Gravestones and Graves - surnames beginning with C

All burials in this cemetery are recorded in the burial register held by the Parish Council Clerk. We have recorded here the inscription on the gravestone where one exists and any additional information from the Burial Register for all burials to the end of 2017. The number before the surname relates to the number on the burial ground plan which can bee found hereLayout of Button End Burial Plots

154   Carder, Ada Elizabeth

In loving memory of Ada Elizabeth Carder died 15th October 1964 aged 54 years

From PC record:

A housewife, died Addenbrookes, buried 19 October, no 180 in burial register. Memorial erected February 1999

295   Carroll, Charlie & Kenny

Label worn

From PC record:

Stillborn twins, died Rosie Maternity Hospital 14 January 2008, buried 25 January, no 334 in burial register

78  Carter, Henry John and Ann Warren

In loving memory of Henry John Carter died July 17th 1941 aged 83 years Also of his wife Ann Warren Carter died Jany 2nd 1942 aged 83 years

From PC record:

Henry – a labourer, died Harston, buried 21 July, no 51 in burial register

Ann – a widow, died Harston, buried 6 January, no 56 in burial register

133   Chapman, Claude and Beatrice Elizabeth

In loving memory of Beatrice Elizabeth Chapman, who died 27th June 1964 aged 85 years, and Claude Chapman, who died 16th Oct 1968 aged 87 years. At Rest.

From PC record:

Claude – retired, died St James hospital, Saffron Walden, buried 21 October, no 2000 in burial register. Memorial erected October 1970

Beatrice – housewife, died Addenbrookes, buried 30 June, no 177 in burial register

134   Chapman, Cornelius and Joyce Margaret

(Separate memorial stone): Treasured memories of a dear wife and mother, Joyce Chapman, 28 Feb 1920 – 7 Jan 1999. ‘In memory I see her just the same, as long as I live I will treasure her name, deep in my heart she is living yet, I loved her too dearly to ever forget her loving ways and smiling face, no one could ever take her place’. Reunited: Neil Chapman 20 May 1920 25 Sep 2007 Rest in peace.

From PC record:

Cornelius – died 47 London Road, buried 10 October, no 333 in burial register

Joyce – died 47 London Road, ashes buried 20 January, no 310 in burial register

72   Chapman, Elizabeth

In loving memory of Bessie Chapman died March 2nd 1944 aged 69 years

From PC record:

Independent, died Addenbrookes, buried 6 March, no 66 in burial register

73  Chapman, James and Elizabeth Susan

In loving memory of James Chapman died Feb 22 1943 aged 63 years O rest in the Lord Also of Elizabeth Susan Chapman died March 6th 1969 aged 93 years

From PC record:

James – retired, died Haslingfield, buried 26 February, no 50 in burial register

Elizabeth – widow, died Letchworth, buried 13 March, no 203 in burial register

229   Chapman, Eliot and Rosa Annie

In loving memory of Eliot Chapman Born 1904 Died 1981 and Rosa Annie Chapman born 1908 Died 1996

From PC record:

Eliot – died 5 August 1981in Harston, age 76, buried 11 Aug, no 255 in burial register

Rosa – died 9 July 1996 at 15 Church Street, age 88, buried 17 July, no 301 in burial register. Re=opened memorial 1996

56   Chilvers, Alice Maud

No gravestone

From PC record:

Married, died 30 March 1945, High Street, Harston, age 73, buried 2 April, no 77 in burial register

11   Churchman, Thomas

No gravestone

From PC record:

A labourer, died 1 May 1934 in Harston age 86, buried 5 May, no 18 in burial register

143   Clarke, Calliope

In loving memory of our beloved mother Calliope Clarke died 29th December 1960

From PC record:

A widow, died 29 December 1960 in 45 Sutton Rd, Friern  Barnet, Finchley, age 72, buried 3 January 1961, no 160 in burial register

152   Clarke, Thomas Charles and May Lillian

In loving memory of Thomas Charles Clarke died 24th November 1980 aged 68 and his sister May Lilian Clarke died 19th December 1992 aged 78

From PC record:

Thomas – retired, died in Islington, buried 3 November, no  252 in burial register. Memorial ereccted 5 May 1985

May – died Whittington Hospital, Lodon, buried 21 December, no 289 in burial register.

114   Collen, Arthur and Violet Alice

In loving memory of Arthur Collen who died Jan 3rd 1951 aged 80 years Violet Alice Collen died Jan 1st 1963 aged 86 years

From PC record:

Arthur – retired farmer, died in Harston, buried 6 January, no 108 in burial register

Violet – widow, died Harston, buried 3 January, no 170 in burial register

244   Collen, Joy Frances

No gravestone

From PC record:

A housewife, died 26 January 1984, age 75, buried 1 February,no 262 in burial register

54   Collins, Thomas and Florence Mabel

In memory of a devoted husband and father Thomas Collins at rest Aug 28th 1954 aged 72 years and Florence Mabel who died May 25th 1961 aged 75 years

From PC record:

Thomas – retired, died in Cambridge, buried 2 September, no 131 in burial register

Florence – widow, died in Cambridge, buried 31 May, no 164 in burial register

227   Collins, Frederick John and Nellie Emma

His memory as dear today as in the hour he passed away Frederick John Collins died 1st Dec 1979 aged 80. Also his dear wife Nellie Emma Collins died 28th Oct 2014 Cross at foot N E Collins

From PC record:

Frederick – retired land drainer, died  in Harston, buried 10 December, no 131 in burial register. Memorial erected June 1981

Nellie – retired/housewife, died Fitzwilliam House care home, Cottenham age 110, buried 12 November, no 349 in burial register.

