Jan 1870 - Dec 1879

summarised by John & Hilary Roadley & Chris Bates from British Newspapers Online

1870 January 8 Cambridge Independent Press

Members of a Grand Jury included, from Harston, W.F.Rowley, foreman and W. Trigg and W. Wallis (the others were from Thriplow, Foxton, Whittlesford, Haslingfield).

1870 January 22, February 5 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Sale by Mr W. Trigg of 3000 bushes of potatoes at 1s9d/bushel.

1870 January 22 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

The Town of Cambridge Association for Prosecution of Felons owns an estate at Harston, value £250 which yields £14 income pa.

1870 February 5 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Marriage of Miss Lydia Watson of Harston to Mr Chapman of Moorgate, London.  Potatoes for sale, Mr W Trigg, 1s9d/bushel.

1870 March 19 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Robert Reed of Barley charged with stealing a shovel & spade at Mr Austin’s coprolite pits at Harston, sentenced to 3 weeks hard labour for this offence and a similar sentence for another offence.   Robert January, 9y, had his arm crushed by some waggons at the Harston fossil works, treated at Addenbrookes (he had already fallen into a 15 ft-deep pit full of water, a few days previously).

1870  April 16, May 14 Cambridge Independent Press

Advertisement for Lawes Manures ‘including genuine Peruvian guano’. Agent in Harston, J.W. Burton.

1870 April 23 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

At a horse show, Mr Ekins, Harston, exhibited a fine cart horse, and  Mr B. Inkins had 2 fine bay horses which realised £60 each.

1870 April 23 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Mr Butler won a prize for his hyacinths at the Cambs Agricultural Show,

1870 May 14 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Duke of Manchester’s Light Horse, the regimental prize, comprising a silver statuette of a mounted volunteer, was presented to Corporal H.A. Long, Private W.T.Rowley and Private T. Smith (of Harston). The Queens Head transferred to Walter Finch, and a certificate to keep a beerhouse at Harston awarded to Luke Jackson (application by Mr E Wayman).

1870 May 21, June 4 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

To farmers, builders etc., King Tuck at Harston has ready for sale, at his brick yard, hand-made bricks & tiles, namely best white bricks, mingle and floor bricks (prices £1.6s to £2,2s per 1000) and coping bricks and tiles (2, 4 and 6 inch). Near Harston station, apply for details to the foreman there.

1870 May 28 Cambridge Independent Press

Advertisement for Lawes Manures, supplied by JW Barton in Harston.

1870 June 4 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

At Cambridge Division Petty Sessions, Robert Dew, a fossil digger, was charged by PC Wilderspin with being drunk & riotous at Harston on 21/5, fined 5s plus costs, or 14 days in prison.

1870 June 11 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Robert Whiskin & Elias Northrop were convicted of causing a disturbance at, and refusing to leave, the Queen’s Head on 28/5, fined 5s and 10s each respectively, plus costs. Mrs Elizabeth Beck, mistress of the Harston National School was charged with unlawfully assaulting and beating a girl pupil, case dismissed, insuficient evidence.

1870 June 18 Cambridge Independent Press

John Sidney Smith  was charged, by Mr Trestrell, surgeon, with practising as a surgeon at Harston without qualifications (having been called by pc Wilderspin to the scene of an accident, case adjourned and later dismissed.

1870 June 25 Cambridge Independent Press

Mr F Butler awarded a prize for strawberries at the local agricultural show.

1870 July 9 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Cambs & Isle of Ely Agicultural Society, H. Hurrell awarded a (secnd) prize for his riding/coaching horse(s), mare & foal.

1870 July 16 Cambridge Independent Press

William Lecrott & Gearge Chapman, labourers, convicted of unlawfully pursuing game with guns on 2/7. Chapman appeared and was fined 50s + 17s costs; Lecrott did not appear, fined 70s + 17s costs or 6 weeks gaol.

1870 August 10 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Owen Cambridge convicted of assaulting and threatening his wife Sarah on 25/7, bound over to keep the peace for 6 mo. with £20 and two £10 sureties.

1870 August 27 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Willim Trigg, farmer, sued by 4 named labourers for wages arrears, but cases dismissed.

1870 September 3 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Queens Head (landlord Mr Wedd) refused a licence for sale of spirits. New beerhouse near the railway station granted a full licence.

1870 September 17 Cambridge Independent Press

List of subscribers to ‘the sick and wounded of armies now engaged in war (? Crimea) included JW Rowley who subscribed 1 guinea.

1870 September 24 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Vagrancy, Henry Wright, John Smith, John Carter, each sentenced to 1 month to 6 weeks prison.

1870 October 15 Cambridge Independent Press

William Heffer of Stapleford was convicted of causing the death of a turkey, property of Mr Smith of Harston, by throwing a stick at it, when it strayed onto his land, ordered to pay 10s6d compensation plus 5s6d costs. William Ling, farmer of Harston was fined 6d + costs for alowing a bull to stray on the highway. He claimed that the children of the complainant (Richard Luunniss) had broken the fence down.

