Jan 1800- Dec 1809

Compiled by Hilary Roadley; Main researcher Chris Bates

1800 February 22 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

The proprietors of (Harston & Hauxton) estates are required to meet at The Hoop Inn in Cambridge on 28/2/1800 at 12 midday, to consider raising money to make Public Fencing & Drains in the 2 parishes. (issued 20/2/1800)

1800 March 29 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

To be sold: an estate at Harston consisting of a mansion house, large barns, stables, malting, 2 dove houses & other offices & homestall, garden, orchard, 345 acres (‘statute measure’) of arable (meadow + pasture). Also the Paramount Manor of Harston producing annually an average £41 18s from fines + quit-rents. Also, a ‘valuable Water Mill, one of the best established in the county’.   All freehold, tithe-free, land tax-exempt, inclosed in a ring fence. Apply Mrs Pemberton, Cambridge. or Mr Shepherd, Oundle after 1/4/2000. Also to be sold by auction at The Swan on 7/4/2000, 4-5 pm:   Lot 1,  is a freehold messuage + ground (up to the turnpike) lately allotted thereto, available Lady Day 1801; Lot 2 is a new allotment of freehold pasture land ca. 4 acres near the turnpike. Apply C. Pemberton.

1800 April 12 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

The commissioners (as above) …..give notice that we have heard & determined all the objections to allotments & exchange brought before us, & we therefore require ……  persons to accept the prospective allotments etc, on or before 20/4/1800, except such as are sown with wheat, until harvested (etc)…….We order…..that……..all… Messuages, Cottages, Tenements, Old Inclosures, & Heriditaments & agreements…….rack rent……..shall cease and be void as from 5 April 1800 (etc). All persons who think themselves entitled to (such) satisfaction are to state this in writing forthwith, to Mr Pemberton, solicitor. Signed, 5/4, as above.

1800 May 3 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

To be sold by auction on Thurs 9/5/1800 at The Swan, Harston at 5-6pm:    Lot 1, a freehold cottage (or tenement) at Harston, with ca, 2 acres of pasture close + small allotment of land in front, occupied by John Godfrey.    Lot 2, a freehold cottage do. with ca. 1 acre of pasture close and a small allotment in front, occupied by Wm Rayner.    Lot 3 , a freehold cottage near Manor Farm, + 2 roods of pasture.     All are tithe-free & land-tax-redeemed. Apply Mr Pemberton.

1800 May 7 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Auction at The Red Inn, Cambridge on Fri 27/6/1800, 11-12 am: Estate of Thos Pate Hankin Esq in the parishes of Newton, Little Shelford & Triplow, now occupied by Mr Hurrell of Newton, with possession of the fallows immediately and of the remainder next Miuchaelmas.    Lot 1:  Farm house & buildings, as a square farm yard in Newton…….       Lot 2: Baggot Wood, Baggot Close + the new Allotment all adjoining, 31 acres, 3 roods at Harston on the right hand sideof the road from Harston to Newton – the road having on the east,  the estate of Mr Allen, on the south, that of Colonel Wale and on the north, that of Mr Whitechurch . It is tithe-free; Mr Hurrell, the tenant, will show the premises.

1800 August 23 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Farm to let, comprising Farmhouse with Homestall containing 2 acres, 2 dovehouses, a malting house and 341 acres 2 roods 24 perches of arable land, meadow & pasture.  (Old inclosed meadow & pasture, 37a r 21p; Old inclosed arable land, 31a, 1r 3p; New allotment of arable land, 262a 2r 8p; 2 Holts by the river, 3a 16p). The farm is inclosed, is within a ring fence, & is tithe-free.  Apply Mr Pemberton.

1800 December 26 Stamford Mercury

Alexander Moore, surgeon and man-midwife at Harston thanks his friends and members of the public for their support during his short residence at Harston and solicits ‘continuance of their favours’. Drugs & sheep ointment sold retail.

1801 January 10 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Birth of triplets (3 girls) to a poor labourer at Harston, ‘all likely to do well’. (She already has 4 children, of which one is ‘an idiot’).

