Jan 1830 - Dec 1839

summarised by Hilary Roadley & Chris Bates from British Newspapers Online

1830 January 22 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Auction by Cockett & Nash, elm timber (loppings & firewod) from ca. 100 large elm trees on premises contiguous with the High Road.

1830 February 12 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Auction by Cockett & Nash on February 16, large Wych and other Elm timber trees and one Ash, in 6 pasture closes near The Swan Inn, property of Thomas Bridge Littell. Apply James Northfield for catalogues.

1830 April 16, August 6 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

To let, a family house with walled garden, coach house, stables, 5 acres of paddock, apply John Ashby.

1830 May 14 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Auction by Elliot Smith at The Green Man on May 17. a cottage, 15 ft x 14 ft and another, 15  ft x 10 ft and another, 28 ft x 16 ft, plus a board & stud barn, oak & other scantling, casement, also 5000 bricks, 8000 tiles, 1000 paving stones, all materials from a farmhouse lately occupied by Mr Wallis. Premises are near The Green Man.

1830 May 28, June 4, 11 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Notice, General Court Baron & customary courts of the Rt Hon. Earl de la Warr, at Harston Manor on 14 June at mid-day.

1830 June 18 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal (see also 1831, June 17, September 9, 1832, May 18, 1833, July 19)

Prizes (2s 6d each) for onions, peas, ‘bouquet’, potatoes, broccoli, to Mr Tuck, Windmill Cottage, Harston.

1830 September 10, 17 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal (repeated in 1831, September 2, 9)

Notice, that the game on the manors of Harston Shadworth, Haslingfield & Bourn is to be strictly preserved, gentlemen are requested not to shoot or course, and all unqualified persons found trespassing to  be prosecuted.

1830 September 17 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Death, ‘last Tuesday’, Mr Swan Wallis, farmer, aged 36y.

1830 October 15, 22 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Auction by Nockolds & Son at the Green Man on 29 October, an estate comprising a Smock Windmill, lately occupied by Mr William Cambridge, and a cottage and 2 acres, 3 roods of arable land, at the junction of the Barkway and Royston Turnpike roads. Copyhold Manor of Har(l)ston Shadworth, for details apply John Tuck at the cottages etc.

1830 October 29 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Court case, Mark Runham of Harston, indicted for assaulting Mrs Hannah Jenks of Harston on 12/10. This involved access to a public footpath that has been diverted. Verdict, guilty, fined 40s.

1830 November 19 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Auction by R.D.Thurgood at The Green Man on November 25, estates in 5 lots. Lot 1, in Harston, arable land, 2 acres, 2 roods, 5 perches in Park Field occupied by Mrs Jacob Wisbey, annual value  £7. Lot 2 (Harston), Messuage or Double Tenement with large garden and barn, next the Harston-Haslingfield road, occcupied by John Smith at £4.4s pa. Lot 3, a well-timbered cottage adjacent to Lot 2, with garden, occupied by Richard Carter at £3 pa. (Lots 4 and 5 are in Haslingfield).

1831 January 14 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Court case, William Manning, 19, charged with stealing copper coins, value 3s 11.5d from William Kidman junior, of Barnwell, on the turnpike near Harston. (Long deposition, eventual vedict ‘not guilty’ since the statements by witnesses were conflicting).

1831 March 11, 18 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Prisoners brought for trial at the County Assize included David Prime (Harston) for obtaining money under false pretences.

1831 May 20 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Theft from a cart owned  by Mr Tuck (a ‘common carrier’) of Harston, 2 chests, one each of tea and coffee.

1831 October14, 21 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

For sale ‘by private contract’, a freehold cottage and orchard, occupied by Mrs Laughton. Apply, Mr Cory, grocer, of Cambridge. Sale of furniture from same by J. Wentworth, auctioneer, Kidderminster carpet, mahogany, Pembroke & card & work tables, bedsteads, bedding, chairs,  kitchen & other effects. Catalogues on the premises etc.

1831 October 21 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

House-break and theft, from Mr John Inkersole, Harston, of silver and plated articles.

1831 November 25 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Inquest on the sudden death of Christopher Cornwell, an aged labourer, verdict ‘death by visitation of God’.

1831 December 2 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Advert, Coach service, via turnpike, Cambridge – London (via Harston), ‘Rocket Coach’, patrons invited to book places.