1870 October 29 Cambridge Independent Press

John Watson, foreman of coprolite diggers at Harston was cleared of assaulting Daniel Coxall of Haslingfield.

1870 November 5 Cambridge Independent Press, November 12, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Charles Bradman  (Bradmore?), 55, a vagrant tramp, with no belongings and ‘coming from nowhere’, was charged with stealing a duck from William Long. Pc Wilderspin intercepted him with the bird while it was still warm, he was remanded 1 week, then fined 2s 6d or sentenced to 6 weeks prison.

1870 December 3 Cambridge Independent Press

J Lecrot, William Bond, Gearge Cambridge for being drunk & riotous, were fined 8s, 5s and 2s6d respectively or 14, 10 or 7 days gaol.

1871 January 7 Cambridge Independent Press

Members of a Grand Jury at Cambridge county Sessions included JW Burton and TH Smith, and (on 6/7/1872), P Wallace.

1871 January 21 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal, Cambridge Independent Press

John Kent, 25 (or 35), & Frederick Northrop, 22, fossil diggers, were charged with assaulting  John Swan(n) – CCJ – ‘case settled out of court’ (CIP recorded fines of 2s6d each + costs). Charles Coote, a tramp, was sentenced to 14d gaol for begging at Harston.

1871 January 28 Cambridge Independent Press, January 28, March 11 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Ebenezer Garner (32) , butcher, charged with stealing £8 worth of pork & mutton from Mr KIng Tuck during an argument over a partnership arrangement  case adjourned to be heard by a jury later, but then declared ‘non-suit’ and case dismissed.

1871 March 4 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Two Northrops, Beaumont and Simons, labourers, were charged by Thomas Hays & William Long with trespass in  pursuit of game. Only Beaumont appeared. Each was fined 2s 6d or 10s, + 8s 6d costs.

1871 March 18 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Slaughtered stolen fowls stowed in a ditch near The Old English Gentleman, PC Webb alerted, Sawston lads tried forthe  theft.

1871 March 25 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Henry Gee, a fossl digger from Whittlesford, working at Harston, was convicted of brutally assaulting John Trigg, 75, labourer. The defendant did not attend and sent ‘an insolent reply’ to the Bench. Had previous convictions for assaulting an old lady and the police. Sentenced to 2 months hard labour. (MajorPemberton wished it tio  be known that these violent coprolite diggers would always be severely dealt with).

1871 April 1 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal, Cambridge Independent Press

Sam Miller, 18, labourer, was charged with neglecting to fulfil his contract with his master, J. Northfield, case dismissed.

1871 April 8 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Charles Wallis, John Wakefield & joseph Web, labourers of Harston, were charged with stealing 4 bottles of lemonade, a bottle of sherry , a pewter mug, a pipe and a pair of gloves from a boat belonging to Mr H Hughes of Corpus Christi College, later (8/7) convicted and sentenced to 14 & 7 days gaol respectively. John Churchman, fossil digger, convicted of assaulting Wallis Bird and fined 5s + 20s expenses. Parish officer appointments, TH Smith & F Hull, overseers, FW Rowley & H Hurrell, surveyors, John Allen, constable.

1871 April 15 Bury Free Press

Advertisement, ‘Wanted, a respectable married man as farm bailiff or assistant, being used to heavy and light lands and stock rearing and good at accounts, apply Mr. Ingle, Harston.

1871 April 22 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Advertisement: Potatoes for sale, ca. 2000 bushels, ‘grown on chalk soil’: 1s 9d/bushel for eating; 1s 6d/bushel for planting, apply W.Trigg, Harston.

1871 April 22 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Walter Drew (25), fossil digger, charged with being disorderly & refusing to leave the house of Joshua Jeffery, ordered to pay costs. Complaint lodged about coprolite diggings too near to the river bridge at Harston, danger of bridge collapse, men ‘mere speculators’, legal notice to be served.

1871 April 29, May 6 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal, also 1873 February 8

Auction (by Wisbey & Son) of an entire Coprolite Plant on the farm of W. Long at Harston, comprising a powerful Steam Engine (Clayton & Shuttleworth), a mill elevator with harrows, trucks, driving belts, seasoned timber trees, barrows, planks & troughs, iron rails, pumps etc. Also, a stable, a shed and a cottage.

1871 May 13 Cambridge Independent Press

Inquest at The Railway Tavern, Harston, befgore Mr Barlow, coroner, on the body of John Dockrey (18) who was working at Mr Coxall’s fossil pits when he fell off a plank, 17 feet into water. He ruptured a blood vessel and died of ‘congestion of the brain’, accidental death verdict.

1871  June 24 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Young lady desires a situation as Resident Governess to teach English, Music, French, Dancing. Apply The Post Office, Harston.

1871 June 10 Cambridge Independent Press

John Kent of Harston, charged with assault on Geoge Pryor of Duxford, fined 5s + costs or 3 weeks gaol.

