Jan 1820 - Dec 1829

summarised by Hilary Roadley & Chris Bates from British Newspapers Online

1820 February 4 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Situation wanted: a married man, without a family, who has been brought up in the farming business, and is quite conversant with the different modes of management, is in wants of a situation as Baliff, or manager of a farm; the wife would also accept a situation as Housekeeper- Apply, if by letter, post-paid, to A.B. at Mr Reynolds, at the Green Man, Harston. Satisfactory references as to character and qualifications can be obtained, if required.

1820 February 18 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Under ‘salaries & payments to Cambs county officers’, £13 (for the year) to J. Barton of Harston, receiver of the returns for the price of corn.

1820 April 21, 28 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Association for the apprehension of felons (etc), membership from Harston, Thomas Thurnall, Swan Wallis junior, George Wallis, James Wallman, Kidman Watson, Edward Johnson.

1820 June 30 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Cambs. Agricultural Society Ammual General Meeting in Cambridge (with Earl de la Warr in the chair), , W. Leworthy etc present. Award(s0 to ‘worthy labourer(s0’ included, to Simon Peverett, shepherd to Rivers Taylor of Harston, for rearing 253 lambs from 250 ewes, £2 2s.

1820 September 22 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Harston district wheat sales, 3058 bushels bought for £1370 5s 4d, averaging 8 shillings 11 pence- three-farthings per bushel. 2928 bushels of flour sold for £1638 8s 10d, price of a wheaten loaf, 11d. (By 20 October, the price of a wheaten loaf had fallen to 9d, following a similar fall in the price of wheat. During the following 3 months the price of a loaf varied between 9d and 9.5d, and between February 1822 and April 1823 it varied between 7d and 8d.)

1820 Oct 27 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Quarter sessions for the Isle of Ely: Harston district: – the receiver of assize returns reports 3024 bushels of wheat bought for £1276, 7s 7d;- 3267 bushels of flour sold for £16817s 2d; – Average price of wheat 8s 5d per bushel. Price of quatern? loaf 9.5 d.Wednesday sen’night a man named Reynolds, (who was out of employ) went on the Eau Bank Cut, to look at the workmen building a bridge, and whilst the men were raising one of the piles, it unfortunately slipped, and killed him on the spot.

1820 November 24 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Sale, Cockett & Nash, of arable land at Harston & Newton, at The Green Man. An inclosed field known as Burleigh Grove, Harston, 3 acres plus 4 pieces of and at Newton.

1821 February 2 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Sale, Cockett & Nash, of livestock etc from Mr Thomas Thurnall’s 2 farms at Harston, for the benefit of his creditors. 140 young Leicestershire ewes, tupped, 60 Western ewes with lambs, 2 cart horses, 2 mares, a 3y filly, a 6y bay nag, a bay Hackney, a black Galloway cow, a milch cow, three 2y steers, 5 yearling calves, a breeding sow, 3 store hogs, 2 portable threshing machines, one fixed ditto (4 hp), 3 broad-wheeled dung carts, 1 mould cart, 4 Ransom’s ploughs, 3 sets of harrows, 2 framed Rolls, a Scuffler, a Hoe-plough, a Lever-Drill, a corn-dressing machine, barn implements, sheep troughs & racks, sacks, 30 dozen hurdles, 30 loads of beans, cart & plough harness for 8 horses, poultry, growing turnips etc. Catalogues from The Swan etc.

1821 February 2 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

To Mr Thurnall’s debtors & creditors, by indenture has assigned overall his estate to Mr John Jennings of Shelford in trust for the benefit of himself and his credtors………inspection…….signatures during the following 2 months (etc) (See also 3/8/1821 below).

1821 Feb 9 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Farm sale: Feb 16 – livestock farming implements, 3 threshing machines & effects on Mr Thurnall’s 2 farms at Harston.

1821 February 16 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Chelmsford Epiphany Quarter Sessions (gives notice), ….that John Pytches, (and his wife and child) were, by order of 2 Essex county magistrates, removed from the parish of Elmdon (Essex), to Harston (Cambs), ‘where the paupers had no kind of settlement’, and this ‘error’ resulted in their being removed again, to Thriplow. Harston parish was ‘compelled to request their solicitor to attend the quarter sessions at a cost of £33 4s 10d, to appeal, leaving the supporters of the poor in these parishes in difficulties to raise the money for this expense’.