1831 December 23 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal, December 28 Bury & Norwich Post, Dec 31 Essex Standard

Death: On Saturday Se’enight at Harston in her 13th year Mary Ellen Catherine, youngest child of late Rev James Hitch, Rector of Westerfield, nr Ipswich.

1832 January 13 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Court case (mostly illegible), about the hire of a pauper, James Dell, as a servant for Mrs Wallman of Harston in 1825 –  order quashed.

1832 January 13 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

William Lowe, charged with stealing cabbages from a field at Harston.

1832 February 10 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

A 3-legged lamb was born on Mr John Watson’s farm, Harston.

1832 February 24 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Death of Thomas Bridge Littell, formerly of Harston & Shudy Camps,  at Nosterfield End, Suffolk. (in a separate notice, ‘all persons with claims on his estate, to send an account to Rev. William Leworthy’).

1832 March 2 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Death, Mr Swan Wallis, 68y, farmer, of Harston.

1832 March 16 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Court case, William Andrews (22) charged with breaking into James Tuck’s house and stealing sovereigns etc. Verdict, guilty, (and also guilty of stealing a gun, together with another prisoner). Sentence: Death.

1832 April 27 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

David Prime, charged by Rev William Leworthy, with stealing 2 sovereigns and silver coins from the house of Aaron Prime of Newton, and 5 hens’ eggs from the yard of Mr William Whitechurch of Harston –  committed to The Castle (gaol).

1832 May 4, 11 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Association for Prosecution of Felons (etc), Harston members included William Taylor, William Whitechurch, Lydia Wallman, Mr Wallis, John Watson, Allen Hays, Edward Johnson.

1832 May 11 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Accident at Harston, Mr Duncan of Trinity College lost 2 fingers of his left hand whilst rook-shooting.

1832 June 29 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

To let, a Mansion House and gardens, orchard, and 5 acres land, J. Wentworth, auctioneer.

1832 July 27, August 3 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Support(ers) declared for Captain Charles Philip Yorke, R.N., as the electoral candididate to represent the County of Cambridgeshire & Isle of Ely in Parliament (after) the approaching Dissolution, pledging to use every possible exertion to secure his election, G. Humphrey, Rev. William Leworthy.

1832 October 12, 19, 1833,, September 6 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Voter list revision, for Harston on October 31 at Melbourn (pub).

1832 December 28, 1833, January 18, 25 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Auction by Elliot Smith of 170 ash trees, 20 elm & ash billets etc., in January 18233. Catalogues at The Waggon & Horses, Harston.

1832 December 28 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Notice that Phoenix Fire Office Policies are falling due, Messrs T. & P. Howard, Harston are their agents.

1833 September 6 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

On ‘Saturday last’, a mill was burnt down, the property of Mrs Guiver at Harston. It had not worked for a year, but a violent wind broke the fastenings, thus setting it going, whereby friction caused the fire.

1833 September 13, 20 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal, Sep 21 Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough Gazette

Sale by Cockett & Nash, of farm stock/implements, sheep, horses, cow stock, swine & farming implements on the premises near the Swan Inn by order of the proprietor William Whitechurch, who is retiring from farming. It comprises, 87 Leicester & Down ewes, 13 lambs, a Shearling tup and a lamb tup, 2 young grey cart geldings, a 4y grey cart mare, an aged cart mare, a cart filly, a bay cart horse, a black mare, a bay gelding, suitable to ride or drive, a Yorkshire 2y heifer, a yearling ditto, a yearling steer, 2 donkeys, a breeding sow, 10 store pigs, cart & plough harness for 5 horses, carts, ploughs, harrows, rolls, horse & cow cribs, ladders, barn & yard implements, beer casks etc.

1833 December 6, 13, 20, 27 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Copyhold estates to be sold by Mr Thomas Nash, with the approbation of James Trower, pursuant to an order of the High Court of Chancery (White versus White, Vitty, Flack), at The Swan Inn on 10/1/1834. It includes arable and pasture land, a tenement and a barn.

1834 March 7 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Henry Lee & John Ward were indicted for stealing a silver teaspoon from a dwelling-house in Harston.

1834 March 8 Ipswich Journal

Death: on 25 ult in Guildhall St Bury, Mrs Catherine Bridge, daughter of late John Little Bridge Esq. of Shudy Camps & Harston.