1871 July 8 Cambridge Independent Press

Cambs Quarter Sessions,  John Wakefield, Joseph Webb, Charles Williams,were jointly charged with stealing a bottle of sherry, 4 bottles of lemonade and a pewter mug, all were found guilty, prison sentences 7 or 14 days.

1871 July 15 Cambridge Independent Press

Auction by Mann & Raven, of crops of growing corn, including some from ‘Harston Farm’ in Barrington.

1871 July 15 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal, Aug 5 Cambridge Independent Press etc

Elizabeth Fisher, 20, an ‘unfortunate’ (ie prostitute), of Cambridge, was charged with stealing 13s and a knife from Frederick Walter Williams at the Harston (annual) Feast. The money was found in her possession, including a ‘marked’ florin that was recognised by the complainant. Committed for trial; later sentenced to 3 months hard labour.

1871 July 15 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal, Cambridge Independent Press

Joseph Ball, 25, a fossil digger, was summoned for being drunk & disorderly and refusing to leave the Queen’s Head at the request of Walter Fitch. Fined £1 or 3 weeks prison.

1871 July 22, 1872 August 19 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

William Cox, ca. 9y, son of a Harston labourer and employed by John Willims to scare birds (with a gun) in fields next to the Newton boundary, was found by Mr Thomas Sheldrick of Thriplow, lying with a head wound, copiously bleeding, beside a gateway near the windmill on Newton Hill. Sheldrick thought he had shot himself, and took him to Mr Trestrail, surgeon. The gun was later found in a field with bloodstains & the stock brfoken. The boy was in a ‘precarious’ state for some time. A police investigation led to the arrest of Charles Taylor of Newton who was charged with assault and GBH, and remanded.

1871 July 29 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal, Cambridge Independent Press

Uriah Farrington, Harston, is in custody for stealing a shovel valued 2s on 18 July, he pleaded guilty, committed 3 weeks.

1871 August 5 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Cricket Match, Shelford vs. Harston: playing for Harston: C.Willers, ? Wiskins, E. Hammond, H.Tuck, J. Wisbey, G. Jude, A Wisbey, S. Newlin, W. Northrope, G.Taylor, T. Jennings.

1871 August 12 Cambridge Independent Press

Robert Doo, working for Mr Northfield, of Harston, gave evidence in a murder trial on Henry Day, a coprolite digger of Hauxton. Day had helped the deceased into Mr Headley’s cart when he fell ill; he seemed to recover, but later died, and his wife was charged with his murder by poisoning.

1871 August 19 Cambridge Independent Press

School cricket match, Harston players, W. Beck (master), E. Ashby, T. Titchmarsh, F. Ashby, C. Hart, W. Hart, A. Baldrey, I. Newling, W. Holder, S. Ashby, H .Jude (Ashby & Titchmarsh bowling).

 1871 August 26 Ipswich Journal, Cambridge Independent Press

(see July 22 above) Charles Taylor, 16, labourer, was charged with ‘murderously assaulting’ a boy, Cox, aged 9, by striking him with the butt of a gun, so that he became unconscious, and needed hospitalisation (Cambridge Hospital).  Evidence was given by Henry Bass (porter at Harston Station), Alfred Pink & Sam Fuller (Newton), John Wallman, farmer at Harston and Thomas Sheldrick of Thriplow. Cox stated that ‘a man’ who worked at Daniel Coxall’s coprolite works in Harston hit him  in the eye and then hit with the gunProfessor Humphrey said the boy’s skull had been fractured, and the wound on the back of his head could have been caused by the butt of a gun. Peters found the broken gun in the field and took it to pc Wilderspin. Prisoner committed to trial at the Assizes, convicted, and sentenced to 15 months hard labour (23/3/1872).

1871 August 26, November 11  Cambridge Independent Press

John Tuck, thatcher, of Harston, was charged with abandoning his wife and family, leaving them to be ‘chargeable’; to Chesterton Union workhouse, remanded.

1871 September 30 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Typhoid epidemic hits Harston, whole families affected, 70 in Harston alone, several deaths in the surrounding region. Mr Trestrail, surgeon, blamed contaminated drinking water and noted that nearly all the cases occurred near each other and that there was clear evidence of house-to-hose spread. These houses were over-crowded. Milk cans were suspect (a dairyman died of the disease) but local springs probably OK. He recommends that all drinking water be obtained from springs that are unlikely to be contaminated.

1871 October 7 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

James Warren of Great Shelford fined 10s + costs for damaging carrots belonging to Mark Runham of Harston.

1871 November 11  Cambridge Independent Press

‘The Baptist chapel (building) at Harston (formerly called ‘The Baptist Meeting’ which was pulled down) – is now certified as a place of religious worship and for the solemnization of marriages’ (Fred Barlow, Superintendent registrar).

1871 November 11  Cambridge Independent Press

Marriage at Harston, Mary Elizabeth Stockbridge of Harston to Mr RP Font of Broadstairs, Kent.

