Jan 1850 - Dec 1859

summarised by John & Hilary Roadley & Chris Bates from British Newspapers Online

1850 January 5 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

To be Sold at Mr Hurrell’s Brick Kiln at Harston, a large quantity of drainage tiles of different sizes. Apply Thomas Ryland, bailiff.

1850 January 11 Stamford Mercury

Death at Harston on 1 Jan of Mr John Watson, farmer.

1850 January 12 Cambridge Independent Press

Sale of 2 hunter horses (black gelding, chestnut mare) bred by John Watson dec.

1850 January 19 Cambridge Independent Press

Creditors/ debtors of John Watson dec. to pay debts/present accounts to Mrs Watson at Harston.

1850 March 16, 30 Cambridge Independent Press

Mentions Mr Sewell, surgeon of Harston, in connection with a murder at Little Eversden.

1850 March 23 Cambridge Independent Press

Elizabeth Cox (whose husband had been transported for sheep-stealing), with her 7 children, at present inmates of the Royston Union (? workhouse) are ordered to be removed to Harston where it is alleged they belong.

1850 April 13 Cambridge Independent Press

Thomas Northrup (33y) acqitted of stealing lead from C.Wedd, Harston.

1850 April 13 Cambridge Independent Press

Game licences purchased by George Durbin & James Mansfield of Harston.

1850 April 20 Cambridge Independent Press

To let at Harston, a 4-bedroom house with garden, yard, stable (with or without a barn), 2 acres land, enquire Thomas Silk.

1850 April 5, 26 Stamford Mercury, April 20, 27 Cambridge Independent Press

Death at Harston on Mar 22 of William Whitechurch Esq aged 82, followed 3 weeks later by the death of his son, also William Whitechurch, aged 50. (Temporary) postponement of sale of (the elder) Mr Whitechurch’s farming stock, due to his son’s sudden death (Cockettt & Nash, auctioneers).

On 9 May, the executors of William Whitechurch Esq deceased, are to sell by auction at the Swan Inn:

Farming stock and implements in Harston comprising:

5 carthorses +a grey mare in foal

A 2y old grey cart colt & 4 ponies

3 in-calf heifers & one 2y heifer

2 Alderney & 1 polled cows, down calving

Milch cow in full profit; 7 bods(?), weaning calf

114 ewes & lambs; half-bred hoggotts, 2 goats,

13 turkeys, 7 geese, 12 ducks, 60 cocks & hens; 5 carts, ploughs, harness, rolls, corn & seed drills,

Dressing-machine, hurdles, sheep-troughs, harness, yard & barn implements, brewing plant, beer casks, 280 galls alcohol, 350 galls small beer,

2 cocks of wheat, straw, chaff, haulm,

Pointer dog, greyhound,

4-wheel chaise, dairy utensils & effects

Catalogues from The Swan Inn or the auctioneers, Cockett & Nash, Royston.

1850 May 4 Cambridge Independent Press

Notice: ‘Unless the chestnut horse left by Mr Bush at the Swan Inn, Harston is claimed and removed before 6 May it will be sold by public auction.’

1850 May 31 Stamford Mercury

Marriage at Harston on 21 May by Rev. F. Durbin, vicar of Mr W. Lambert, baker, of Waterbeach, to Frances Stockbridge, 2nd daughter of Mr W. Stockbridge, corn merchant of Harston.

1850 June 22 Cambridge Independent Press

Western Association for Prosecution of Felons, F.W.Rowley, member at Harston.

1850 June 22 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

To let, Harston, 5-bedroom house, garden, yard, 2-stall stable & 2 acres land, apply Thomas Silk, Harston.

1850 July 6 Cambridge Independent Press

Ancient Shepherds ‘Social Brothers Lodge’, 3rd anniversary, meeting at THe Swan Inn, 70 attendees, dinner with ‘host Cornell’, ‘ale and the weed’, walked through the village wearing the colours of the Order and carrying flags, band played the National Anthem.