1834 April 18 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Association for apprehension of felons etc, members in Harston, Allen Hays, Edward Johnson, John Inkersole, John Philpin, William Taylor, Lydia Wallman, William Whitechurch.

1834 April 18, 25, May 2 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Auction by Benjamin Bridges at the White Swan, Harston, on May 9, an estate in 70 lots. Lots 1 to 27 and 29 – 70 are in Newton (including 154 acres of old inclosed freehold, and open field copyhold, land, in Newton parish, a farmhouse etc etc) and land in Hauxton, Foxton and Little Shelford. Lot 28 is an allotment of 5 acres, 3 roods, 16 perches in Harston, tithe-free. ‘Purchaser will be entitled to feed the Balks & Commons without stint, and the poor rates in Newton are very trifling’.

1834 April 25 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

John Reeve, 19, was charged with stealing beer, the property of his master, Mr Long. Found guilty, sentenced to 6 months hard labour  (a female servant was reprimanded for failing to report the theft).

1834 May 23, 30 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Edwin Dean (President) and John Phipps (Secretary) of The Shoemakers Trades Union were charged with administering unlawful oaths. Phipps was said to have ‘procured’ 2 Harston farmers to ‘act as sureties for him’ (£25 each), but this was later contradicted, insofar that the parties bound for him were Mark Runham, shoemaker & Thomas Jennings, market gardener, both of Harston. Dixon continues in custody.

1834 September 6 Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough Gazette

Game (certificate) lists: William Taylor, John Watson, William Whitechurch of Harston

1834 September 26 Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough Gazette

House to let at Harston, containing 5 rooms below, and 5 above, with a garden & orchard well stocked with fruit trees. Apply by letter to William Watson, Harston.

1834 November 14 York  Herald, November 21 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Great Northern & Eastern railway, London (Whitechapel) to York: notice given of an application to Parliament- for a line to pass through various towns, etc, including Harston in Cambs. ‘A bill for making & maintaining a Railway or Tram-Road with necessary Tunnels, Embankments, Bridges & other works, to pass through the following parishes,…..Shoreditch……Hackney……Harlow……Chesterford…….Hinxton……..Duxford……Whittlesford, Sawston, Harston, Little Shelford…Trumpington…….Cambridge St Giles.’

1835 March 13 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Court cases, Henry Sharp was indicted for house breaking and James Bangle for stealing food, at Harston.

1835 March 27 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Paddock to let, 1 acre 2 roods 26 perches and orchard (2 roods), behind Mr Hatley’s cottages.

1835 March 27 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Court case, Ephraim Robinson (20) indicted for highway robbery against Mark Runham, shoemaker of Harston, but acquitted since the evidence was inconclusive.

1835 April 3 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Inquest on a 2y-old child, Amelia Northrup, acidentally drowned in a ditch at Harston.

1835 May 1 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Auction by R.D.Thurgood at The Green Man on May 7, land and cottages in 3 villages. Lot 1, in Harston, 3 acres 1 rood 20 perches, is occupied by Thomas Silk senior at a rent of £10 pa, and is adjacent to a brick kiln. Land tax 4s, copyhold Manor of Tiptofts, it has good earth for bricks. (lots 2 etc are in Hauxton & Haslingfield).

1836 March 11 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Death of Mary Ann Inkersole, wife of John Inkersole of Harston Mills.

1836 March 11 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

William Bull (40) accused of stealing potatoes from a pit belonging to William Cambridge of Harston, verdict ‘not guilty’.

1836 April 8 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Relieving Officer, Harston as part of the Barton district (14 villages, total population 5450) is awarded one appointee, annual salary £80.

1836 May 13 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Notice, Chesterton Union ….. wil receive tenders from Medical Gentlemen, who are licensed and resident for furnishing Medical Relief for 12 months, directed to paupers. District 1 contains Harston and 7 other villages.

1836 May 27 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Re, Notice of an action to try to restore stolen sheep to their rightful owners, which have been acquired from parties now in gaol, the shepherd of Mr Whitechurch of Harston had a ewe with twin lambs, believed stolen.

1836 June 24 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Fund-raising to support Addenbrookes Hospital, Harston mentioned.

1836 September 16 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Fight involving 3 gigs between Harston & Hauxton, damages awarded.