55   Collins, John Henry and Julia

In loving memory of John Henry Collins who died Jan 5th 1946 aged 83 Rest in peace Beloved wife Julia Collins who died 17 April 1949

From PC record:

John – labourer, died in Harston, buried 8 January, no 81 in burial register

Julia – widow, died in Harston, age 83, buried 21 April, no 99 in burial register

40   Cook, Sarah Jane

No gravestone

From PC record:

A widow, died 24 February 1954 in Harston age 84, buried 27 February, no 127 in burial register

43/43A   Cosford

No gravestone

From PC record:

Stillborn child of G Cosford, died 8 July 1942 in Harston, buried 9 July, no 57 in burial register

33   Cox, Matilda

In loving memory of Matilda Cox died 7th April 1941 aged 79 years Peace perfect peace

From PC record:

An old-age pensioner, died in Harston, buried 9 April  no 50 in burial register

155   Cox, Thomas James

No gravestone

From PC record:

Retired, died 14 December 1958 in Linton, hospital, age 87, buried 18 December, no 150 in burial register

178   Crane, Doris Mabel

No gravestone

From PC record:

Died 4 November 1970 in Newmarket general hospital, age 60, buried 11 November, no 211 in burial register

77   Creek, Clara

No gravestone

From PC record:

A widow, died 6 April 1951 in Harston ,age 85, buried 10 April, no 110 in burial register

14   Creek, Ethel Rose

In loving memory of my dear wife Ethel Rose Creek died Aug 30 1931 aged 43 years

From PC record:

Died in Harston, buried 2 September, no 7 in burial register

145   Creek,Morris William and May

Loving remembrance of Morris William Creek born 2nd May 1889, died 30th March 1964. Also Molly, born 25th June 19?8, died 3rd March 1966, and May Creek, born 15th March 1891, died 7th February 1977

From PC records:

Morris – died Addenbrookes, buried 2 April, no 175 in burial register

May – housewife, died Great Shelford, ashes 16 March, no 237 in burial register

77   Creek, Stephen Charles

No inscription readable

From PC record:

A shepherd, died in Harston 9 Fe bruary 1940, age 75, buried 14 February, no 43 in burial register

79   Crofts, John Ransom

In remembrance of John Ransom Crofts died 9th December 1944 aged 79 years

From PC record:

A smallholder, died High Street, buried 13 December,, no 75 in burial register

106   Cross, James Randall

Fallen headstone, inscription not visible

From PC record:

Retired timber merchant, died Addenbrookes 11 March 1954 age 91, buried 15 March, no 128 in burial register

151   Crow, Frank Richard and Gladys Louise

Dear to the memory of Frank Richard Crow At rest Oct 1964 He giveth his beloved sleep Also wife of the above, Gladys Louise Crow. At rest, March 1979, Reunited

From PC record:

Frank – farmer, died Addenbrookes 4 October age 73, buried 8 October, no 179 in burial register

Gladys – housewife, died Chesterton hospital 18 March age 84, buried 23 March, no 246 in burial register

323   Crow, Keith Jonathan and Sylvia

Sylvia Crow died 4th May 2007 aged 78 years Keith Jonathan Crow died 28th Jan 2015 aged 88 years

From PC records:

Keith – retired, died in Newton, buried 17 February, no 352 in burial register

Sylvia – died Addenbrookes, buried 11 May, no 330 in burial register. Body exhumed and moved from plot 292

128   Crow, Valerie Ann

Treasured memories of our darling Valerie Ann Crow. At rest Aug 28 1952 aged 1 year 3 months. Suffer little children to come unto me

From PC records:

Died in Harston, buried 1 September, no 119 in burial register

25 Cullingford, John  and Louisa

To the dear memory of John and Louisa Cullingford 1872 – 1938 1871 – 1958 In thy presence is fullness of joy

From PC record:

John – labourer, died in Harston 12 January age 65, buried 13 January, no 32 in burial register

Louisa – widow, died 6 February in Harston age 86, buried 10 Febuary, no 147 in burial register

25A   Cullingford, Kenneth John and Joy

In loving memory of Joy Cullingford departed this life 14th December 2001 age 61 years, taken so suddenly, loved so much. Kenneth John Cullingford born Hempnall Norfolk 9th June 1928 died 26th February 2012 Now reunited and together forever

No PC record found

259   Curtis, Edward Benjamin and Constance May

Treasured memories of a dear husband, father and grandad Edward Benjamin (Ted) Curtis died 26 Nov 1991 aged 68 Also a dear wife, mother and gran Constance May (Connie) died 2nd Aug 2008

From PC record:

Edward – retired motor engineer, died in Harston, buried 5 December, no 284 in burial register

Constance – died 119 High Street age 84, buried 13 August, no 336 in burial register

132   Custerton, Anita Katherine

In loving memory of Anita Katherine Custerson who died 3 July 1964 aged 54 years

From PC record:

A housewife, died Rhydespence, New Wimpole, buried 8 July, no 178 in burial register


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