1821 March 2 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Mr Barton, of Harston, Receiver of the Assize Returns of the price of corn, received an (annual) salary of £16 5s. (By 1823 his annual salary had fallen to £13, and it remained at this level in 1824. (By May 1821, the price of a quartern loaf had fallen to 8d or slightly less).

1821 March 9 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Court case, ‘White vs. Vitty’, a hearing, wherein the Court decreed that the will of the late Mr James Allen of Harston ‘is established’. The Court directed that the trusts of the will be carried into effect by ‘the heir of the late trustee’. (there followed, on 23/3, a transcript of a letter by Mr Richard Vitty, which challenged the preceding statement).

1821, Mar 16 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

To Let – a Smock Windmill with 2 pair of French Stones & gears, with a house and half-acre of land  – Occiupied by James Jennings, the proprietor

1821 July 5 Morning Chronicle, July 12 Bath Chronicle & Weekly Gazette

Burglary at the villa of Mr Taylor at Harston, silver and silver plate stolen.

1821 July 13 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal, Stamford Mercury

Death ‘on Friday last’, Mr Rivers Taylor, 76y.

1821 August 3 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Notice to Mr Thomas Thurnall (late of Harston, now of Foulmire, farmer)’s creditors that a meeting is convened at The Eagle Inn, Cambridge, to make a dividend to his creditors, claims therefore requested. (See February 2 1821, above).

1821 September 7 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

For sale or to let (Thomas Smith, near Haverhill), a family house in Harston with walled gardens and ca. 12 acres grass pasture surrounding another house and a brick kiln, which is ‘exonerated from  land tax or tithe’. Also, 114 acres inclosed arable land, contact Mr Samuel Tuck of Harston for viewing. (Further adverts follow on 19/10/1821 and on 23/1/1824 ands 5/3/1824. The land is there described as ‘best galt’ (clay) ‘to a depth of more than 3 feet’ for white brick-making, with best lime available. Best white bricks are selling at 42s per thousand; ‘mingle’ and red bricks at 40s per thousand.)

1822 March 6 Morning Chronicle

Notice to the creditors and debtors of Mr James Allen, deceased, of Harston.

1822 April 26 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Notice to creditors of John Reynolds, victualler, of Harston, that having conveyed his estate …..for his creditors…..all debts are to be paid within one month. On 3 May it was stated that his furniture and effects were to be sold by Cockett & Nash, at THe Green Man, including linen, earthenware fixtures, beer casks, brewing coppers, mashing & wort tubs, cooler, a one-horse cart anbd horse, a cow in calf, hogs, poultry, manure & effects.

1822 May 3 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Association for prosecution of felons etc, members from Harston included Johnson, Whitechurch, Wallman(s) (2), Wallis’s (2). Annual meeting at The Swan on 10/5 ‘where subscriptions willl be received and accounts settled’.

1822 July 12 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Collection ‘for the Distressed Irish’, Harston contributed £6 8s.

1822 August 30 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Auction, Cockett & Nash, at The Green Man on 10/9 in 2 lots. They comprise, a 5-bedroom dwelling house, now occupied as 2 tenements, with 2 barns, a cow house, a 2-stall stable, a wood-house, garden, 2 orchards, a small close of pasture and farmyard with a pump of good water, abutting The Green Man. The 2 tenements are in the occupation of Mr Philby, surgeon, at £20 pa, and of Mrs Allcock, who enjoys the premises free of rent for the rest of her natural life. The pasture etc is occupied by Mr J Reynolds. The estates are copyhold the Manor of Tiptofts, with a quit-rent of 4s 4d pa, and there is a right of way to the high road through the Green Man’s yard.

1822 October 4 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal, October 9 Bury & Norwich Post, October 10 Bath Chronicle, October 12 Oxford Journal

Death at Harston of Joseph Pomfret van de Meulen, 72y.

1822 December 13 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Population returns for Harston: 266 males, 263 females, total 529.

