Jan 1930 - Dec 1955

Compiled by Hilary Roadley; Main researcher Chris Bates

1936 May 22 Chelmsford Chronicle

Harston man, Bernard Wayman, was fined £5 plus £2 6s 6d costs for driving a car dangerously at Birchanger on April 10.

1936 October 16, 23 Chelmsford Chronicle

Chauffeur-mechanic seeks situation, good references, clean licence, apply Pressey, Newton Road, Harston.

1939 January 6 Cambridgeshire Independent Press

For sale, detached cottage, freehold, 6 rooms plus bathroom, £845, Hockey & Sons.

1939 January 13 Cambridgeshire Independent Press

Modernised thatched cottage, large orchard.

1939 January 20 Cambridgeshire Independent Press

Speeding offence, 44 mph in Harston, clocked by PC James Adams. £1 fine with licence endorsement. Also, 18 February, Cambridge Daily News, Victor Stertz, garage manager of Harston service station, was fined £1 plus  licence endorsement for speeding (40 – 48mph), clocked by PC Lewis.  (many more of these speeding fines found at later dates, but are not recorded here).

1939 February 3, 25 Cambridge Independent Press

R.I.R. (Rhode Island Red) hatching eggs from 3rd y hens, 25s/100, G. Thompson, Poultry Farm, Harston, established 1919. (Others offered on 7 April, at £1/100).

1939 February 4 Cambridge Daily News

Motor cyclist fined £3 plus costs after causing a collision on Hauxton bridge, PC Lane of Harston attended the accident.

1939 February 10 Cambridgeshire Independent Press

Coach & Horses ‘beerhouse’ was granted a full licence.

1939 February 10 Cambridgeshire Independent Press

For sale, thatched cottage with 6 rooms, oak beams & all services, large orchard, £845.

1939 February 25, March 1, 8 Cambridge Daily News

Pair of thatched cottages for sale, off High Street, producing £11 rent were pa.

1939 March 14, 17, 29 Cambridge Daily News

To let, shop and workshop, High Street, apply Coach & Horses.

1939 March 15, 24 Cambridge Daily News

3 men charged with being drunk & disorderly in Harston, PC Jolly gave evidence, two of them later sentenced to 14 days prison.

1939 April 1 Cambridge Daily News

Kenneth Cossar, schoolmaster, was cleared of stealing cement slabs that had been left in a ditch for many years.

1939 April 4 Cambridge Daily News

Noted that the Harston (junior) cricket team had been ‘winners of the cup’, the previous year.

1939 April 7 Cambridgeshire Independent Press

For sale, detached house, 6 rooms plus kitchen, WC, scullery, H/C mains water, electric supply, £695, apply R.L.Harradine.

1939 April 7 Cambridgeshite Independent Press

Advertisement, Hauxton Boarding Kennels, Scotties for sale, Hill top Farm, Harston. (see also July 28, dogs kept in kennels from 6s, cats from 3s6d., fetched & delivered, stripping from 5s.)

1939 April 21 Cambridgeshire Independent Press

Anniversary of Harston Baptist chapel, services held.

1939 May 4 Cambridge Daily News

Wanted, a housekeeper for an elderly, invalid, deaf lady, Mrs Jones.

1939 May 5 Cambridgeshire Independent Press

For sale, ‘Iredale’, London Road, 6 rooms plus bathroom, outbuildings, garage, tennis lawn, gardens, orchard, 4 acres, 3 roods, 13 perches.

1939 May 5 Cambridgeshire Independent Press

Detached bungalow for sale or to let, 6 rooms, bathroom, garden, orchard, ca. 1 acre. Apply D. January (house-agent).

1939 May 19 Cambridgeshire Independent Press

Indoor & outdoor ‘furnishings’ for sale, from ‘Bagley Laurels’.

1939 May 19 Cambridgeshire Independent Press

Cricket match vs. Melbourn + Meldreth, W. Ives took 6 wickets for 18 runs. (Later, Harston beat Landbeach by 158 runs to 7, – J. Hume bowling).

1939 April 26 Cambridgeshire Independent Press

For sale, house, outbuildings & 4.5 acres of orchard, £1000.

1939 June 1 Cambridge Daily News

South Cambs scouts, sports trophy was won by Harston scouts (at Hinxton Park, Whitsun holiday).

1939 June 6 Cambridge Daily News

Cricket, Harston beat New Chesterton.

1939 July 12 Cambridge Daily News

Death of Susannah Beaumont, 67y.

1939 July 14 Cambridgeshire Independent Press

Charles Kent, 19y, accused of assaulting an 8y-old girl, fined £5. John Frederick Whitby, cement worker, Button End, said the defendant, his cousin, had previously run away from home, twice.