1871 November 18, 1872 June  8 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Arthur Colville (19) & Albert Symons (20), fossil diggers, fined 8s and 7s respectively for being drunk & disorderly in Nov 1871; Arthur Colville & John Smith same charge in June 1872, fined £2 + 10s costs and £1 and 10s costs respectively.  John Tuck, thatcher of Harston, sentenced to 1 month prison foir failing to support his wife & family, so that their care was charged to Chesterton Union (see also 4/5/12872).

1871 Dec 9 Cambridge Independent Press

Foot and mouth disease ‘continues to spread across Cambridgeshire’, a fresh outbreak is reported in 3 farms at Harston.  Thomas Marshall and John Playle, labouresr, each fined 14s + costs for driving a horse & cart without reins.  Outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in Harston & surrounding villages (see also 17/2/1872).  (Sheep ‘scab’ outbreak also occurred, see 13/1/1872).

1871 Dec 23 Cambridge Independent Press

Auction by J. Carter Jonas for H. Hurrell, of 200 larch, ash, elm & poplar trees + poles, hurdle stuff, plus leg & brush wood.

1871 December 23 Cambridge Independent Press

A ‘rare’ Canada goose was shot by Mr F Evans and was presented to Mr Robert Crook, naturalist of Sawston for preservation.

1872 February 24 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Thomas Johnson acquitted of a charge of leaving wife and chldren chargeable to the Chesterton Union.

1872 March 2 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

James William Burton of Harston, merchant, was charged with assaulting Fred Wills Lilley of Grantchester at Cambridge Corn Market on 23/12 1871 and 20/1/1872, in a dispute over ownership of beans. The defendant had beeen a coprolite works manager (long description follows). Fined 2s 6d + costs.

1872 March 23 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

John Smith sentenced to 6 weeks hard labour for stealing an axe and billhook.  John Kent & Arthur Coville, fossil diggers, fined 2s 6d + costs for assaulting George Simpkins.

1872 May 11 Cambridge Independent Press

James Northfield of Harston was charged with damaging fruit trees, property of his tenant John Miller, to erect a privy, settled out of court with payment of 20s costs.    George Chapman, fossil digger of Harston was charged with aggravated assault on Mary Mascall of Harston, at the Old English Gentleman. Dr Smith said the complainant, who was pregnant, was ‘very much injured’. Sentenced to 4 months hard labour and £1 expenses, or an extra 14d prison.

1872 May 25 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Duke of Manchester’s Light Horse: a badge & prize awarded to Corporal William Long.

1872 June 6 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Arthur Coville, 20 and John Smith 32, labourers, fined 40s and 20s + costs respectively for riotous behaviour; John Holland, 17s + costs.

1872 June 22 Cambridge Independent Press,

Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

William Trigg, merchant of Harston, was charged with allowing a gelding & 4 cows to stray on the highway in order to eat the roadside herbage, fined 5s + costs. Thomas Hayes, farmer was charged with allowing sheep to stray on the highway, similar fine. On 20/7, it was reported that Trigg  initiated a long wrangle with the Great Eastern Railway for delayed delivery of rye grass seed, and on 14/9, that he had been convicted of trespass in pursuit of game in Haslingfield, fined £2 +  costs.

1872 July 27 Cambridge Independent Press

Sale by Mann & Raven near the railway station , oats, barley & winter beans & farmng implements.

1872 September 28 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Lost, a pointer dog belonging to William Long.

1872 October 5 Cambridge Independent Press

George Hammond & John Speeed of Harston, acquitted of breaking James Headley’s fence at Haslingfield.

1872 October 26 Cambridge Independent Press

Election of a Registrar of Births & Deaths at Chesterton Union Workhouse Board Room on 31/10, 14 villages including Harston.

1872 November 15 Stamford Mercury

Prize, awarded to John Jenkinson of Harston for the 2nd best pig over 20 stones, at the Grantham Agricultural Association Show.

1872 November 30 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

To let: an 8-room house with garden & outhouses, 10 min walk from Harston station.

1872 December 28 Cambridge Independent Press

Creditors of James Gowland, late of Harston, who died in January, are invited to send their accounts to his executors, Elizabeth Gowland & WM Read.

1873 January 7 Bury & Norwich Post

Mr Thomas Cornell died at The Swan Inn, aged 53, on 30/12/1872.

1873 January 18 Cambridge Independent Press

Caroline Pink, charged with stealing 8s from H Gatwood, charge withdrawn.

1873 February 8, 15 Cambridge Independent Press

J Carter Jonas, selling a coprolite plant for H Long.

1873 March 22 Cambridge Independent Press

Henry Ernest Trestrell, surgeon of Harston, was charged under the Corporation Act for keeping his horse and trap standing in front of Chater & Osborne’s  (? shop), for 2.5 hours, ie longer than was needed for loading/unloading, he was fined 2s6d plus 10s costs.