1801 June 27 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Sale by auction: by Philip Isaacson (at The Coach & Horses, Harston), on Friday 10/7 at 6 pm: Sale of The Coach & Horses Public House with a pasture close, ca. 1 acre, with a barn, stable & other appurtenances occupied by James Edwards. Copyhold, Shadworth Manor, apply Mr Gee, attorney, Cambridge.

1802 May 8 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Death of Mr William Allen, miller of Harston. He died suddenly and unexpectedly.

1802 May 22 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Auction, by Bunyan & Cockett, auctioneer, at The Swan Inn, Harston, on Thurs May 27 at 3 pm.  A Freehold Estate in Harston, comprising a newly–built Dwelling House, plastered & tiled with 3 good bed-chambers with closets, 2 parlours, kitchen, a dairy, a bakehouse with large oven, a large yard, stable, woodhouse, cart hovel; also a neat garden & large orchard adjacent. Occupied by Mrs Hurrel at £12 pa rent; in good repair. Particulars at neighbouring Inns.

1802 November 20 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Auction by Thos. Cockett, auctioneer, on Tues 30/11/1802 at 2 pm at The Swan, Harston: Half of a copyhold messuage occupied by Mrs Sarah Driver. a house, barns, stables, yard and appurtenances, orchard of about one and a half acres plus a small allotment of pasture, on the turnpike.    Also, a freehold messuage occupied by Wm Palmer, being 2 tenements, a large orchard and a small allotment of land on the turnpike.    Also, a copyhold tenement and  barn plus orchard and small allotment of land in front, occupied by George Prime.    Also an allotment of arable ‘from the late inclosure’, on the Green, occupied by Mrs Driver, containing 11acres 2 roods.    Also an allotment of arable in the White Field, abutting onto Newton Field, 15 acres 36 perches.  Also 9 acres arable land in Newton.

1806 May 31 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

T Cockett auction of a ‘desirable copyhold estate’, to be held at The Swan, 9/6/06 at 4 pm. An undivided or half-part offered, as previously advertised, 20/11/1802 and 7/6/1802.

1806 June 7 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

T Cockett auction of freehold & copyhold estates, some growing cinquefoil, to be held at The Swan on 9/6/06, at 3 pm. 9a 3r 24p of growing cinquefoil, the property of Swan Wallis of Harston, in 5 lots. Also, 2 large well-timbered messuages occupied by Widow Covill & Jonathan Docwra, plus 2 barns, a stable, cow-house, yards, large gardens,, orchards of fruit trees, an ozier holt and arable land, 3a, 3r, 5p. Estate will be divided into 3 lots. To be viewed by leave of the tenants.

1806 August 9 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Assize intelligence: the following gentlemen now compose the Grand Jury for the County of Cambridge: Rt Hon Lord Charles Somerset Manners, Rt Hon Charles Yorke, Benjamin Keene, Marmaduke Dayrell, John Trotter, George Leeds, Richard Eaton, Henry Gunning, George Milner, Ebenezer Hollick, Thomas Fisher, Edward Gillam, John Purchas,  P. Beales, Thos Thurnall, Chas Finch, Richard Comings, John Hibbert, Chas Madryll, John Mortlock, John C. Mortlock, Richard Foster, Peete Musgrave Esqrs.     Among the cases tried at these assizes were:      1)   Thurnall vs. Littell  –   the plaintiff is a tenant of the defendant at a farm in Harston under lease, wherein is a proviso that if Mr Littell, his heir, or assigns, should at any time during the demise, wish to occupy the mansion house, gardens, orchards, stables, or Hall Yard Close, giving 6 months notice before 10/10 last, (tenant should quit). Defendant gave the plaintiff notice on 5/4/05 for plaintiff to quit on 10/10/05, which he did, but instead of Mr Littell coming there to reside himself, he let the premises. It had been agreed that the plaintiff’s son should have possession of part of the house on 11/10/05 and the plaintiff should have the close & premises occupied by Robert Tuck, and from Michaelmas 1807, the defendant should revoke the lease proviso ………(etc.). Each party to pay own costs; counsels & attorneys for defence & plaintiff are listed.