1836 October 28 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Manor Courts (General Courts Baron), Harston Tiptofts on November 15. All tenants…..are required to attend and do their suit and service and pay their rents. All persons entitled to admission to lands or tenements copyhold of the manor(s) are required to attend & be admitted’.

1836 November 26 Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough Gazette

Tenement sale: Double tenement & garden ground, sale by auction at The Swan Inn, Harston, Tues 6 Dec 1836 5pm. All that copyhold estate near to the church in the occupation of Mrs Hall, consisting of cottage with 4 rooms, a barn, & 3 roods of garden ground, planted with fruit trees. This property is bounded by a good road to the east, & by an estate held by Mr Wallis on all the other sides. Copyhold Manor of Foxton. Quit Rent-. Land Tax-.

1837 January 14 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

William Jude (24) and Henry Sharpe (25)  were indicted for stealing a wood-cutter’s bill from James Rainbird, labourer, of Harston. Evidence accrued from the 3 Horse Shoes & Swan pubs. Both sentenced to transportation for life.

1837 February 4 Norfolk Chronicle

Death at Weymouth, Margaret, relict of Rev Dr England, Archdeacon of Dorset, and eldest daughter of the late John L Bridge. Esq. of Shudy Camps and Harston, Cambs.

1837 February 18 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Death of Ann Bangle, Harston, ‘by the visitation of God’.

1837 March 11, June 17 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Annual election of Guardians of the Poor, Chesterton Union. Harston (like most other rural parishes) had elected just one ‘Guardian’.] There was also a request for tenders for the supply of bread and flour to ‘The New Workhouse’ at Chesterton, ‘best seconds’ (specified), 4lb bread loaf and/or flour per stone. Later (qv 10/3/1838), tenders were invited to supply clothing as well as food.)

1837 March 25 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Death, Ann Philpin, 29, wife of Mr Philpin, surgeon of Harston.

1837 April 1 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Cambridge Police Intelligence, Samuel Rayner, 33, of Harston, ‘a reputed thief’, was charged by William Whitelock with stealing several bibles and hymn books from Harston chapel, and was committed to gaol for trial.

1837 April 8 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Joseph Rogers, 13, was charged with stealing a razor, the property of James Marshall, labourer, which he then sold for 1s. Found guilty, sentenced to be whipped & discharged.

1837 July 29 Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough Gazette

Cambridge summer assizes: Samuel Craghill, a publican of Harston, indicted – witness- saw the accused (of stealing horses) leading two horses past his house.

1837 November 25 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Death, Mary Jennings of Harston, suddenly on the Trumpington road, verdict ‘visitation of God’.

1837 December 8 Lincolnshire Chronicle

Death: on Sunday week, Rev William LeWorthy, vicar of Harston & many years an active magistrate.

1837 December 23 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Rev W Browne James, MA, of Jesus College, formerly curate of St Brides, London,was presented to vicarage of Harston, made vacant by the (recent) death of Rev William Leworthy. Patron, The Lord Bishop of Ely.

1837 December 23 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Auction, by Elliot Smith & Son, of Rev. Leworthy’s furniture & effects on January 2, 1838. Furniture, 4-post & coach-top bedsteads & curtains, goose-feather beds etc., mahogany wardrobe & chest of drawers, bed-steps, dressing gloss, Kidderminster carpet, tables, chairs, 8 day clock, kitchen & dairy utensils, mahogany cellaret sideboard, sofa with squab, fine china, dinner service, cut & plain glass, plated metal tea & coffee urns. A brown Hackney mare, an Alderney cow in calf, 1.5 tons of hay, and straw, manure, an old Phaeton, brewing tubs, beer casks. Books, Statutes at Large, 57 volumes, Anti-Jacobin Review, 49 vols., Bishop Wilson’s and other Sermons, etc. A reflecting telescope, a double-barrel gun by Edgson, etc. Catalogues on the premises and from E.S. & Son, Cambridge.

1837 December 30 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Thieves broke into the house of John Watson of Harston and stole knives, forks, boots etc. 5 guineas reward for conviction.

1838 January 13 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Death of Mr John Philpin, surgeon, of Harston, ‘of apoplexy’.

1838 February 10 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Notice, Mr Edgar Bull, surgeon of Harston, needs a young apprentice. ‘Respectable references given and required’.

