Jan 1880 - Dec 1889

Chris Bates

1880 January 3 Cambridge Independent Press

Sale, Grain & Long for FW Rowley, trees, 30 ash, 25 red willow, 20 black poplar, 3 elm plus leg & top wood.

1880 January 24 Cambridge Independent Press

Robert Morley, publican, summonsed by Alfred Wiskin, his lodger, for ‘levying a distress’ on certain of his goods for rent arrears, but court ‘had no powers to grant an order’.

1880 February 7, 14, Cambridge Independent Press

Auction, by Grain & Long, at The Swan Inn on 19/2, of arable land, directed by the executors of the will of the  late William Jennings, in 2 lots, lot 1, freehold & tithe-free arable land, 2a, 10p, near the Old English Gentleman, suitable for gardening, lot 2, 3a 36p, in Hauxton. (On March 27, a notice was posted, re claims or indebtedness to his estate).

1880 February 28 Cambridge Independent Press

Wisbey & Son, auctioneers, Household furniture, books and other effects to be sold on the premises of Mrs Gowland, deceased.

1880 February 28, March 6, 13, 20, April 3, Cambridge Independent Press

Apartment to let in The Manor House, 2 sitting & bed-rooms, use of coach house & stable.

1880 February 21, March 6 Cambridge Independent Press

Death of Elizabeth Gowland aged 73y. Her household furniture, including a Parisian clock, piano, pictures etc, plus books etc offered for sale (Wisbey & Son).

1880 February 21 Cambridge Independent Press

Claim for damages to a fence and hedge, William Jude bricklayer vs. Harold Tuck, but case dismissed after Mr W Long (estate agent and valuer) deposed that no damage had been sustained.

1880 February 21, 28 Cambridge Independent Press

Grain & Long, auctioneers, for Henry Hurrell, 14 ash, 16 elm trees & seconds & hurdle wood, spruce & larch poles & firewood, for sale.

1880 March 13 Cambridge Independent Press

Inquest at the Old English Gentleman by Mr CW Palmer, deputy coroner, on Mrs Esther Wiskin deceased (aged 67 or 68y). (Long testimony by husband, William Wiskin – ‘she had been ailing many months’, Mr John Sidney Smith, surgeon, attended at her death and another surgeon from Shelford did a detailed post-mortem, cause of death ‘sanguineous apoplexy’ – diseased heart. Jury: ‘natural causes’, but coroner censored her husband & sons ‘for their conduct’.)

1880 April 3 Cambridge Independent Press

John Finch (46), Robert Wiskin (42), Henry Willers (37), Charles Prior (31), all labourers of Harston, were summoned for ‘neglecting to send their children to (the) poublic elementary school’; orders made. Later (see 20/11/1880), Wiskin was fined 2s6d for failure to comply.

1880 April 17 Cambridge Independent Press

Walter Ingrey of Harston, convicted of taking game at Newton, fined £2 + expenses.

1880 May 22, June 12 Cambridge Independent Press

For sale: dwelling house with barn, yard, stabling, garden, arable land on the High Road, occupied by Mr A. Tuck.

1880 June 5  Cambridge Independent Press

For sale: 3 acres arable land on High Road, called ‘Brand’s Allotment’, apply William. Silk, London.

1880 June 22 Cambridge Independent Press

Ely Diocesan Fund, annual grant ‘to assist in procuring a more efficient superintendence for parishes which, from the extent, poverty, sickness or infirmity of their incumbents require extraordinary help’, a grant of £10 to Harston parish.

1880 July 24 Cambridge Independent Press

Grain & Long, auctioning standing crops, 6 acres wheat, 22 of barley, in Court Barn fields, abutting on Station and Royston Roads, Harston.

1880 July 30 Stamford Mercury

Death, aged 40 years on 20/7, of Helen, wife of Samuel Callwood; being the eldest daughter of Stephen Brice.

1880 August 3 Bury & Norwich Post

Cambs. & Isle of Ely Agricultural Show, prize for 5 lb butter to General H. Nott of Harston.

1880 August 14, 28 Cambridge Independent Press

Auction of a large quantity of agricultural implements, effects & furniture, Mr Fred Olney, auctioneer.

Sam Bolton, labourer, & Fred Bolton, publican, both of Harston, charged with neglecting to support their mother, Mary Bolton, who is chargeable to the common fund of the chsterton Union. Fred agreed to pay the required weekly amount, Sam ordered to pay 1s2d/week.

1880 August 21 Cambridge Independent Press

Death of Louisa Dew, 67y

1880 October 23 Cambridge Independent Press

Surveyor’s certificate showed that the roads in Harston ‘are insufficiently repaired’.

1880 November 20 Cambridge Independent Press

House-to-house collection by Mr J Rodwell yielded £5 8s 5d for Addenbrookes Hospital fund.

1880 November 27 Cambridge Independent Press

Marriage on 18/11 of Mr William Ward of Harston to Ann Hutchinson of Knipton.