1873 April 5 Cambridge Independent Press

Repairs to fences around, and repainting of the Harston bridge over river Rhee.

1873 April 26 Cambridge Independent Press

Inquest on body of William Parker, bird scarer, drowned in 8-9 ft water in a coprolite pit, ‘accidental death’.

1873 May 10 Cambridge Independent Press

Christopher Thornton, beerhouse keeper, charged by pc Wilderspin & convicted of permitting drunkenness on 22/4, fined 20s + 11s costs. William Rayner  convicted of being drunk on 13/4, fined 2s6d + 11s costs. Death of infant (4 mo.) son of James Northfield, farmer.

1873 May 31 Cambridge Independent Press

To let, a newly-erected residence with 10 rooms plus cellar, scullery, outhouses, garden, either with or without a stable, and a chaise-house. 5 min walk from Harston station, apply C. Wedd, Harston.

1873  June 7 Cambridge Independent Press & elsewhere

Death on Jan 3 of Eliza, last surviving daughter of the late William Hurrell of Harston, and of Jane Gwilliams, 86y, formerly of Harston. Marriage of Mr J Ball to Elizabeth Holmes.

1873 October 8 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

James Gowland from Harston made a £420 bequest to the RNLI.

1873 October 31 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Charles Thompson granted a licence to sell beer in Harston.

1873 September 6 Cambridge Independent Press

Josiah Ball, labourer, charged with assault on Mary Scarr and with threatening his mother, Jane Hall, bound over to keep the peace for 6 months with payment of £10 and two £5 sureties.

1873 October 25, November 11 Cambridge Independent Press

H Lamb & R Parsons, shoeblacks, charged with & covicted of stealing a basket of eggs, value 3s, property of Frances Cornell, carrier, apprehended by pcs Wilderspin & Purkins, sentenced to 3 months & 6 weeks hard labour, respectively.

1873 October 12 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

William Cambridge  & Thomas Cambridge, fossil diggers, charged with assaulting Robert Whisken, settled out of court.

1873 November 11 Cambridge Independent Press

John Tuck, thatcher, charged with obtaining 2 cartloads of straw, value £2 16s under false pretences from W Trigg, but discharged as ‘not under the court’s jurisdiction’.

1873 November 22 Cambridge Independent Press

Elias Northrop, fossil digger, convicted of being drunk & disorderly on Nov 3, fined 5s + 11s costs.

1873 November 23 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

George Coxall fined £5 for seling beer by the quart without the correct licence. (He had only a dealer’s licence, which limits him to sale of volumes over 4.5 gallons).

1873 December 7 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Harston Club Steeplechase, on Mr Northrop’s meadows, with ‘natural’ fences.

1873 December 13 Cambridge Independent Press

James Northrop, labourer, was charged with stealing growing turnips, value 5d, from the property of John Watson, farmer, on Nov 3, he pleaded guilty and was fined 1s plus 5d damage plus 12s costs or 14d prison.

1873 December 20 Cambridge Independent Press

Walter Beaumont, a fossil digger, was charged with assault of Harriett Arnold on 6/12; charge withdrawn.

1873 December 27 Cambridge Independent Press

Auction by J. Carter Jonas of 30 ash and elm trees plus leg and top wood at Harston, at the direction of William Long, part of a Coprolite Plant, also the materials of a timber-and-slate cottage and stable.

1875 January 30 Cambridge Independent Press

Edward Morley, Joshua Northrup & John Kent, jointly charged with stealing 3 fowls, the property of William Jennings, farmer, of Harston. All 3 sentenced to 7d prison.

1875 Feb 20 Cambridge Independent Press

James Kenney, labourer, was committed for 3d for begging.  James Speed, pensioner, was charged with assaulting Phoebe Wren, case dismissed.

1875 March 6, 13, 27 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Elementary Education Acts of 1870 + 1873, Parish of Harston to elect a 5-member School Board on 23/3, each ratepayer to have 5 votes to cast either for a single candidate or up to 5 candidates. Successful candidates were: Thomas Hays, FW Rowley, W Wallis, John Watson, farmers, and Thomas Smith, miller.

1875 March 13 Cambridge Independent Press

Death, on Mar 2, of Mrs Sarah Flack.

1875 April 3 Cambridge Independent Press

Marriage on Mar 30, Charles Eaton of Cambridge to Miss Lydia Northfield of Harston, at Harston church.

1875 April 17 Cambridge Independent Press

Joseph Morley, late of Harston, charged with stealing a shovel, value 3s from John Churchman of Haslingfield.

1875 June 5 Cambridge Independent Press

To let in Harston, house with 2 sitting-, 3 bed-rooms, kitchen, pantry, cellar, outhouse, garden. Apply to F.H., of Waterbeach.

1875 August 14 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Inquest at The Queen’s Head on George Parker aged 10y, employed by Mr George Hayes. He was in a cart (+ horse) that toppled over into a ditch, whereby his skull was fractured, crushed under the cart.