1838 February 10 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Notice, Persons with claims on Mr John Philpin’s estate, or who were indebted to him, are to send/pay their accounts to his Administrators, T. & W. Wallis (Haslingfield & Cambridge).

1838 February 17 Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough Gazette, February 24 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

House to let in Harston ‘with coach house, stable, excellent pasture, orchard, gardens etc, being formerly the residence of the late Mr Philpin, surgeon, who practised here for > 20y. Enquiries to Mr N. Wallis, Peas Hill, Cambridge, or Mr Thomas Wallis, Haslingfield.

1838 March 24 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Cambridgeshire Assizes, Whitechurch versus Long (Special Jury). Action claiming assault by the plaintiff (Whitechurch) ‘a respectable farmer of Harston’. Deposition relating to non-production of a parish-book. Long called W. ‘a liar’ and ‘pulled his nose’. Mr Sergeant Storks, for W., argued that damages should compensate ‘for indignity’.  Other ‘witnesses’ included John Howard, landlord of The Green Man, and John Greaves and Mr Brown, other Harston residents (an extensive description of village life and of the persons involved, follows here). Jury found for the plaintiff with damages of just £1, which’ does not carry costs’.

1838 May 12 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Western Cambs Association for apprehension (etc) of felons, Harston members included William Taylor & William Long.

1838 June 16, 23, 30, July 7 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Addenbrookes Hospital annual meeting of President, Governors and Contributors, sermon to be preached at Great St Mary’s church, Cambridge, by the Rev. William Brown James, vicar of Harston. Harston (annual) subscription, £6 6s.

1838 July 14 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Auction, by John Swan, auctioneer, of crops for the administrators of John Philpin dec., at the Old English Gentleman on July 16. Lot 1, 2.5 acres wheat near the pub and the turnpike. Lot 2, 1.5 acres of grass in an orchard. Lot 3, 2 orchards and a garden containing fruit.

1838 August 4 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Marriage at Buntingford, of John Jennings Esq., surgeon of Harston, to Ellen Maria Ealing of Buntingford.

1838 October 13 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Auction by John Swan for Michael Headly who is leaving, modern household furniture, a 4-wheel pony chaise with shifting shafts, pole etc, a pony gig, a double harness, and a bay pony & effects.

1838 October 20 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Auction by Cockett & Nash, arable land, 11 acres 3 roods 1 perch in the parishes of Harston & Hauxton, the Cambridge-Newton road being on the south side and a private road (no. 5) being on the east, with the Church allotment and others on the south and east, and Samuel Allen’s allotment and others on the west and north. Land tax to Harston, 12s, Quit rent 4s (etc).

1838 November 24 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

John James, charged with stealing a sack of fine flour, property of John Inkersole of Harston, committed to the Castle (gaol).

1839 January 5 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Auction, by J. Wentworth, at The Green Man on January 11, a dwelling-house with 6 rooms, lately occupied by Mr John Adams, deceased, Orchard (3 roods), barn and outbuildings. Freehold, land-tax redeemed. Also, furniture, out-door effects, timber, billets, etc.

1839 March 16 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Discharge – of an insolvent debtor, Thomas Stockbridge, who had resided in Harston for a period as a corn dealer  – was ordered after payment of the moneys owed.

1839 March 30 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Stock & Wool Fair(s) to be held at Butt’s Green on Midsummer Common on April 13, July 20, November 16. G.G.Humphrey & William Taylor from Harston have pledged to attend and support the Fair. An Ordinary (dinner) is to be held on every Fair day at the Red Lion in Cambridge at 3 pm.

1839 May 11 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

The Macaroni Steam Conveyance Company announces a meeting of their provisional committee and route for the Company’s Carriages from London to Cambridge, calling at Tottenham, Edmonton, Waltham Cross, Hoddesdon, Ware, Wade’s Mill, Puckeridge, Buntingford, Royston, Melbourn(e), Harston & Cambridge. Applications for shares invited.

1839 May 25 Cambridge Independent Press

The executors of Mr Thomas Gwilliams of Harston, deceased, request his creditors and debtors to send their accounts.

1839 June 1 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

General Court Baron of Harston Shadworth to be held at the house of Mr Brown of Harston on 18/6/1839 at 10 am.

