Gravestones - surnames beginning P - S

John Roadley

The number against each surname below can be found on the churchyard plan here The Parish Church Graveyard

Many of the gravestones are very worn and it has not yet been possible to give full inscriptions but we are still working on them! Where just a number or word is illegible, questions marks have been used. Otherwise ‘more inscription’ shows that we have more to do.

18   Phillips, Walter Hibbert & Florence

In dear memory Walter Hibbert Phillips at rest March 19 1902

Also Florence his beloved wife at rest November 4 1939

10   Porter, Wallace & Emily

To the beloved memory of Wallace Edwin Porter died 21st August 1925 aged 81 years

My grace is sufficient for thee The word of the Lord endureth forever

Also Emily Porter died January 9th 1933 aged 88 years

God is faithful

Also of Louisa Dale her sister died April 4th 1915 aged 72 years interred at Reading

9   Racher, Alfred & Maria

In loving memory of Maria Racher died Nov 7 1922 aged 69 years

Also Alfred Racher died Sep 17 1923 aged 74 years

151   Rayner, James & Jane

Sacred to the memory of Jane the beloved wife of James Rayner who died June 13th 1862 aged 47 years

Her end was peace

Jesus sought me when a stranger wandering from the fold of God came to rescue me from danger interposed his precious blood

Also of James Rayner who died Sept 20th 1869 aged 62 years The Lord of that servant will come in a day when he looketh not for him

107   Rowley, Frederick William, Margaret Ann & William Taylor

In remembrance of Frederick William Rowley who died September 11th 1886 aged 72 years

Also Margaret Ann Rowley wife of the above who died December 31st 1905 aged 85 years and

William Taylor Rowley who died January 25th 1914 aged 76 years

104   Rowley, William Taylor & Alice Maud

In loving memory of William Taylor Rowley died 28th August 1950 aged 83 years

Also of Alice Maude Rowley born 8th November 1872 died 3rd November 1956

And their daughter Peggy Bennett-Baggs born 8th May 1902 died 21st January 1995

3   Runham, Mark & Mary Ann

In loving memory of Mark Runham who died March 29th 1903 aged 64 years

Also Mary Ann his wife who died Sept 1st 1928 aged 77 years

Thy will be done

154   Samuell, Alin

In memory of Alin Samuell who died June 25th 1729 aged 72 years

35   Sanderson William & Adeline Mary

In ever loving memory of Adeline Mary the dearly beloved wife of William Sanderson who passed away January 8th 1929 in her 61st year

Also William Sanderson died November 17th 1944 aged 80 years

153   Shemwell, Bertram

In loving memory of Bertram dearly loved husband of Ethel Shemwell who died Sept 20 1931

79   Silk, Thompson

Sacred to the memory of Thompson Silk who departed this life Sept 14 1841 aged 18 years

58   Stockbridge, Jane

In affectionate remembrance of Jane Stockbridge who departed this life Oct 2nd 1879 aged 49 years

Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord

138   Swan, Samuel

In memory of Samuel Swan who departed this life the 20th November 1775 aged 55 years

139   Swan, Elizabeth

In memory of Elizabeth wife of Samuel Swan who died July 17th 1796 aged 76

12   Swann, Frank W & Dorcas Mary

In ever loving memory of a devoted wife and mother Dorcas Mary Swann at rest June 29 1953 aged 63 years

Also her husband Frank W Swann 1887 – 1980

My flesh shall slumber in the ground till the last trumpets joyfully sound then burst the chains with sweet surprise and in my saviours image rise

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