1875 September 4 Cambridge Independent Press

Annual licensing day (for inns etc), Mr Burrows applied on behalf of Samuel Fenning of the Old English Gentleman for a full licence in place of its existing beer-house (only licence, the application was refused by the magistrates.

1875 September 25 Cambridge Independent Press

(the newly-formed) Harston School Board invites Tenders for the erection of a school house at Harston, to educate ca. 158 boys, girls & infants, to have boundary walls, outbuildings etc. Drawings & specifications available from the office of the Architect, Mr John Morley, price 1 guinea, returnable on receipt of a tender.

1875 October 2 Cambridge Independent Press; extra info provided on October 9,16 , November 6

Auction by Edward W. Long (auctioneers, land agents & surveyors, Rose Crescent, Cambridge) of the contents of Rectory farm on 19 Oct, as directed by H.A. Long who is leaving this farm. Live-stock,  5 cart horses, 3 colts, 36 head of horned stock (steers & stircks), 72 or 80 Hampshire ewes, 35 or 40 half-bred lambs, 15 or 25 pigs, plus poultry. Agricultural implements, 3 narrow and one broad-wheeled carts, an 11-coulter seed & compost drill (made by Smyth), one double furrow and one single furrow plough (Ransome; Goss & Rayne), an iron roll, light do, an iron scarifier (Page), a set of handle harrows, 2 light harrows, a wheat & turnip horse-hoe (Maynard), a reaping machine and 5 sets of knives (Hornsby) a donkey cart and harness, 3 dressing machines (Ward & Silver), Maynard), a turnip cutter (Headley & Son), a cake breaker, a seed harrow, a weighing machine & weight, one horse- and one hand–drag rakes, 20 dozen hurdles, one dozen gate hurdles, 14 sheep & lamb troughs, 5 iron & wood pig troughs, 4 sets of shaft harness, 3 sets fore-harness, 5 sets ploughgear, 30 sacks, cart ropes, bullock chains, stack cloth, tarpaulin, barn & stable implements, hand tools, barrel-churn, a Whitechapel dog cart, anda  4-wheel double-bodied carriage.  Luncheon will be provided.

1875 October 23 Cambridge Independent Press

Harriet Jude, convicted of theft from Rev FJ Durbin, 3 weeks hard labour.

1875 November 6 Cambridge Independent Press

Persons with claims upon, or indebtedness to, the estate of Mrs Lydia Wallman deceased, to settle with Mr J Wallman of Harston.

1875 November 20 Cambridge Independent Press

Charles Ellis, labourer, was charged with riding on a waggon drawn by 3 horses without reins in Harston on 4/11; fined 2s6d plus 13s6d costs.

1875 December 7 Bury & Norwich Post

Suffolk Fox Hounds Hunt in Harston on 10/12

1875 December 11 Cambridge Independent Press

Auction by J. Wentworth of household furniture at ‘The Laurels’, Harston, on 6/12, as the proprietress is leaving. Includes, iron bedstead & bedding, hanging-press, chest of drawers, effects.

1875 December 25,1876 1 January Cambridge Independent Press

Amateur Pigeon Flying Competition, 7 birds started but weather very unfavourable, 1st prize to Mr Chapman.

1876 January 15 Cambridge Independent Press

Richard Freeman, labourer & Robert Whiskin, fossil digger, convicted on evidence of pc Ding of being drunk & disord

erly on 1/1 fined 1s + 7s9d each.

1876 February 19 Cambridge Independent Press

Collision of 2 traps near Harston, one person badly injured, but judgment in favour of the defendant (accused of speeding).

1876 Mar 4 Cambridge Independent Press

To Let, newly-erected Bakehouse in Harston; apply The Coach & Horses Inn.

1876 March 11 Cambridge Independent Press

Death of Mary Ann Northfield of Harston, aged 20.

1876 March 18 Cambridge Independent Press

Death of a 13-mo. child of whooping-cough & broncho-pneumonia, post-mortem by Mr WR Roper, surgeon of Harston, verdict ‘natural causes’.

1876 March 25 Cambridge Independent Press

John Whybrow, labourer, of Harston, was convicted of riding in a cart with 2 horses without reins on Mar 14; fined 6d plus 12s costs.

1876 April 22 Cambridge Independent Press

Marriage of Mr Alfred Jull of Rectory Farm to Mr J Allen (Gt Wilbramam)’s 3rd daughter.

1876 May 30 Bury & Norwich Post

Death on 21/5 at Harston vicarage, of Elizabeth, widow of J. Fishbourne,  aged 80y.

1876 June 3 Cambridge Independent Press

Death of William Ellis (53) on 12/5, and of Elizabeth Fishbourne (80).

1876 June 10 Cambridge Independent Press

Liberation Society Meeting at Harston on 31/5, talk by Rev JT Horne, Primitive Methodist Minister of st Ives, on ‘burial laws and dissenters’.