1850 August 3, 10 Cambridge Independent Press

Cricket, Arrington beat Harston, players for Harston were 3 Wallis’s (W., C., J.), S. Cambridge, Hayes, Reeve, L. Prime, W. Brown, Wedd, T. Watson, Wallman (J. Wallis & Hayes bowled).

1850 September 14, 21 Cambridge Independent Press

(see above): executrix of William Whitechurch deceased, by Crockett & Nash auction of household furniture incl. chairs, tables (dining, loo, card & other), carpets, sideboard, 4 sofas; 4-poster & French bedsteads; capital feather beds; chests of drawers; double-barrel Manton gun; 200 galls beer, casks etc., earthenware, kitchen & dairy utensils; pony, Alderney cow; 4-wheel chaise; fruit in orchard; potatoes; other effects.

1850 September 21 Cambridge Independent Press

Voter lists updated, including Harston.

1850 November 2 Cambridge Independent Press

Auction, Wentworth & Sons by the will of the late Mrs Mary Jennings of Harston, at The Green Man on 7/11, Staire’s Close, near Hauxton church.

1850 November 16, 23 Cambridge Independent Press

Application for permission to extend the Royston & Hitchin Railway to Shelford via Harston.

1850 November 23 Cambridge Independent Press

William and James Mansfield charged with trespass and theft of game on land including that of Mr William Hurrell junior, of Harston.

1850 December 13 Stamford Mercury

Death on 3 Dec of Mr George Golding, cancer of tongue, aged 48.

1851 January 4 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Young child, Ann Mathews, scalded by a hot water spillage, died.

1851 January 4 Cambridge Independent Press

Application from the parish of Harston for ‘the Court’ to order a bridge to be built over the river. ‘At present the ford is very dangerous’ (steep, and at an angle) ‘and there have been many accidents, and it is often impassable’. ‘The 2-mile detour via Barrington encounters steep hills’. Lord Hardwicke said that the Conserrvators of the river Cam had a large sum of money ‘illegally procured’ and proposed that (some of) it shoud be spent on erecting a river bridge at Harston. (Decision postponed, further consideration etc).

1851 February 15, 22, March 1, 8 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Lengthy report in ‘legalise’ that appears to address the definition of a ‘new route’ to Haslingfield involving the proposed new bridge near the church. The following are listed as being affected: 1. a cottage in Church Street belonging to Frederick William Rowley and occupied by Thomas Scarr, 2. a close of arable land belongimg to Earl de la Warr (tenant, John Wallis), 3. a close of arable land belonging to EHG de Freville, occupied by Lydia Watson, widow, 4. the grounds of the vicarage (etc).

1851 February 15 Cambridge Independent Press

Auction by Wentworth & Son at The Waggon & Horses on 25/2, freehold messuage/tenement & outbuildings, yard, garden, orchard etc, opposite the vicarage, adjacent to land owned by E.H.Greene Esq, and occupied by William How at £15 pa rent. Contains 1 acre and a pump, and ‘will be improved by the contemplated improvements in the locality’.

1851 March 8 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

John Newling, labourer at Harston, charged with leaving a horse & cart on the highway at Little Shelford, fined 2s 6 plus costs.

1851 March 22 Cambridge Independent Press

Auction by J.R.Mann at The White Horse, Harston,, the materials from 2 barns & other buildings, oak beams, doors, boarding etc. Apply Mr Northfield, builder, Harston.

1851 May 10 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Fire on 5farm  from ‘taking fire’ May – destroyed cottages occupied by Beaumont & Webb and a lodge burnt down. The villagers helped to prevent the Long’s farm from ‘taking fire’. The cottages were the property of John Gwilliams who was insured with the The Norwich Union, but the tenants were not insured.

1851 May 31 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

For sale, Charles Wisbey auctioneer, for H. Hurrell, at The Waggon & Horses on 3/6, a cottage with orchard and garden abutting Brick-kiln Close, 2 acres. Occupied by William Wilson & Charles Jennings, Manor Tiptofts.