1823 January 24 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal (also reported in Bury & Norwich Press)

Cambs Quarter Sessions, convictions and sentences. John Butler, William Winters, Michael Weston, John Jude, Henry Smith, James Northrope – all for stealing 11 ducks, the property Mr Kidman, seven years transportation.

1823 February 7 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Petition, ‘from the occupiers of land, their dependent tradesmen and other habitants of the parish of Harston, to THe Honourable The Commons of the UK & Ireland’……..pressure of agricultural distress…….save from utter ruin…….(no) labourer can support his wife & family wthout poor relief………..poor rate increased……decreased value of agricultural produce……oppressive system of licensed monopoly (etc). (Similar petition from Melbourn farmers on 21/2).

1823 February 14 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Association for prosecution of felons etc, member, Mr G.G. Humphrey of Harston (this seems to be a similar but separate organisation from that listed elsewhere, eg on 30/4/1813 and 26/4/1816, and 2/5/1823, which contains a different set of Harston names).

1823 March 14 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Sale of furniture etc. by Elliot Smith, auctioneer, on the premises of J.P. VandeMeulen, deceased, by the executrix, on 24/25 March. New Turkey carpet, a couch sofa, 2 chimney glasses, 2 sets of mahogany chairs, a 4-poster & other bedsteads with cotton furnishings, goose-feather beds, a mahogany chest of drawers, plus dining, Pembroke & card tables, Brussels & other carpets, an 8d clock with japan’d & painted case, fine china & glass, utensils, a kitchen range with oven & boiler, a copper, a register, bath stoves, etc.  Cows, a gig, horse & harness, a market cart, saddles, bridles etc. Books including Rapin’s History of England, Maitland’s History of London, Chambers Cyclopedia, Fox’s Book of Martyrs, Swift’s work i n 12 vols., Shakespeares’s works in 8 vols., Johnson’s dictionary etc. The house & large gardens to be Let with immediate possession.

1823 May 30 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Death of Mrs Mary Finch, 50y, wife of Thomas Day Finch, after a long & painful illness.

1823, June 4 Bury & Norwich Post, June 6 Stamford Mercury

Death: on Sat sennight, after long illness, aged 50, Mrs Mary Finch, wife of Mr Tomas Day Finch, of Harston.

1823 June 20 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

The quartern loaf now costs 9.25d, but a ‘household’ or ‘seconds’ loaf is now quoted at 1d cheaper (8.25d). By December 1823, these prices had fallen by a further 1.5d per loaf.

1823 July 4, October 17 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

To let, a brick messuage of 3 rooms and kitchen etc, with walled gardens & orchard, a double-chaise-house, a stable for 4 horses, and 5 acres of paddock adjoining. At a distance, a brick kiln, messuage & yard for hire.

1823 July 9 Stamford Mercury, July 11 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Marriage, Miss Teversham of Harston to Mr Cock, shoemaker of Cambridge.

1823 July 20 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

William Haydon drowned while bathing.

1823 July 25 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal, July 30 Stamford Mercury

3 court cases. No.1, Rev William Leworthy versus Frederick vanderMeulen of Bishop’s Stortford. The former had disbursed £110 14s for a hearse etc for the defendant’s father’s funeral at St Albans instead of at Harston where he had died (there follows a long deposition), ……verdict for the defendant, (see also 6/8/1824 below).  No. 2, Lovatt versus Tuck, the former, a bricklayer, sought to recover £13 for work done for the latter, a brewer & farmer at Harston. Witnesses said the work had been disgraceful and the plaintiff had already received sufficient cash and beer etc……. verdict for the defendant. No. 3 concerned the validity of a will made by Mr Allen, farmer of Harston, where the Town Clerk of Cambridge has taken possession of his property in the name of his daughter, aged 9y. Plaintiff was the heir-in-law, verdict was for the defendant.

1823 November 21 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Game certificates, purchased by George G Humphries & William Taylor.

1824 January 23 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

For sale by Elliot Smith, 26 ash trees, 16 elm and 2 poplar, and leg & billet-wood, in Burnt Close, Royston Lane. Apply The Swan.

1824 April 23 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal, April 28 Stamford Mercury

Marriage, William, only son of William Whitechurch of Harston to Elizabeth Cooper of Sawston.

