Gravestones and Graves - surnames beginning with I - J

All burials in this cemetery are recorded in the burial register held by the Parish Council Clerk. We have recorded here the inscription on the gravestone where one exists and any additional information from the Burial Register for all burials to the end of 2017. The number before the surname relates to the number on the burial ground plan which can be found hereLayout of Button End Burial Plots

26   Ives, William Alfred and Annie

In loving memory of William Alfred Ives died April 14th 1938 aged 56 years and of his wife Annie died March 23rd 1952 aaged 69 years

From PC record:

William – labourer, died Addenbrookes, buried 17 April, no 36 in burial register

Annie – widow, died in Harston, buried 27 March, no 114 in burial register

310   Izzard, Raymond Ernest

In loving memory of Raymond Ernest Izzard 17.11.1938 – 19.3.2013

From PC record:

Died Garden House Hospice, Royston age 74, buried 2 April, no 346 in burial register

22   Jacklin, Elsie May

No gravestone

From PC record:

Married, died 15 September 1936 at 81A Mill Road, Cambridge age 35, buried 19 September, no 27 in burial register

187   Jacklin, Eric Waldock

In memory of Eric Waldock Jacklin died 16th January 1993 aged 80 years

From PC record:

Died in Shelford, buried 25 January, no 288 in burial register

130   Jacklin, Joseph William Thomas and  Fanny

Cherished memories of beloved wife and mother, Fanny Jacklin. Called home Nov 19th 1960 aged 76 years. Also of Joseph William Thomas Jacklin, died May 17th 1965 aged 82 years. Peace, perfect peace

From PC record:

Joseph – died Chesterton hospital, buried 20 May, no 183 in burial register

Fanny – housewife, died Addenbrookes, buried 24 November, no 159 in burial register

124   Jackson, Henry William

No gravestone

From PC record:

A labourer, died 13 May 1956 in Harston age 76, buried 2 June, no 141 in burial register

47   Jackson, Susannah

No gravestone

From PC record:

Housewife, died 20 April 1949 in Cambridge age 68, buried 25 April, no 1000 in burial register

139   Jaggard, Ethel

No gravestone

From PC record:

Spinster, died 16 January 1958 in Harston age 75, buried 20 January, no 145 in burial register

134   James, Ralph and Moira

Treasured memories of our wonderful mum and dad Moira James 1.1.1930 – 19.5.2008 Ralph James 15.1.1930 – 14.2.2010 Forever in our hearts Always loved

From PC record:

No 243 in burial register

149 Jordan, Fred and Rachel

No gravestone

From PC record:

Fred – died 15 January 1958 in Harston age 84, buried 24 January, no 146 in burial register

Rachel – widow, died 7 November1965 in Chesterton hospital, age 70, buried 2 September, no 186 in burial register

37   Jordan, Jane

No gravestone

/from PC record:

Married, died 30 August 1941 in Harston age 66, buried 2 September, no 52 in burial register

109   Jude, Archibald Willers

No gravestone

From PC record:

Bricklater, died 13 February in Harston age 68, buried 16 February, no 104 in burial register

85   Jude, Harry William and Clara Selina

In loving memory of my dear wife Clara Selina Jude who fell asleep 27th October 1953 age 72 years God’s finger touched her and she slept Also Harry William Jude who died 13th September 1961 aged 93 years

From PC record:

Harry – retired builder in Hornchurch, Essex, buried 18 September, no 166 in burial register

Clara – housewife, died in Harston, buried 31 October, no 123 in burial register

110   Jude, Ernest Osmund and Judith Ann

Treasured memories of a dear husband Ernest Osmund Jude who entered into Heaven Nov 23rd 1949 aged 67 years Elizabeh Ann Jude died June 21st 1965 aged 98 years

From PC record:

Ernest – carpenter, died in Harston, buried 26 November, no 103 in burial register

Judith – widow, died at St George’s nursing home, Royston, buried 25 June, no 185 in burial register

98   Jude, William George and Elsie Jane

In loving memory of William George Jude died Jan 15th 1966 aged 91 years and his wife Elsie Jane died June 18th 1971 aged 94 years Called home

From PC record:

William – builder, died in Haslingfield, buried 20 January, no 189 in burial register

Elsie – widow, died in Caldecote, buried 23 June, no 216 in burial register. Memorial inscribed February 1972

84   Jude, James Beale and Emily

In loving memory of James Beale Jude died April 27th 1943 aged 70 years Also of Emily Jude his wife died September 11th 1943 aged 72 years At rest

From PC record:

James – bricklayer, died Cholsey mental hospital, buried 1 May, no 61 in burial register

Emily – housewife, died in Hatfield, no 63 in burial register

99   Jude, Gladys Elizabeth

In ever loving memory of our dearly loved daughter Gladys Elizabeth Jude born Sept 14th 1908 died March 30th 1947 Gone but not forgotten Not now but in the coming years it may be in the better land we’ll read the meaning of our tears and there sometime we’ll understand

From PC record:

A teacher, died in Haslingfield age 39, buried 2 April, no 87 in burial register

96   Jude, Harry Allen William

In ever loving memory of our dear beloved son Harry Allen William Jude who passed peacefully away after much suffering patiently borne June 20th 1948 aged 25 years Rest in the Lord

From PC record:

A bricklayer, died in Harston, buried 24 June, no 94 in burial register


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