Gravestones - surnames beginning M - N

John Roadley

The number against each surname below can be found on the churchyard plan here The Parish Church Graveyard

Many of the gravestones are very worn and it has not yet been possible to give full inscriptions but we are still working on them! Where just a number or word is illegible, questions marks have been used. Otherwise ‘more inscription’ shows that we have more to do.

155   Mansfield-Williams, R Hugh

R Hugh Mansfield-Williams born 14th June 1917 died 24th March 1986 Vicar of this parish 1954 – 1960


132   Midelton, Geoffrey L E T

Sarah Appleton Thayer born March 3rd 1829 died Dec 24th 1893

Geoffrey L E T Midelton born June 8th died August 26th 1899

11   Mills, James & Sophia

In loving memory of James Mills who died March 24th 1915 aged 72 years and of

Sophia Mills who died January 20th 1954 aged 101 years RIP

87   Mumford, Ellen & Agnes Mary

In loving memory of Ellen Mumford died April 6 1948 Aged 77 years. At rest.

Also of her sister Agnes Mary Mumford died 5th January 1961 aged 81 years

125   Newling, Hilda May

In ever loving memory of Hilda May beloved daughter of William & Mary Newling who died Aug 27 1926 aged 37 years Peace perfect peace

In ever loving memory of a dear sister 1961

108   Newling, John

In loving memory of John Newling who departed this life March 22 1890 aged 54 years

Thy will be done

106A   Newling, John & Ann

This is the footstone of the grave of John Newling buried 18 May 1871, age 81 and his wife Ann buried 13 June 1858, age 57.

The headstone was removed in the 1970s


130   Newling, Katherine

In ever loving memory of Katherine dearly beloved wife of Thomas Newling who

died June 12th 1922 aged 62 years

Devoted wife & mother

109   Newling, Sarah

In loving memory of Sarah Newling wife of John Newling who departed this life November 19 1907 aged 69 years Thy will be done

24   Norden, Sarah E & Mary Ann

In loving memory of Sarah E Norden born December 14th 1839 died January 29th 1929

Also of Mary Ann Norden born January 30th 1838 died November 23rd 1906

39   Northrop, Dorcas & Elsie

The gravestone is face down in three pieces. A survey in 1967 identified this stone as that of sisters Dorcas and Elsie Northrop, buried 1920 and 1926.


126   Northrop, George & Eliza Ann

In loving memory of George Northrop who died September 30th 1926 aged 66 Reunited

Also of his wife Eliza Ann who died April 2nd 1949 aged 85 years

More inscription

29   Northrop, Joseph & Sarah

In loving memory of Joseph Northrop who fell asleep Dec 14th 1896 aged 73 years

Also of Sarah Northrop who fell asleep March 24th 1896 aged 76 years

Not my will but thine be done Into thine hands I commend my spirit for thou hast redeemed me O Lord thou god of truth Watch and pray lest ye enter into temptation there the wicked cease from trembling and there weary be at rest

38   Northrop, Joshua & Sarah Elizabeth

In loving memory of a loving mother & father Sarah Elizabeth Northrop died January 10th 1933 aged 76 RIP

Joshua Northrop died September 26th 1934 aged 85

80   Northrup, Edward & Ann Selina

In loving memory of Edward Northrup who entered into rest Jan 25 1892 age 43 years

Also Ann Selina wife of above who died Aug 24 1928 age 79 years

Until the day break

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