Gravestones - surnames beginning with H

John Roadley

The number against each surname below can be found on the churchyard plan here The Parish Church Graveyard

Many of the gravestones are very worn and it has not yet been possible to give full inscriptions but we are still working on them! Where just a number or word is illegible, questions marks have been used. Otherwise ‘more inscription’ shows that we have more to do.

147   Hall, Christopher & Ann

In memory of Christopher Hall who died Nov 28 1766 aged 71

Also Ann his wife who died Sept 6 1762 aged 64

 25   Hammond, Frederick, Emma, Ruth & Jessie

In loving memory of Emma wife of Frederick Hammond died January 14 1909 aged 65 years

In loving memory of Frederick Hammond who died Sept 7 1919 aged 78 years

Also of Lily Berch daughter of the above who died July 25th 1948

In loving memory of Ruth the beloved daughter of Frederick and Emma Hammond who died April 13 1899 aged 19 years

In loving memory of Jessie the beloved daughter of Frederick and Emma Hammond who died Dec 26 1922 aged 37 years. Days and months swiftly flying blend the living with the dying

149   Hardwick, Charlotte

Sacred to the memory of Charlotte the fourth daughter of Thomas & Mary Hardwick who died 24th January 1864 aged 64 years

Reader you must pass through death’s dark vale where friendships tenderest efforts fail to smooth the path its shades illume

49   Hardwick, John

Sacred to the memory of John eldest son of Thomas & Mary Hardwick who died September 27th 1865 after a short & painful illness of four days aged 66 years

152   Hardwick, Thomas & Mary

Sacred to the memory of Thomas Hardwick who died VIIII of December MDCCCXLV aged LXXV years

Be ye therefore ready also for the son of man cometh at an hour when we think not Luke ch XII v XL

Also of Mary his wife who died March 19 MDCCCXLVIII aged 79 years

More inscription 

14   Harman, James & Eliza

In loving memory of James Harman born June 17 1848 died March 17 1918

Also Eliza beloved wife of the above died June 8th 1925 aged 79 years

96   Hart, Ann & Topham,  Dorothy C L

In loving memory of Ann Hart died December 12th 1933 aged 86 years

Also of her granddaughter Dorothy C L Topham died Nov 2nd 1941 aged 37 years

124   Haylock, William & Martha

Martha beloved wife of William Haylock who died February 5th 1892 aged 60 years

Also William Haylock who died February 25th 1910 aged 77 years

67   Hays, Allen & ?????? 

Sacred to the memory of  ???????

Also of Allen Hayes who died Dec 29th 1847 aged 78 years

64   Hays, Ann

In memory of Ann the wife of Allen Hays who died March 8 1799 aged 35 years

More inscription

65   Hays, Elizabeth

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Hayes who died March 29 1820 aged 27 years

66   Hays, Thomas & Lilian

Sacred to the memory of Thomas Hays who died February 21 1867 aged 70 years

Also of Lilian daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Jane Hays who died February 7 1870 aged 1 month

68   Hays, Thomas & Elizabeth Jane

In loving memory of Thomas Hays who died September 10th 1904 aged 79 years

Also of Elizabeth Jane wife of the above born June 30th 1844 died January 16th 1916

69   Hays, Tom & Ellen

In loving memory of Tom Hays born 15th February 1878 died 15th March 1940

Also wife of the above Ellen born 24th September 1886 died 11th June 1971

53   Headly, Elizabeth

Here lyeth ye body of Elizabeth ye wife of Henry Headly who was ye wife of John Condall

She died January ye 9th 1720 aged 43 years

106   Hurrell, Arthur, Emily, Mary & Geoffrey Taylor

Arthur Hurrell born 19th January 1860 died 19th January 1940

Emily Hurrell born 14th November 1862 died 16th July 1943

Mary Hurrell born 30th April 1911 died 19th December 1995

Geoffrey Taylor Hurrell born 12th March 1900 died Sept 1989

133   Hurrell, Henry & Henrietta

In memory of Henry Hurrell who died Dec 21 1907 aged 92

Also Henrietta wife of Henry Hurrell who died March 18 1866 aged 38 years

85   Hutchinson, Arthur Michael, Evelyn Florence & Richard Wyatt

In loving memory of Arthur Michael Hutchinson born 19 May 1866 died 25 October 1933 and

in loving memory of his wife Evelyn Florence Hutchinson born 31 August 1870 died 17 December 1954

and their son Richard Wyatt Hutchinson born 26 December 1894 died 4 April 1970

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