joan

In loving memory of Frances Joan Edwards 12th Nov 1906 – 3rd May 1998 Wife Catherine Ann Edwards 5th Jan 1878 – 13 Oct 1954 Mother of Frank Edwards

From PC record:

Catherine – housewife, died Langham, Rutland, buried 16 November, age 76, no 132 in burial register

Frances – died Addenbrookes age 91, buried 13 May, no 307 in burial register

202   Edwards, Frank

In loving memory of Frank Edwards 26th January 1908 – 12th March 1999

From PC record:

Died Addenbrookes, age 91, buried 20 March, no 312 in burial register

138   Ellwood, Lily

In ever loving memory of Lily Ellwood who passed away 10th January MDCCCCLVIII aged LXXI years

From PC record:

Housewife, died in Foxton, buried 13 January, no 144 in burial register

136   Farrington, George Ivatt and Elizabeth

Treasured memories of a dear wife and mother Elizabeth Farrington At rest Dec 1st 1955 aged 87 years also George beloved husband at rest April 22nd 1960 aged 91 years

From PC record:

George – retired police constable, died in Harston, buried 26 April, no 156 in burial register

Elizabeth – housewife, died in Harston, buried 5 december, no 137 in burial register

66   Fisher, William

In loving memory of William Fisher died 7th April 1933 aged 73 years Given to hospitality Rom XII

From PC record:

Solicitor, died Fitzroy House, 16 Fitzroy Street, London, buried 10 April no 14 in burial register

261   Ford, Victoria Louise

Victoria Louise Ford our precious little girl. We love you Mummy, Daddy & Nick 3.6.1984 – 13.2.1994 aged 9 years

Bench inscription – In loving memory of Victoria Ford 1984- 1994

From PC record:

Died in Harston, buried 17 February, no 293 in burial register

70   Frost, Frances E

In loving memory of Frances E Frost died 1st Oct 1939 aged 83 years

From PC record:

Widow, died Harston, buried 4 October, no 40 in burial register. Plot sold to Frances E Talbot ‘Ardrossan’

156   Fuller, Miss Annie Elizabeth and Miss Gertrude Alice

No gravestone

From PC record:

Annie – Spinster died in Harston 21 September 1968 age 71, buried 26 September, no 199 in burial register

Gertrude – died in Ely 19 April 1975 age 84, buried


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