1824 May 7 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Appeal against an order for removal of a pauper of Harston, to Madingley, namely Richard Bradford, who had been hired by a baker in Harston foir 12 months, and the case concerned a holiday allowance.

1824 August 6 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal (see March 14 1823 above)

Court case, VanderMeulen versus VanderMeulen. This action was taken by Miss E. VanderMeulen against her brother, Frederick VanderMeulen, to recover funeral expenses incurred at their father’s funeral. He (the father), a Hamburgh merchant, had suffered severe losses during the French Revolution, and the daughter had been living with the Rev. Leworthy. The father conveyed his remaining proiperty to trustees, beng in embarassed circumstances. The defendant (son) was ‘a gentleman of fortune’ who had received ca. £900 pa from his grandfather, and he directed that their father should be buried ion style at St Albans, putting the expense on his sister, who could not pay (etc., long deposition, mostly illegible). Verdict for the defendant (despite his moral turpitude).

1824 December 10 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Death, Mr James Wallman, 37y.

1825 January 7 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

To the creditors of John Philpin, late of Harston, surgeon, apothecary, man midwife, an insolvent debtor, lately disharged from Cambridge gaol  –  are requested to meet at a solicitor’s office, to choose an assignee of his estate & effects.

1825 February 11, 18 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

For sale in Harston by Cockett & Nash, a small brewery plant, with casks and a 6-barrel dray with iron arms. Comprises a stout 150 gallon Copper with cock & pipe, with liquor-back & mash-tun, under-back, 2 cooling-backs, 2 working tuns, a lead liquor-pump, a wort-pump, 2 working stillings etc. 3 store casks, 25 barrels, 12 kilderkins, 12 firkins, 4 half-hogsheads, 20 smaller casks, long beer stalls, Apply Mr Samuel Tuck, Harston.

1825 March 18 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Estate (copyhold) for sale by Joseph Wentworth at The Green Man on 25/3. Double tenement of 7 rooms, yard, garden, outbuildings, now occupied by Cornell & Morley, being ‘a pleasant spot for the erection of a genteel house’.

1825 March 23 Bury & Norwich Post

Court case, Tuck versus Littell. Action by Mr S. Tuck of Harston against Thomas Bridge Littell for ‘a vexatious distress’.

1825 May 27 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

For sale by Cockett & Nash near Harston & Newton, growing crops of cinquefoil & meadow grass, and a 30-ton haystack, including 15 acres in Harston Field near the Windmill.

1825 June 24, July 1 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

For sale by Cockett & Nash on July 7, a 5-bedroom dwelling-house (2 staircases), timber & brick with tiled roof, 2 barns etc, a 2-stall stable, garden, orchard, 2-acre close of pasture, occupied by John Philpin, surgeon,, and a small part by Mrs Elizabeth Allcock who is to enjoy it rent-free for the rest of her life. (note that this advert is similar to, but not quite the same as, that posted on August 30 1822, there appear to be some discrepancies that may be typographical errors?).

1825 July 29 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Court case, William Garner (?Gurner), 23 indicted for stealing a ram lamb, value 30s, the property of Mr Kidman Watson, farmer of Harston (there follows a transcript of witness interviews etc – the skin was found buried on the accused’s property. No defence, sentence of death recorded.

1825 September 16 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Game certificates (at £3 13s 6d each )recorded as  bought by Harston residents, G.G. Humphrey , W. Taylor, K. Watson, Lieutenant G.C.Cory. (In 1826, the lists included Cory, G.G.Hurrell, William Taylor, Thomas Thurnall).

1825 March 23 Bury & Norwich Post, November 5 Northampton Mercury

Marriage of the Rev. W.B.Fuller, Baptist Minister of Harston, to Mary Chapman, also of Harston.

1826 February 3 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

For sale by Joseph Wentworth, furniture and a newly-built booth adjacent to The Green Man.

1826 April 7 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Sudden death of Mr Thomas Day on the turnpike near the Mill, he had been driving his master’s cart and expired suddenly, he had previously been subject to fits. Verdict, death ‘by the visitation of God’.

1826 April 21, 28 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

For sale at The Swan by Elliot Smith, a house with 4 bedrooms, gardens, orchard, occupied by Edward Bangle. Copyhold, Manor of Tiptofts, quit-rent 2s6d.