1939 July 14 Cambridgeshire Independent Press

Cricket match, Junior Cup, Harston vs. Ickleton. Batting for Harston, N Knight, W Northrop, W Ives, J Bird, J Hume, C Lawrence, L Northrop, L Crow, D Samuel, C Laman, F Nixon. Bowling, Hume, Ives. Harston won easily, with 194 runs, and 6 wickets for 19 runs. This meant that, by beating the former winners of the trophy, Hsarston reached the semi-final for the 2nd year in succession.

1939 July 25 Cambridge Daily News

Cricket match, Harston narrowly beat Girton, by 63 to 62, ‘good bowling’ by Ives & Hume.

1939 July 28 Cambridgeshire Independent Press

Bowls League, Harston has played 10 matches, won 4, lost 6.

1939 August 1, 4 Cambridge Daily News

Harston, Junior Cup, beat Pye Radio in the semi-final by 226 to 90, Hume taking 5 wickets for 24 runs.

1939 August 12, 14 24 Cambridge Daily News

Cricket, Junior Cup Final, Harston vs. Stapleford. ‘It was thought that Harston would be greatly affected by the Territorial camps, but both W Northrop & J Hume returned in time to play’. L Crow, L Northrop & C Lawrence scored 30, 28 & 21 resp, with a final score of 142. Stapleford replied with 57 for 5, with Hume & Ives bowling. Much argument about the (? premature) decision to draw stumps, and especially about the later decision (August 25, Cambridge Independent Press) to award the cup to Harston – ‘Stapleford players & supporters think this was a very unfair decision!’

1939 August 18 Cambridgeshire Independent Press

‘Fen Canal Schemes, ancient and modern’. Notes that in 1789, notice was given that a (future) application to Parliament was intended, for making a canal for navigation, from Bishops Stortford to Feltwell, to run via Walden , Harston, Trumpington, Cherry Hinton, Newmarket, Mildenhall, Littleport. Now, a new scheme, to reduce fen-flooding is being considered, at a cost of £2,5 million, to create a watercourse from Baitsbite or Bottisham locks via Newmarket, Mildenhall, Brandon, Downham Market to a point between the Denver Sluice and Kings Lynn.

1939 August 31 Cambridge Daily News

Cricket, in the Cambs. Junior League, Harston easily beat Girton (Hume & Law bowling).

1939 September 1 Cambridgeshire Independent Press

At the Sandy Dog show, Dr Cecil Webb, Harston, was awarded a prize for ‘novice collie bitch’. Later, on October 25 (Cambridge Daily News) and October 27 (Cambridgeshire Independent Press) it was reprted that Dr Webb, of Bath House, Harston, had pronounced on the death of a cyclist locally.

1939 September 2 Cambridge Daily News

Final Table for the Federation Cricket League, Division 1, Harston had won 2, lost 5, drawn 3, and with 7 points was roughly in the middle. (Statement that, ‘during the period of the war, the work of the Association will be conducted by a newly-formed Finance & General Purposes Committee)’.

1939 September 14 Cambridge Daily News

Marriage, Mr RRL Harradine, son of Mr & Mrs RL Harradine of ‘Beaumont’, Newton Road, Harston, to Doreen Button of Cambridge.

1939 October 3 Cambridge Daily News, October 6 Cambridgeshire Independent Press

Notice, that the Cambs. Minor Football League will ‘carry on’, despite petrol rationing, and will cycle to their matches, Harston being mentioned.

1939 October 19 Cambridge Daily News

Court case, a £150 claim against Charles Rogers of Harston for (causing) an accident involving a 5y-old boy was approved.

1939 November 4 Cambridge Daily News

Offered, ‘board residence’, Orchard Lea, London Rd.

1939 November 10 Cambridgeshire Independent Press

An army signaller was ‘bound over’ for stealing petrol from his former employer, Premier Travel Co. Ltd of Harston, ‘to get back to his barracks’, PC Lane of Harston said ‘the lock was forced’.

1939 November 15 Cambridge Daily News

For sale, restored period cottage £1050, or to let at £60 pa.

1939 November 17 Cambridge Daily News

At a British Legion Meeting the Last Post & Reveille were sounded by Mr E Collins of Harston. Collection for Earl Haig’s Fund.

1939 December 7 Cambridge Daily News, December 8, Cambridgeshire Independent Press

Cambs Minor Football League results summary, Harston had won  1, lost 3, drawn 1 and had 6 points.

1939 December 13 Cambridge Daily News, December 15, Cambridgeshire Independent Press

Marriage at Swaffham Prior, Mr Reginald Hurrell, son of Mr & Mrs Arthur Hurrell of Harston, to Miss Diana Allix of Swaffham Prior, Major Geoffrey Hurrell was best man.

1939 December 13 Cambridge Daily News, December 15, Cambridgeshire Independent Press

In an unsuccessful court case against Tom Hays of Harston, it was claimed that the variety of wheat sold by him was incorrectly claimed/identified.