1839 June 1 Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough Gazette

Listing of all current members of the Western Cambridgeshire Association (for the apprehension of felons etc), including William Taylor and William Long, from Harston.

1839 June 22, July 6 Cambridge Independent Press

Thomas Thurston, brick and tile merchant at Harston Kiln for the past 3 years (and at Burleigh Street, Cambridge), offers for sale, 6 types of brick, 5 of tiles, 2 of pavements, and chimney pots, etc.

1839 June 29 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal, Cambridge Independent Press

Auction, Cockett & Nash, at The Waggon & Horses on 9/7/1839, for the trustee of the late Mrs Harrass, 2 tenements, each of 4 rooms and garden, one being let to Widow Marshall at £3 3s pa and the other in hand, also valued at £3 3s pa. Copyhold, Manor of Shadworth, quit-rent 1d.

1839 July 6 Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough Gazette, June 29, July 6 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Advertisement of forthcoming Auction ‘to brewers and others in Harston’: LOT 1 (by order of the executors of the late James Northfield), a Public House (The Waggon and Horses’) – ‘a well-accustomed Roadside Public House’, together with its extensive Stabling, Yard and Garden. LOTS 2 + 3: Two newly-erected very convenient Tenements with valuable Gardens fronting the Cambridge Turnpike Road (by order of the co-heirs of Mrs Ann Harrap deceased). Plastered and tiled: each with 2 bedrooms, living room and buttery with gardens in front; one is let to Widow Marshall at £3-3s/annum; the other of equal value is in hand. The whole is Copyhold of the manor of Harlston Shadworth, land tax – ; quit rent 1d (apply Mr Thomas Silk at Harston, or local Inns, or F.Randall Solicitor, Cambridge, or Cockett & Nash Auctioneers). LOT 4: A stoutly timbered Barn, to be removed. Lot 5: A cottage with large garden + rich pasture with fruit trees called Reynold’s Close, near the Green Man PH. LOT 6: Pasture called Camping or Poulter’s Close in excellent condition at south end of village. For details of all of these, apply Mr James Northfield at Harston, or at local Inns, or Nash, Wedd & Thurnall, solicitors, or the auctioneers, Cockett & Nash in Royston.

1839 July 27 Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough Gazette, Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Advertisement of sale by Auction on Aug 1 at 4 pm, by Cockett & Nash, auctioneers, for Mr Taylor, 3 acres wheat, 9 of barley, 3 of oats, 2.5 of tares + straw in 2 allotments near the Old English Gentleman, 3 months credit available.

1839 July 27 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Cambridge Stock Fair, Mr Taylor of Harston was selling lambs.

1839 August 10 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

For sale, by Joseph Wentworth at the 3 Horse Shoes on August 6 (by direction of the Chesterton Union Poor Law Commissioners), a freehold double tenement with tiled roof near the church. let into 4 cottages.

1839 August 17 Cambridge Independent Press

Wanted, a young man as assistant to a Drapery and Grocery Business in Harston, apply J. Stockbridge, Draper & Grocer.

1839 August 31 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Inquest at Harston, with Mr Twiss as coroner, on the death of Charles Smith, who was accidentally drowned in a well in a brickyard occupied by Mr Thurston (he has promised to install new protection round the well).

1839 September 7 Cambridge Independent Press

Game (certificate) lists, for Harston, William Long, William Taylor, Frederick Humphrey.

1839 September 14 Cambridge Independent Press

Revision of voter lists, Harston included.

1839 December 14 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Cambridge Board of Education, at a meeting at The Guildhall in Cambridge on 6/12 has moved that ‘it is of great importance….. to improve the system of education……on principles of The Established Church’. ….’Expedient to form a Board of Education for Cambridge & Isle of Ely’…. (etc)….subscribers …..included the Rev. W. B. James of Harston, single donation of £2 2s and an annual subscription of £1 1s.

1839 December 21 Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough Gazette

Death on 16 Dec of Elizabeth, wife of Mr Whitechurch of Harston after a long and painful illness.

1839 December 21 Cambridge Independent Press

Marriage on 12 Dec (by Rev James) of William Jennings to Sarah Whitby, both of Harston, at Harston church.

1839 December 28 Cambridge Independent Press

Association for the Apprehension of Felons (etc), Humphrey G.G., member at Harston.

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