1851 June14 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

‘Curious charge against an undergraduate’, Horatio Denny charged William Henry Torte of Magdalene College with stealing a horse and Clarence at Harston  –  long account  –  acccused ‘escaped’.

1851 July 12 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal, July 18 Stamford Mercury

Marriage of John Eglington of Walsall, Staffs, to Mary Elizabeth Brown, daughter of Thomas Brown, Harston.

1851 September 27 Cambridge Independent Press

Game licences purchased by William Long, James Mansfield.

1851 October 18 Cambridge Independent Press, October 25 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Offered by public competition (? auction) by Mann & Son at The Green Man on 30 Oct: Small estate in centre of Harston: a house of 11 rooms with shop & baking office; 40 poles of garden ground facing the turnpike road (Cambridge-Royston). In possession of Mr John Stockbridge, at £20 pa, who trades as shop-keeper & baker. Copyhold, Manor of Shadworth. Enquire E.E.Foster solicitors.

1851 November 8 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Inquest on James Pateman at THe Swan Inn, Harston – he suffered a horse-related accident at Longstowe; ‘accidental death’.

1852 January 17, March 13 Cambridge Independent Press

William Brown of Harston, brickmaker, charged with stealing 2 whips etc from William Brownless of Christ’s College, found guilty, 6 months hard labour.

1852 January 31 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Inquest at The Green Man on a young infant who died following refusal of the breast, verdict, natural causes.

1852 July 3 Cambridge Independent Press

Railway timetable, Royston & Hitchin Railway, Cambridge-London line, trains will only stop at Harston when required to pick up or put down passsengers (ditto Foxton).

1852 July 24 Cambridge Independent Press

Auction, by Mann & Son on July 29, at the premises of W. Northfield of Harston,  of 40 pr oak posts, 12 oak gates, 1 pr folding doors, 6 panelled 2 inch doors, 6 pairs hanging sashes, sundry beams, plates, posts, girders & firewood.

1852 July 31 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Sale by auction (John Swan & Son) on August 3, of growing crops of barley (10 acres), beans (3 acres), potatoes (2.5 acres) in Lt Shelford, Newton & Harston, lands occupied by Messrs James Tuck & Mansfield.

1852 September 20 Morning Post, September 22 Bury & Norwich Post, September 24, Stamford Mercury

Death of David Northrop, aged 10, while in the employ of Mrs Watson at Harston. He was feeding the pigs in a field when a boar bit him ‘so severely that his bowels were hanging out’ and he died the next morning. Inquest attended by Mr Sewell, surgeon, of Harston.

1852 September 25 Cambridge Independent Press

Revision of Vote(r)s (lists) for Election of Knights of the Shire, including Harston, at Royston on Oct 4.

1852 October 23, 1853 March 12 Cambridge Independent Press

To Let, Harston: House with garden in front, orchard at back, fronting the turnpike road. Barn, stables, outbuildings, orchard, 13 acres arable land. Enquire.: Mr Jonathan Stockbridge (Harston) or John Swan & Son, auctioneers.

1853 January 15 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Inquest on James West aged 76y, who died suddenly.

1853 February 12 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

William Long, appeal agsinst the poor rate in Harston, not successful.

1853 March 19 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

To let, hose, garden, orchard on the Turnpike, enquire Jonathan Stockbridge or John Swan auctioneer.

1853 June 16 Cambridge Independent Press

Eastern county Railways, Staveley Coals, wharves etc at Harston station.

1853 August 27 Cambridge Independent Press

Death, aged 5, of Charles, son of Mr Benjamin Miller on 21 Aug.

1853 September 24 Cambridge Independent Press

To let, cottage with gardens, stable, chaise-house, barn, yard, orchard. Inquire, Messrs. Wentworth & Son.