1806 August 16 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Letter to The Cambridge Chronicle from Thos Bridge Littell, 13/8/06. ‘Although I believe it is not usual to insert in your paper, particularly under the head of ‘Cases Tried at the Assizes’, cases which have not been tried at all……..my name mentioned……..particulars of the Rule of Court (the only authentic document to be referred to upon such an occasion) seem to have been lost sight of, and ex parte assertions only, substituted for it. I shall trust to your impartiality to insert the subjoined statement of those cases which, upon reference to that record, will be found to be correct:    LITTELL v. THURNALL – An action charging the breach of covenants in a lease, to one of which charges defendant had not pleaded, and had consequently suffered judgment by default; this was compromised & satisfaction entered.   THURNALL v. LITTELL  – was a declaration in ejectment, to recover possession of a mansion –house, close & premises which plaintiff had quitted under notice from the defendant, and after he had been informed, in the presence of his son, that he might continue to hold them on the same terms as before: and that if he quitted them they would be let  –  this was compromised by defendant agreeing to give possession at Michaelmas 1807 (when the terms of the present tenants should be expired) and by the plaintiff agreeing to pay double the rent he paid before (for the premises) during the remainder of the lease. Each party to pay own costs, as by reference to the rules of the court will more fully appear.’

1806 September 6 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

An alphabetical list of names of persons to whom certificates for killing game have been granted (11/806 – 3/9/06), (provided by) by Christopher Pemberton, Clerk of the Peace……ca. 200 names which include (from Harston):  Allen James, miller; William Leworthy, clerk; Thomas Thurnell, gent. (Also, included as ‘not being a menial servant’, William Jennings, by Caius College, for Buristeads in Gt. Shelford.

1806 September 27 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Notice: ‘A Caution to the Public: Whereas I, Swan Wallis of the parish of Harston did, on 6/8/05 and 15/8/05, send by John Palmer, carrier & higler, 24 doz. apricots, which he entrusted to the care of J Reeves, salesman, of Spitalsfield Market, who did, contrary to the principles of equity, at the instigation of Palmer, keep back part of the price, I therefore advertise the conduct of these men …..  the public….should guard against the intrigues of such carriers and salesmen’ (dated 13/9/06).

1807 April 11 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Death ‘on Friday sennight’, George Taylor of Harston, aged 28 (after a long illness) —–   respected, lamented etc.)

1808 April 2 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Accidental death on Monday last of Mrs Watson, wife of John Watson, farmer. She and her husband & daughter were thrown from a horse-chaise when the horse fell; Mrs Watson died from her injuries the following afternoon (but her husband & daughter were ‘not materially injured’).

1809 April 8 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Auction by T Cockett of household furniture (china, glass), stock-in-trade & effects, of Wm. Flack, corn-factor & shop-keeper at Harston. To be held on the premises on 13/4 and 14/4 at 11 am. Catalogues at the neighbourhood Inns etc. Also to be auctioned, his house & freehold estate: a brick & sash-fronted, newly-built house: passage, 2 parlours, 3 chambers, wash-house, cellar, a pump of excellent water, store-room, corn-shop, large stable, 2 pig-sties, yard, orchard, front garden.    Also, 2 freehold cottages adjoining the premises & large garden  –   Mr Flack having planted more than 100 fruit trees, 7 years ago.

1809 October 14 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

(Letter): ‘I, Christopher Cornhill of Harston, do acknowledge to have spoken many things disrespectful of Mr William Tuck of Harston….. falsely accused him of stealing turnips (etc)…. He intended to bring an action against me, but by my acknowledgment of my folly of such untruths, he kindly forgives me, for which I humbly thank him (etc).   Signed (by a X-mark) and witnessed, 6/10/09.

1809 October 28 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Death, on 27/10/09, aged 82, Mr William Whitechurch of Harston ‘much lamented by his relatives & friends;…….’an upright & honest man & sincere & pious Christian’.

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