1939 December 16, Daily Herald

Letter from LC Deacon of Harston, claiming that ‘only those railwaymen who were below the 50s rate would benefit from an (announced) wage increase.’

1939 December 29, Cambridgeshire Independent Press

A 107-year-old (1751-65) recipe from Harston, for mincemeat, called for ‘boiled beef, apples, ‘corrints’, sugar, ‘Ceville oranges’ ,’lemonon’, French brandy or sack, ‘nutmeg’, mace.  ‘For mince pies, use neat’s tongue, leg of mutton, and calves or young bullock’s hearts’.

(No further records found, from Cambridgeshire Independent Press or Cambridge Daily News after this date)

1940 February 12 Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette

Death, William Elliot, at Greenways, Harston on 10/2/1940.

1941 August 8 Western Daily Press

Double fatality involving 2 motorcyclists near the Old English Gentleman, Harston. One, aged 20, was from Bristol, the other aged 26, was from Sunderland. Verdict, accidental death.

1941, September 20 Essex Newsman

Wanted immediately, tractor driver, for Pest Contol Ltd., Harston.

1944 April 7, 14, 21, 28 Bedfordshire Times & Independent

Pest Control Ltd of Harston offer spraying services for destruction of weeds, sulphuric acid in early spring followed by ‘Denoc’ from April to June. Will supply spraying machine, tractor, water-carting, chemicals and experienced scientists’ advice.

1945 June 1, 22 Chelmsford Chronicle

Pest Control Ltd of Harston offer ‘Blitox’ and ‘Perenox’ copper fungicides to prevent potato blight.

1945 June 29 Chelmsford Chronicle

Pest Control Ltd of Harston offer control of clover seed weevil.

1945 June 29 Bedfordshire Times & Independent

GM Morris, auctioneer, is instructed by Mr PK Stocker et al., High Street, Harston, who are offering 50 motor cars for sale, including a 1934 Rolls Royce, Austin 7, 10, 18, Hillman 10, 20, Rover 14, Ford V8, Wolseley, Essex Terraplane, Ford 8, 10, Bedford lorries,, vans etc. Sale every Thursday.

1945 July 6 Chelmsford Chronicle

Pest Control Ltd of Harston offer ‘Dynone’ for treatment of codling moth.

1945 July 20, 27, August 3, 10 Sussex Agricultural Express

Pest Control Ltd of Harston offer control of potato blight.

1945 September 21 Biggleswade Chronicle

Article describing Pest Control Ltd of Harston’s ‘Denocol’ for potato blight, and the disadvantages of using corrosive sulphuric acid.

1946, June 6, 13 The Berwick Advertiser

Pest Control Ltd of Harston offer ‘Denoc’, ‘Denocate’ and ‘Denoxylon’, selective weedkillers.

1947 January 31 Bigglewade Chronicle

Cambs. and Cambridge Borough Council discussed boundary changes at a meeting of the Cambs. County Council, in which Cambridge Borough would ‘take’ some small plots of land from certain Cambs parishes, including Harston.

1947 December 26 Biggleswade Chronicle

Football league, division 1 section A, Gamlingay scored 6 versus Harston, 1. (further matches reported on January 28, 1949, Gamlingay 9, Harston 2; on March 18 1949, Gamlingay 1, Harston 0.)

1948 March 1 Gloucestershire Echo

Rev. F Goody, formerly pastor of Harston Baptist church, is now taking up the pastorate of Tewkesbury, on 13/6/1948.

1948 March 12 Biggleswade Chronicle

The Coach & Horses, Harston (team) are the darts champions of the Harston area.

1949 March 18 Bedfordshire Times & independent

Pest Control Ltd of Harston offer DDT (insecticide)  (and on June 3, ‘phenoxylene’ for weed control).

1949 September 20 Bedfordshire Times & independent

House exchange sought, by Horne, Beverleigh House, Harston.

1950 April 21 Bedfordshire Times & independent

Pest Control Ltd of Harston offer ‘Sevtox’ selective weedkilller ‘to protect your peas’, and ‘Psylortox’ DDT emulsion or 5% DDT dust, for insect control.

1951 February 16 Biggleswade Chronicle

Football league, division 1 section A, Gamlingay scored 7 versus Harston 0 (pitch ‘a quagmire’). Further matches reported on January 11 1952, Gamlingay 9 Harston 1, and on February 1 1952, Gamlingay 3 Harston 4.

1952 December 29 Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail

Death of Mrs Gertrude Cook, 72y, of Harston after her clothing caught fire. Her son, Mr Gerald Cook, living next door, is the divisional surveyor for the Cambs. County Council.

1955 April 22 ?

Lime spreaders, hopper-type, for sale, £150 each, apply Peter Stocker, Harston.


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