1853 October 8 Cambridge Independent Press

Death on 30 Aug at Florence, New York, of Rev. Benjamin Fuller, for many years Baptist minister at Harston.

1853 October 8 Cambridge Independent Press

Inquest at The Swan Inn on Robert Wyatt who fell from a waggon and under its wheels and died, at Harston.

1854 January 7 Cambridge Independent Press

Sale at Harston, by John Swan & Sons, of Ash & Elm trees & spires, ash poles, pollards, firewood, by Mr Henry Hurrell.

1854 January 7 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal, January 14 Cambridge Independent Press

Cupid Hayhow (34) convicted of stealing coal valued at 6d, from William Long of Harston. Sentenced to 6 months hard labour, with solitary confinement for a fortnight at the end of each 3-month period.

1854 January 28 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Mr Sewell, surgeon of Harston, at an inquest before Frederck Barlow, coroner, gave cause of death of a Harston carpenter, William Cambridge, who died suddenly, as a burst vessel in his lung.

1854 February 18 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Announcement of the re-opening, on 24/2 of Harston church (perpendicular style) after the chancel was rebuilt (superintended by Rev. J Gibson of Jesus College, Cambridge).

1854 March 11 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

To let, residence near the railway station, having garden, orchard, 2 acres pasture, chaise house, stabling, apply Mr Sewell, surgeon.

1854 March 11 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Road accident at Harston, Messrs William & George Smith, farmers, driving a gig, collided with a mule cart from Barrington, William sustained considerable injury to his head and face, and both shafts of the gig were broken.

1854 March 18 Cambridge Independent Press

House to let, inquire Mr Stockbriudge, Harston or Mr Thomas Wallis, Haslingfield.

1854 April 1 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

To let, brick kiln with double tenement, cottage and 2 acres land, enquire William Long.

1854 April 29 Cambridge Independent Press

Death of Ann Johnson, wife of the late Mr E. Johnson, 66y.

1854 July 15, 22, 29 Cambridge Independent Press

Auction of household furniture by Cockett & Nash on 31 July, property of Mr John Gwilliams. Mahogany loo & dining tables, chairs, 4-poster bed, bedroom chairs, drawers, dressing tables, 8d clock etc; good harness pony, dog cart, baker’s cart, 2 dung carts, harness, implements, brewery + beer casks, 4 acres barley, 5.5 acres oats, 1 acre tares; various effects.

1854 August 25 Stamford Mercury

Court case: Mr Singleton of Barrowby summoned W. Burrows of Harston for ‘furiously driving without reins & using abusive language’; ‘he would not get out of the road and threatened to run over the complainant whom he called ‘a humbug’’. Case dismissed with a warning.

1854 September 9 Cambridge Independent Press

Train timetable: Great Northern Railway, London-Peterborough: ‘trains stop at Foxton & Harston only when there are passengers’. (Nearest sched. stops are St Neots, Sandy, Biggleswade).

1854 September 16, 23, 30, October 28, November 18 etc + dates in 1855, Cambridge Independent Press

Train timetable: Eastern Counties Railway: Cambridge – London via Royston, 4 trains a day in each direction; stopping at Harston, Foxton, Shepreth, Meldreth etc.

1854 September 30 Cambridge Independent Press

List of persons issued with Game Certificates (ca. £4) incl. from Harston: William. Long,  Thomas Hays, William Whitechurch.

1854 October 21 Cambridge Independent Press

Auction: Mann & Son on 25 Oct of the household furniture of Mr Sewell, surgeon, who is leaving, comprising: Mahogany loo & other tables, chairs, Spanish mahogany bookcase with glazed doors; bedsteads, bedding, kitchen utensils; harmonium; a valuable violin & cello; a double-body pony phaeton on patent axles; harness; chaff machine; cucumber frames and effects.