1876 July 8 Cambridge Independent Press

Elizabeth Cox of Harston pleaded guilty to stealing a gold ring, a half sovereign, half-crown and 3d from previous employer, Mr Saunders Negus, printer of Park Street Cambridge, 3 weeks prison + 4 years reformatory.

1876 July 22 Cambridge Independent Press

Edward Long, auctioneers, auctioning on 31/7, 36 acres each of wheat and barley, with its straw plus some manure, on land owned by H. Hurrell.

1876 July 22, 29 Cambridge Independent Press

Edward Thomas, alias Rowland, alias Luke McCarthy charged with stealing a nag horse from Mt FW Rowley. Witnesses included James Popkiss, porter at Harston station, and Donald Dear who reported seeing him leading the horse in Harston –   lengthy submissions – later pleaded guilty, sentenced to 10 years penal servitude (justified by previous 7 yrs penal servitude, police supervision orders, warrants for his arrest in 7 other places).

1876 September 12 Bury & NorwichPost, September 23 Cambridge Independent Press

Marriage of HA Long, second son of Wm Long, to Catherine Elizabeth Gillett on Sep 7.

1876 October 28 Cambridge Independent Press

Auction at The Green Man on 31 Oct by Mr William Wallis, auctioneer, as instructed by Mr Hazelwood, who is leaving, of household furniture & effects, plus a nag mare, harness, spring carts, harrows etc.

1876 November 25, December 2 Cambridge Independent Press

A 22y Magdalene college student, who was Master of the Drag Hunt and Steward at St Ives races, died after falling from his horse at’ The Harston Club’ race at St Ives, verdict ‘accidental death’.

1877 February 3 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Walter Beaumont, labourer, was charged by PC Ding with being drunk & disorderly on 13/1, fined 5s plus 13s costs. (also charged with assaulting Horace Tuck on 27/5/1876, see CIP on 10/6/1876).

1877 February 17, March 3 Cambridge Independent Press, February 3 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Auction by Grain & Livett at The White Swan on 9/3, of cottages (freehold and copyhold), 3 with large gardens & orchard on the Cambridge-Royston road, bounded on the south by the property of W. Long; on the east by the executors of the late Mr Stockbridge, and on the west by the property of T. Smith; all let to Northrop, Stokes & Hammond at a total rent of £14/yr, the orchard is in hand. Also 6 cottages next to the Green Man pub, with a yard at rear, bounded on the north & west by the property of J. Simpson and on the south by that of J. Northfield & Mr J. Jude. Copyhold, Manor of Harston Shadworth.

1877 February 3 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Grain & Livett, auction of furniture, outdoor effects, pony, harness, carts, cribs, poultry, etc on premises opposite The Pemberton Arms.  W Beaumont, 28, labourer, fined 5s + costs for being drunk & disorderly.

1877 April 7 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

William Cox, coprolite digger of Harston, convicted of failure to comply with a court order to maintain his daughter in a reformatory, being in arrears by 2 guineas, pleaded inability to comply, sentenced to 1 month hard labour.

1877 April 28 Cambridge Independent Press

Wm Brown, 52, (from ‘The Emeral Isle’) was charged by PC Ding with being on premises at Harston for an unlawful purpose on 20/4, sentenced to1 month hard labour.

1877  July 14 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal,  June 2, July 28 August 8 etc Cambridge Independent Press

To let: a newly-erected residence with 9 rooms & cellar, scullery, outhouses, garden, apply C. Wedd, Harston.

1877 June 30 Cambridge Independent Press

William Freeman (26) & Joseph Churchman (18), labourers, convicted of taking fish (2 trout & a pike) from private waters on 10/6, fined 19s3d including expenses.

1877  July 28 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

G.Chapman & Elias Northrop were charged with refusing to quit licensed premises on 5/7, respecively fined 2s 6d plus expenses or 14 days prison, and £1 + expenses or 1 mo. prison.

1877 September 1 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Robert Morley application refused to sell spirits at The Old English Gentleman.

1877 November 24 Cambridge Independent Press

Marriage of Mr Horace Tuck of Harston to Elizabeth Sutliff of Norfolk.

1877 December 15 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

William Hayden, 55, labourer from Manchester, 1 month gaol for begging in Harston.

1877/8 December 29 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal, January 5 Cambridge Independent Press

G. Gilbert, Arthur Hopkins, and Joseph Jude, all labourers of Harston, were charged by S. Rogers, gamekeeper, with trespassing in search of game on land owned by Mr Hurrell and Mr Long on 16/12. Gilbert & Hopkins were fined 5s plus costs; Jude, who failed to appear initially, was also fined 5s plus 18s costs.

1878 January 5 Cambridge Independent Press

Joseph Jude convicted of trespassing in search of game and land occupied by W. Long & H. Hurrell on 18/12/77, fined 5s + 18s costs.

1878 March 9 Cambridge Independent Press

Death (& inquest) on Merriman F. Bunn aged 9 mo, ‘congestion of the lungs – natural causes’.