1826 April 21, 28 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

For sale by Joseph Wentworth at The Green Man on May 3, an estate in 3 lots. Lot 1, a messuage or tenement, fenced, near the church, occupied by Mr Harris. Lot 2, a double messuage adjacent to lot 1, occupied by Smith. Lot 3, an allotment of arable land, 2 acres 2 roods 5 perches in Park Field, ‘capital turnip land’, occupied by Mr Wisbey.

1826 June 9 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Death of Mr Kidman Watson after a long illness.

1826 Aug 4 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Windmill & land (ca. 3a) for sale – adjoining the Turnpike leading to Barkway & Royston.  – let to Mr Owen Cambridge at £40 pa. Enquiries, Elliott Smith.

1826 Oct 26 Dorset County Chronicle

Accidents:- offices. On Sat evening the safety coach was accidentally overturned between Melbourn & Harston when Mr Tuck of Harston had his leg broken & a child’s collar bone was fractured.

1826 September 1, October 13, 27, December1 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Re Foxton Inclosures (with several references to Harston locations), the Commissioners have set out and appointed the following PUBLIC CARRIAGE ROADS & HIGHWAYS, to include ‘The Harston Road’, ’40 ft wide, fromthe north end of Stockers Land, Foxton, along the west side of an ancient inclosure belonging to William Hurrell Esq called ‘Whynot’s Close’, until it enters the Turnpike Road’ …….(etc)……. ‘beginning at the brook at the junction of Harston, Newton and Foxton, proceeding north-east along the Harston-Foxton boundary 1 furlong, then south-east along the land of Mrs Faircloth to the centre oif the Brook (?Hoffer’s)………to Osiers Holt, belonging to Rev. W. Pemberton in Newton…..Holt…….Poles Pen……Chardwell Shot…… Far Pen & Rowe Ditch Furlong……. Newton Collin Baulk……Hill Field…….Brand’s Close……allotment belonging to William Hurrell in Shepreth.’

1826 September 15 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Death, Lieutenant G.C. Cory, 31, son of Mr Cory, grocer of Harston.

1826 September 22  Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

To let, a brick-kiln and yard with house, lodges, stables & water, on Gault clay for best white brick manufacture, apply Mr Ashby or at the Brick-Kiln house.

1826 October 13 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Accident, last Saturday evening the Safety Coach overturned between Melbourn and Harston, and Mr Tuck suffered a broken leg, and a child’s collar bone was fractured.

1826 December 15 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Death recorded on board ship (HMS Maidstone), of a fever, Mr George Finch, 18y, sixth son of Mr Thomas Day Finch of Harston.

1827 January 19 Cambridge Chronicle

James Andrews for stealing a shirt and two pairs of stockings, the property of John Morley of Harston was convicted and sentenced to one month’s hard labour.

1827 March 23 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Court case, Robert Drew (40) and Sarah Gates (30) convicted of stealing potatoes from the orchard of Mr Swan Wallis of Harston. Drew sentenced to 6 mo., Gates to 14 d, hard labour.

1827 May 4, 11 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Association for the apprehension of felons etc: from Harston, William Taylor, Lydia Wallman, William Whitechurch, Jonas Wallman, Swan Wallis, Edward Johnson, John Philpin.

1827 June 30, September 29 Suffolk Chronicle

73 acres of arable, pasture and meadow in Suffolk Chelsworth, owned by Rev. William Leworthy of Harston.

1827 July 6, 13 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

For sale by Elliot Smith at The Green Man on July 19. 4-bedroom house occupied by Edward Bangle, plus another house & stable occuped by Gearge Hatley. Garden, orchard and close of pasture (the proprietor intends to remove the Blacksmith’s Shop currently there). 2.5 acres, copyhold Manor of Tiptofts, quit-rent 2s6d, land tax 3s.

1827 October 26 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Court case, Henry Dawson (20) and Susanna White (21) were indicted for stealing 2 silver tablespoons and 4 teaspoons and 2 saltspoons, the property of Mr G. Humphrey of Harston. John Walker (24) was indicted for receiving part of these, knowing them to be stolen. Guilty verdict, White sentenced to 6 months hard labour; Dawson & Walker to 7 years transportation.