1854 November 18, 25 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Auction: Mann & Son on 1 Dec at The Green Man, Harston of House and premises occupied by Mr Stockbridge at a rental of £20 pa, ‘well situated for trade in centre of village’, term expires Michaelmas 1855. Kitchen, parlour, warehouse, 5 chambers, spacious general shop with baking-offices, oven, necessary offices. Copyhold Manor of Shadworth, quit-rent 1s; land-tax 1s.

1854 November 18, 25 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Sale at the premises of Mrs Watson on December 1, cow cribs, folds, stakes, ladders, fencing, barn and 2 sheds, wood etc.

1854 December 9 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

List of subscribers (+ amounts given, varying from 2d to £5) to the Patriotic Fund fo Harston Parish (this looks to  be a useful list of ‘active’ Harston residents at this time).

1855 January 27 Cambridge Independent Press

Inquest on William Culledge of Cambridge, who fell ca. 20 ft. from scaffolding at a house being erected for Henry Hurrell at Harston, verdict, accidental death.

1855 January 27 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Death of Major Bridge (84th Regiment of York & Lancaster), ‘grandson of John Little Bridge of Harston & Shudy Camps’.

1855 February 3 Cambridge Independent Press

Two employees of the Eastern Counties Railway, J. Murphy & William Lasher were charged with neglecting the railway signals near Harston, sentenced, 1 month prison.

1855 March 10 Cambridge Independent Press

Election of Medical Officers for the Workhouse of Chesterton Parish by order of the Poor Law Board by the Guardians of Chesterton Union: Harston (parish) is listed under District 2 (of 5 districts).

1855 April 7 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Incendiary (arson) fire at Cottenham: some property belonging to Mrs Taylor of Harston was destroyed.

1855 April 14, 21 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Sale at The Green Man by John Swan & Son, a dwelling-house & cottage let to Mrs Smith at £22 rent pa.

1855 May 26 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Death on May 23 of Ann, ‘relict’ of late W.Taylor Esq.

1855 June 2, 16, 23 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

William Northfield declared an insolvent debtor (his wife being described as ‘a straw bonnet maker’).

1855 July 14 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal & Cambridge Independent Press; ditto July 21

Auction, Mann & Son at Green Man on 27 July of Farmhouse & premises, 6 tenements, 1 acre garden & orchard, 4 acres arable land. Tithe-free.

Lot 1: Arable land in Newton Field: 1 a, 0r, 18 p, copyhold manor of Hauxton-cum-Newton, Quit-rent 2s 1.5d, land-tax nil.

Lot 2: Arable land of 2a, 3r, 18p in centre of Harston, with garden. Copyhold Shadworth manor, land tax nil, quit rent nil.

Lot 3: Farm house in centre of village: stud & tile, 6 rooms, dairy, cellar; 2 wood-and-thatch barns, stable, piggeries, outhouses. 1a. garden + orchard c. fruit trees; copyhold as above.

Lot 4; Five stud & thatch tenements in occupation of Seagrave & others, rent £13 pa, copyhold as above.

Lot 5: Stud & tile 6-room tenement occupied by Mr J. Northfield Senior, annual value 4 guineas, copyhold as above.

1855 July 28 Cambridge Independent Press

Cricket, Foxton beat Harston (single innings). (Haslingfield + Harston beat Foxton, see August 18).

1855 July 28 Cambridge Independent Press

Jonathan Stockbridge, Harston, draper, grocer, baker, general shop-keeper, has assigned all of his estate to J. Living of Great Shelford in trust for his creditors.

1855 July 28 Cambridge Independent Press

James Northfield, carpenter of Harston has declared himself insolvent, opposed by Mr Garratt on behsalf of Mr Whisking.

1855 August 4 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal; 6 Aug Morning Post, 10 Aug Stamford Mercury

Marriage at Trumpington on Aug 1: Henry Hurrell Esq of Harston to Henrietta, youngest d. of late Rev. W. Metcalfe, rector of Foulmire (sic.), Cambs.

1855 November 10, 17 Cambridge Independent Press

Claims (invited) on the estate of Robert Haylock, Harston, deceased.