1878 March 9,16, 23, Cambridge Independent Press

Auction by Mann & Raven on 26 Mar, for Mr Wm. Wallis who has given up his Harston farm, ten 2 or 3-y cart colts & fillies; 5 young horses, a black 5-y-old cob, quiet to ride & drive, a bay pony ditto, plus implements & machines, a Hornsby double-furrow plough, 2 iron & wood ploughs, a Maynard’s horse rake, an iron roll, a Bentall’s plough, 2 sets of iron harrows,a  dressing machine, sheep & pig troughs, old iron, misellaneous effects, 12 tons Mangold Wurtzels.

1878 March 16 Cambridge Independent Press

Joseph Ellis was charged (by PC Ding) with maliciously and feloniously setting fire to a stack of wheat straw, property of J. Watson, worth £48. (Long transcript of verbal exchanges). Committed for trial at next assizes.

1878 February 2, March 23 Cambridge Independent Press

Joseph Whiskin (aged 12), labourer, was charged with stealing 17 lb oatmeal, value 1s 6d, from his master, Horace Tuck on 20/1. His father, Robert Whiskin (40) was also charged with receiving it, knowing it to be stolen, he (the father) was sentenced to 9 mo. hard labour plus 6 years police supervision.

1878 March 23 Cambridge Independent Press

Alfred Gill convicted of stealing 2 eggs from Rev Durbin, previous offences admitted.

1878 April 13 Cambridge Independent Press

Marriage: Mr Edwin Taylor of London, to Eiizabeth, youngest daughter of late Mr James Northfield of Harston.

1878 May 18 Cambridge Independent Press

Ebenezer Garner, publican & butcher at Harston sued WF Gover of St Ives for rent of rooms, a dog’s keep, a carpenter’s bill, carriage of goods and a gun, case adjourned.

1878 May 18 Cambridge Independent Press

At Royston Petty Sessions, Edward Golding, a coal merchant, & George Knight, a labourer, were together charged with ‘intent to commit a felony’, and in a long deposition , PC Ding described observing them (loitering?) near Mr Rowley’s farm and near Huffer (sic) Bridge, Harston.

1878 July 13 Cambridge Independent Press

Sam Wick of Little Eversden and Robert Gee & David Jude of Harston, were charged by Prime Bros. , farmers, of Barrington, with stealing half a pint of gooseberries, value 1d, fined 7s each including costs.

1878 August 31 Cambridge Independent Press

Susan Savage convicted of being drunk & disorderly (apprehended by pc Ding), fined 5s + 13s costs.

1878 November 30 Cambridge Independent Press

Death at Harston of Emma Northfield, 40y.

1879 February 22 Cambridge Independent Press

Any persons with claims on, or indebtedness to, the estate of Thomas Tuck (d. 30/1) to settle with Horace Tuck.

1879 May 10 Cambridge Independent Press

Daniel Brown of Harston, apprehended by pc Ding, accused of keeping a dog without a licence and was fined 10s + costs for failing to produce the said licence that was purchased on 23/3.

1879 May 17 Cambridge Independent Press

To let: by Grain & Long, auctioneers, a house with 2 sitting- and 4 bed-rooms, kitchen, offices, gardens front & rear, orchard: 1a, 2r, 6p.

1879 June 7 Cambridge Independent Press

2 people are charged with stealing cheese in Trumpington, they are apprehended at the Green Man, Harston, each gets 1 month hard labour.

1879 June 7 Cambridge Independent Press

Cambs Sunday School Union Whitsun meeting at Harston at the Baptist chapel, SH Akehurst chairing, prize-giving etc.

1879 October 4 Cambridge Independent Press

John Smith, tramp, apprehended by pc Ding, convicted of begging at Harston, 14d prison.

1879 October 11 Cambridge Independent Press

Death & inquest on Ernest Northrop aged 3y who choked on a plum stone. Inquest at The Green Man under deputy coroner CW Palmer, verdict, accidental death.

1879 November 1 Cambridge Independent Press

Robert Scowen fined 1s for assaulting Jessie Cox, but complainant to pay costs.

1879 November 22, 29, December 6 etc Cambridge Independent Press

Grain & Long, auctioneers, house & 2 barns & orchard near the Old English Gentleman (some land in Hauxton) for sale, mainly Harston, freehold & copyhold, 5a arable land. Will of the late William Jennings.

1879 December 6 Cambridge Independent Press

For sale: 5 and 6-bar willow hurdles, apply Rectory Farm, Harston

1879 December 20 Cambridge Iindependent Press, and every succeeding week for at least 5 weeks

As directed by F.W.Rowley, Auction by Grain & Long, on 15 Jan 1880, 35 ash trees, 25 red willow, 20 black poplar, 3 elm – with top and log wood, also poles and pea-sticks, near main road. 3 mo. credit.

1879 December 13, 27, 1880 January 3 etc etc Cambridge Independent Press

To let at The Manor House, 2 sitting rooms & bedrooms & use ofcoach-house & stable.






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