1828 March 21 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

To let from Lady-Day to Michaelmas, a summer residence with chaise-house, stable, barn, garden, and paddock in Harston, apply Mr Twiss, solicitor, of Cambridge.

1828 May 16 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Accidental death of a 13-y-old boy, John Ingle, in Shelford, when thrown from a horse. Dr Philpin (Harston) attended, verdict ‘death by suffocation’.

1828 May 16, 23 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Creditors of Mr John Reynolds, victualler, lately of The Green Man, Harston, and insolvent debtor….orders &directions re his estate & effects.

1828 May 28 Bury & Norwich Post

Marriage: on thur last at Harston, Wortham Hitch esq. Youngest son of John Hitch, esq. Late of Melbourn, to Elizabeth oldest daughter of Rev John Hitch late Rector of Westerfield nr Ipswich.

1828 June 13 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Notice is given that the Court Baron of the Rt. Hon. George John Earl de la Warr, Lord of the Manors of Haslingfield & Harston will be holden on July 8 , that for the manor of Harston at he house of Mr Swan Walis at 10 am sharp (Richard Buck, Bailiff).

1828 July 4 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Court for Relief of Insolvent Debtors. Petitions & Schedules of Prisoners, to be heard on July 25 at 10 am: Edward Chapman, late of Harston, cordwainer, grocer, schoolmaster (for his creditors to be given the opportunity to oppose his discharge, if wished).

1828, Jul 26 Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough Gazette

Bench warrant against Messrs Jackson & Attwood, commissioners under Harston Inclosure Act, against whom a true bill was found by grand jury, at the instance of William Tuck, for disobedience of court order, which was granted pro-forma, with understanding by their attorney, Mr Wedd of Royston, that they would appear at next sessions.

1828, Jul 26 Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough Gazette

Death: Thursday at Harston of Mrs Allen , widow of Mr James Allen.

1828 August 1 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Court case (heard before the  Lord Chief Baron), Rev Leworthy versus farmer Whitechurch (Special Jury). The plaintiff, the Rev. W. Leworthy was claiming compensation for neglect in the management of a farm let to the defendant (Whitechurch), this being the vicarial farm, of 104 acres. Mr Clarke, farmer, said that the hedges and ditches had been neglected and were covered with twitch grass, having an appearance of ‘beggary’. Similar ciomments wre made by Mr Thomas Day Finch, Mr Lilley (Hauxton) & Rev. John Jenkins, nephew of Rev. Leworthy; others argued that the land was already in  poor condition when let. (long deposition for each side follows, jury found for the defendant).

1828 September 26 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Foxton inclosure (continued), re footpaths to Harston, one, 4 ft wide, proceeds east along the north side of the ancient inclosures, through a new plantation of John Bendyshe and thence by the east side of the plantation to the Cambridge turnpike. Another footpath started at The Pound, going via Bury Close, then north-west over an allotment, to land of John Bendyshe in Honner Fields, then to the turnpike.

1828 November 14 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Death of Mrs Allen , widow (rest illegible).

1828 November 28 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Furniture for sale by Elliot Smith, for the executors of Mrs Allen deceased. 4-poster beds, feather beds, mahogany wardrobe, brass-nailed chairs, 2 sofas, a chest of drawers, bureaux, dining & other tables, clocks, china, glass, kitchen utensils, 2 cows in calf, a 1-horse chaise, and sundry out-door articles.

1829 February 20 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

To let, a brick-kiln, yard, messuage of other buildings, apply John Rudland or John Ashby, farmer, at Harston.

1829 April 3 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Court case, Chapman versus Pryor and another. The plaintiff (Chapman) accused the defendant (the firm of Messrs. John & Morris Pryor of Baldock) that they forcibly broke & entered the room he was occupying, ejecting him and his property unlawfully. The plaintiff was lodging with Mr Reynolds, landlord of The Green Man, who is the tenant of the defendants (the brewers). Reynolds had become insolvent, and went to gaol, but was then released on 31/3/1829, his effects were sold by auction, including articles, value £11 17s,  belonging to the plaintiff, (etc etc, long deposition). Jury found for the plaintiff, and awarded him £12.