1855 December 8 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal & Cambridge Independent Press

Auction, Mann & Son on 11 Dec at White Swan Inn of Freehold plot of building land with messuage & tenement thereon in centre of Harston, frontage next the Queen’s Highway, of 72 ft width; 190 ft depth, with fruit trees. Bounded on east by an allotment to Robert Tuck and on south and west by an allotment to James Jennings. It was lately occupied by Robert Haylock dec.

1855 December 15 Cambridge Independent Press

Marriage, Augusta Johnson of Harston to Thomas Jordan of Australia at the Baptist chapel.

1855 December 22 Cambridge Independent Press

Auction of trees by Mann & son, ash, poplar elm, half a mile from Harston railway station.

1856 January 5, 12 Cambridge Independent Press

William Long named as a director of the Cambs. & Eastern Counties Manure Co. Ltd.

1856 January  12  Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Cambs Association for the Prosecution of Felons: members included William Long, Harston.

1856 January 26 Cambridge Independent Press

Court case, Ekin vs. Ekin, relieving officer called at Mr Tring of Harston; Mr Long as Guardian for the parish was involved etc etc  –  case dismissed.

1856 June 28 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Cricket, Shelford beat Harston + Haslingfield.

1856 July 12 Cambridge Independent Press

Mr W. Wallis of Harston won prizes at the Haslingfield Agricultural Society show.

1856 July 26 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

John Brown (from York), and John Deary (Lynn) were convicted of stealing items from the house of Robert Wilson of Harston, sentenced to 2 months hard labour.

1856  August  9  Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Cricket match: Arrington vs. Harston & Haslingfield played at Harston, Aug 6. Local team incl. 2 Colemans, Parkhouse, Hayes, 2 Watsons, Wallis, Meyer, Whitechurch.

1856 October 11 Cambridge Independent Press

Mr FH Smith of Harston won a contract to supply flour to Addenbrookes Hospital.

1856  December 20  Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Auction- Mann & Son- Timber- 1 Jan. ca. of 120 ash, elm + others, ash poles, 100 lots logs + brushwood on Manor Farm, near High Road, half-mile from railway station.

1856 December 27 Cambridge Independent Press

Court case, Hennesey (surgeon) vs, Miller, both of Harston, claim for medical treatment, £5 10s. (Hennesey also claimed against Jackson, £4, and others). Judgement for the plaintiff (Hennesey) in all cases.

1857 April 4 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Marriage at Harston, William Stearn, plumber & glazier, to Ann Page of Paper Mills Gate.

1857 June 13 , 27, July 11 Cambridge Independent Press & Cambridge Chronicle & Journal, July 18 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Auction by Wentworth & Son, of freehold & copyhold estates in 3 villages; the one in Harston being a double messuage or tenement with wheelwright & shop, yard, garden, orchard, fronting High Rd. near Swan Inn, let to Mr William Wallis, wheelwright, at rent £10 pa. Copyhold Harston Tiptofts.

1857 January 10 Cambridge Independent Press

James Mansfield, alias James Tuck, formerly at Harston and subsequently a publican/brewer at the Prince Albert pub in Cambridge has filed for ‘protection’ as an insolvent debtor.

1857 May 30 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Elias Northrup, convicted of ill-treating a horse, belonging to Mr Trigg, by leading it with a cord tied round its tongue, fined 20s + costs or a fortnight in prison.

1857 June 13, 27 Cambridge Independent Press, July 11 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

For sale by Wentworth & Son at The Swan on 24/7, a double messuage/tenement comprising a wheelwright’s shop, yard,  garden, orchard,, near the Swan and let to Mr William Wallis, wheelwright, at £10 pa. Free & copyhold (Harston Tiptofts).

1857 July 4 Cambridge Independent Press

Cost of repair to Harston bridge (and police stations), £12 12s 6d.

1857  August 19  Morning Post

Birth of a son to Hurrells

1857  December 5 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal, Cambridge Independent Press

Death at Chesterton Union (? workhouse) of James Rayner late of Harston, aged 69.

1857  December 19 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Accident – a tradesman driving from Harston to Cambridge had his horse frightened ‘by a bright meteor’ and was thrown out of vehicle, concussed but rescued by passers-by and is now bed-bound.

1858 February 6 Cambridge Independent Press

Ash trees for sale by Mann & Son for Mr Long on Feb 12 in a field near the railway station.

1858 February 6 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

At Melbourn Petty Sessions, William Beaumont & John Cambridge were convicted of stealing firewood from Mrs Watson, and John Salmon (labourer)   &  James Perry (miller) were convicted of stealing a fowl from Mr Swan Wallis; the latter sentenced to 6 months hard labour.

1858  February 13 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Inquest at Harston on the body of Emma Hall aged 9 weeks. Her mother had walked from Harston to Hauxton & back in very. cold weather. Verdict ‘death by inflammation of lungs’.

1858  March 6, 13  Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Auction, Mann & Sons on 19 March at The Green Man of Lots 2 & 5 in Harston: Arable land, ca. 3a. at centre of village, fronting the street, for garden or building. Dwelling house, stud & tile, 6 rooms, dairy, cellar, 2 wood & thatch barns, stables, piggeries, outhouses, 1 acre orchard & garden. Tenement (6 rooms) occupied by John Northfield senior, at a rent of 4 guineas pa. Josiah Miler listed as another tenant. Copyhold Shadworth manor.

1858 April 3, 10 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Melbourn sessions court case, Samuel Northfield & William Young, fined for riding without reins, Sarah Playle committed for 7d for stealing brushwood.

1858 April 17 Cambridge Independent Press

Population of Harston = 300 (Hauxton = 300, Newton = 200). Also mentions (existence of) village ‘lock-ups’.

1858 May 8 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

James Tuck, Harston, a ‘poultry man’, convicted of avoiding a toll payment on the Hauxton turnpike when driving a tumbril cart containing manure there, fined 5s + costs.

1858 May 22 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Death, Lydia Wisken (husband James was a ‘husbandman’).

1858  July 3, 10, 17 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

The creditors (named) of Edward Johnson, late of Harston, baker, d. Jan 1846, will prove their claims at the chambers of the Master of the Rolls, Mdx.

1858 July 31  Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Death of Mrs Charlottte Watson aged 74, on 23 Dec, widow of late Mr Kidman Watson, farmer.

1858  September 18 Cambridge Independent Press

Death on 12 Sep of Rebecca Harriett Humfrey aged 34, only daughter of George Humfrey of Harston.

1858  September 18 Cambridge Independent Press

Harvest Home tea meeting at Harston Baptist Chapel, the Rev William Garner, minister for the past 20 years was presented with £22 from the parishioners.

1858 September 25, October 2, November 13, 27, December 4  Cambridge Independent Press; Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Auction by Charles Wisbey, Cambridge, auctioneer, at Green Man on 7 Oct. Brick & slate house in High St, comprising entrance hall, 2 parlours, kitchen, v. large pantry, 5 ‘cheerful’ bedrooms, detached board & tiled washhouse, fireing house, large garden in front; orchard at back, ca. 3 roods. Lately occup. Mrs Charlotte Watson dec. Built ca. 10 years ago.

1858  October 15  Cambridge Independent Press

Grantham Agricultural Society awarded £1 to Alice Holt of Harston, a widow with 1 child.

1858  November 13 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Frederick Hammond of Harston initially committed to the castle for setting fire to a stack of straw, then bailed, then acquitted as evidence arose that the fire was probably accidental (consequent on November 5 celebrations, see March 26 1859).

1858  November 20 Cambridge Independent Press

ca. 4000 long straight spires for sale at Harston by J. Carrington, auctioneers.

1858  November 27 Cambridge Independent Press

Death of Mr Allen Samuel, farmer, aged 68, on 21 Nov.