1829 April 3, 24, May 1, August 7 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

For sale, by John Swan, auctioneer for the executors of Ms William Cory dec., at The Green Man in May. A 3-bedroom cottage, barn, stable, other offices, garden, orchard, now in the occupation of Mr Edward Cory.

1829 May 8 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

For sale, by John Swan, on the premises of Mr Swan Wallis junior (who is removing to his other farm) on 14/5. One 2y cart filly, a cow, a 14-ton stack of clover hay, a narrow-wheel waggon etc., a 4-poster bedstead, feather beds, mahogany japanned and wood-seat chairs, dining & Pembroke tables, Brussels & Kidderminster carpets & rugs, counter & drawers, iron oven, nest of drawers etc.

1829 July 31, September 18, October 23  Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Horticultural Society prizes, 3 awarded to James Tuck at Windmill Cottage, for broccoli, currants, ‘bouquet’, 2s 6d each prize. (Many others awarded to him over succeeding months & years!).

1829 August 7 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Court case (see also April 3 above), Reynolds (plaintiff, publican at the Green Man, Harston) versus Pryor & another (defendants, brewers at Baldock). Plaintiff claimed that he had been forcibly evicted, and goods given to him by his sister and aunt had been seized. Verdict for the plaintiff and a nominal £100 damages awarded (‘subject to the award of Mr Paynter’)

1829 August 7 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

To be let at Michaelmas, a small familiy mansion and farm, with or without a brick-kiln. Has a double chaise-house and stables, walled gardens, orchards, 12 acres of grass in closes contiguous to 90 acres of arable land in 3 inclosures, in Harston parish. The brick & lime kiln is on another part of the same estate. Apply, Samuel Ashby, farmer, at Harston.

1829 October 2 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

For sale by Elliot Smith on the premises of Mr Twiss who is leaving Harston. A small (7 ton) stack of hay, a Suffolk polled cow, forward in calf, a Phaeton with pole and shaft and harness, a grey Gig horse, a kitchen range with oven & boiler, several bath stoves, some furniture, 50 bushels Cambridge kidney potatoes, 17 bushels Kentish Pippin apples, and manure. Catalogues from The Swan.

1829 November 20, 27 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

For sale by John Swan, auctioneer, at The Green Man on December 1.   Lot 1, a land allotment with 2 slated messuages or tenements, 2 barns, stables, sheds etc, orchard, large garden, totalling 6 acres 25 perches, adjacent to the turnpike. One house is occupied by Mr John Edgar and the other house and the remainder of the premises are occupied by Mr Ashby.  Lot 2, 9 acres 2 roods 36 perches of arable land abutting the Cambridge-London road but also with an entrance from the Cambridge-Newton road, this also is occupied by Mr Ashby.   Lot 3,  3 acres, 2 roods 36 perches abutting on the north on Mr Hayes, south on the Harston-Newton road, east on the open fields of Newton and west on Mr Silk, this is also occupied by Mr Ashby and is copyhold the Manor of Tiptofts, fine arbitrary. Mr Ashby will shew the premises.

1829 November 20 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Crime report, ‘someone’ has poisoned a valuable greyhound, the property of Mr William Whitechurch junior. It is supposed that arsenic was mixed with food and conveyed to the dog through a hole in the boarding of the dog-house. This is the second dog belonging to Mr Whitechurch that has been killed in a similar manner within the past 2 months. 20 guineas reward for a conviction.

1829 December 4 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

For sale, Cockett & N ash at The Swan Inn on December 7, a freehold estate, near Mr Watson’s farm in Church Street, being the residence and property of Mr Joseph Hayes, a stud & plaster dwelling house with tiled roof, sitting-room, parlour, pantry, 2 bedrooms, yard, gaden, barn, pig sties, etc, with orchard adjoining. Land tax 3s pa.

1829 December 4 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

To let, a family house with double coach house and stables, walled gardens, paddocks of 5 acres, with brick & lime kilns elsewhere on the estate, to be hired if required. Apply John Ashby, farmer. (note that this appears to be a partial repeat of several earlier adverts, and is repeated again in 1830 (April 16 and August 6) and in 1831 (May 13 and October 28) and 1832 (September 14 and 21).

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