1858 December 25 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Birth of a daughter to the Hurrells.

1859 March 12 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

A Grand Jury at Cambridge Co. Sessions on Mar 11 included from Harston, William Long, William Fred Rowley, Thomas Haydon Smith.

1859  March 19 Cambridge Independent Press

Court case, Cox vs. Smith & Wallis. Claimed that James Cox, son of William Cox (deceased) on 26 May  hired a horse from Mr Henry Nunn and then drove it at 12 mph to the toll where it fell down dead of a ruptured liver (Mr Page Walls, vet, exam report) – damages claimed, verdict for the plaintiff, £15 damages awarded.

1859 May  21 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Sermon at Harston Church by Rev T.T. Perowne, fellow of Corpus, on behalf of the Church Missionary Society.

1859 June 4 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

T. Rowlinson, labourer, convicted of setting snares for hares on H. Hurrell’s land at Harston, fined 10s + costs or 3 weeks gaol.

1859 June 25 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Re a proposed cattle market to be erected in Cambridge, it has been estimated that, whereas 5 years ago the return (?profit) from Harston station was only £1 per week, it is ‘now’ £100 per  week.

1859 June 25, July 2  Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

To be sold on 8 July at The Green Man, (by John Rolfe Mann, auctioneers) by order from the Degree of the High Court of Chancery with approbation of the Master of the Rolls: a substantial freehold dwelling house in High Street, Harston, with bakehouse, outbuildings and 10 cottages. Includes adjoining garden, orchard, and arable and at Foxton, totalling 2 acres, 3 roods and 25 perches. Enquiries of the London or Cambridge solicitors, Kingsford & Dorman, Stephen Adcock, Edmond Foster or the auctioneer.

1859 July 9 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Any claims on the estate of James Northfield, deceased, to be sent to his widow, Mary.

1859 July 16 Cambridge Independent Press

Court case, Smith (labourer, coprolite digger from Trumpington) vs. William Long, Smith claiming extra payment, judgement for Long.

1859  September 10  Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Marriage at Harston on 31 Aug: Mr Edward Harding of Ludlow to Mary Martha, only daughter of Mr Osborne to Wm. Watson, farmer, of Harston.

1859  September 13  Bury & Norwich Post, September 16  Stamford Mercury, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Marriage on 8 Sep: Lord William Godolphin, youngest son of the Duke of Leeds, to Mary Catherine Headley, grand-daughter of the late Thomas Bridge Littell of Shudy Camps & Harston.

1859  September 17  Cambridge Independent Post

Auction by Charles Wisbey, auctioneer, on 21 Sep in 500 lots: Stock-in-trade of Mr Davison, grocer, draper & general shopkeeper (who is leaving): furniture, pony, cart, harness, hay, effects. Catalogues on premises and at auctioneer.

1859 Ocober 29 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

John Colville sentenced to 21 days gaol or 18s fine for driving a cart without reins.

1859 November 5 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

To let, 2 rooms unfurnished, apply Mr Stockbridge, grocer.

1859 November 26, October 3 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

To let, bakehouse and 15-bushel oven with chamber for 400-500 sacks of flour, and a dwelling house etc. Business carried on there for nearly 50 years, apply Thomas Jordan, Harston.

1859 December 17 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Trees for sale, Wentworth & Son, 27 polar, 25 ash, elm etc.

1859 December 17 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Live & Dead Farming Stock to be sold by Mann & Son for Mr William Watson who is leaving Harston, on his premises. Includes, wheat, barley, clover, hay & straw and manure.

1859 December 24 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

To let, Mann & Son, an 8-room house, property of William Watson, with garden & orchard, 9 acres arable and pasture, in the centre of Harston. Also,  all his household furniture, 3 cart-horses, a cob pony, 7 cows calving, a 2y-old shorthorn bull, a sow, pigs, agricultural implements, carts, harness, potatoes etc.


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