1880 December 25 Cambridge Independent Press

Mr Beaumont of Harston, appointed as secretary to the Union of Elementary Teachers.

1881 January 1 Cambridge Independent Press

500 lots of ‘foreign deal’ (wood), battens, boards, scantling, fencing, to be sold by S. Smith & Son near Harston station. (a great rise in the price of timber, noted).

1881 January 29, February 5 Cambridge Independent Press

Auction, Cottage with outbuildings, yard, garden, on High Road, adjacent to the Coach & Horses pub. Catling & Mann, auctioneers, auctioning, Also, Double Cottage Farm with farm stock, comprising, chestnut horse; iron-grey 3y cob, roan yearling, cart filly, dog-cart, tradesman’s cart, harness, poultry, manure, barley, rye grass, clover seed, agricultural Implements, herb-drying shed, blacksmith’s bellows, anvil, tools, furniture, miscellaneous effects. Proprietor leaving neighbourhood.

1881 February 11 Stamford Mercury

Marriage at Harston Church on 25/1: Miss Sarah Walker of Harston to Mr Thomas Seldon Glover of Nottingham.

1881 February 12, 19 Cambridge Independent Press

To Let, new residence, 2 sittting rooms, 5 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, 2 pantries, cellar, scullery. Bay windows with Venetian blinds, garden. Apply C. Wedd, rent £20 pa.

1881 February 12 Cambridge Independent Press

Notice to any creditors/claimants re the estate of Elizabeth Gowland deceased.

1881 February 14 Pall Mall Gazette

Marriage of Thomas, son of Thomas H Smith of Harston, to May Swann of Camberwell.

1881 March 5 Cambridge Independent Press

Cambridge Hospital Saturday Fund: £5 5s 8d received from Harston.

1881 March 12, 19 Cambridge Independent Press

Game Law offences. Arthur Covill, pensioner of Harston, & Smith (son of Arthur) Cambridge, baker of Hauxton,, convicted of ‘using dogs (a greyhound & bull terier)  to take game at Harston & Newton’. Fined 5s and £1 respectively plus costs. – Old English Gentleman pub (Harston) mentioned. Similar offence described on 7 May (CIP).

Deaths: wife of David Wisby, 31y, and of infant son (9 weeks) of Jonathan &  Elizabeth Wisby.

1881 April 23 Cambridge Independent Press

Cricket match at Barrington, Barrington beat Harston in first innings; second unfinished.

1881 April 30 Cambridge Independent Press

Joseph Beaumont & John Salmon fined 2s6d each for faulng to ensure that their children attended school.

1881 May 21 Cambridge Independent Press

Post Office Telegraphs, by acts of 1863 &1875, intend to erect a Telegraph by poles, over & along the High Road from the Post Office to the Old English Gentleman.

1881 June 18 Cambridge Independent Press

The trustees of the will of Mr William Silk deceased will sell by auction, at The Red Lion Hotel, Cambridge, his property in 3 lots. Lot 1, a white, brick-fronted & slated house with 7 rooms, kitchen, pantry, garden, occuopied by Mr Arthur Tuck at a rent of £28 pa, bounded by the school board premises, by that of William Long, the town drain and land of Mrs Duberson. Land tax 6s. Lot 2, 2acres 2 rood 7 perches ‘on the Green’, bounded by land of John Watson, Henry Hurrell, John Wallman, Thomas Whitby & Mrs Allcock, let to Mr Rodwell, at £8 10s pa. Lot 3 in Coton.

1881 June 28 Cambridge Independent Press

See 22/6/1880 – Harston, ‘spiritual aid’ £5 donated.

1881 July 2 Cambridge Independent Press

Cambridge Midsummer Sessions, repair of roads in Harston, £70 7s 10d allocated.

Vaccinations for smallpox (Chesterton Guardians), 1 case reported at Harston (different districts have diferent vacccination schedules).

1881 July 16 Cambridge Independent Press

To Let, furnished cottage, 9 rooms, garden, stable & coach house; pony carriage & harness. Apply Mrs Tillyard, Beechcroft, Harston.

James Barnes & James Ives, remanded on a cxharge of acting as pedlars without licence at Harston.

1881 July 30 Cambridge Independent Press

Bazaar in aid of ‘extinction of debt on Minister’s house’, on Aug 1 in grounds of General Nott’s house. Admission 6d, or 3d after 3 pm. Tea & refreshments, music at intervals, train access.

1881 August 6 Cambridge Independent Press

Trains stop at Harston (only) ’when necessary to set down Hunting Gentlemen’.

1881 October 1 Cambridge Independent Press

Sheep theft court case mentions PC Ding of Harston.

J. Northfield fined 10s + costs for ‘unjust coal scales’. Albert Symonds of Harston fined for stealing an umbrella from Mary Ann Parr of Haddenham.

1881 October 8 Cambridge Independent Press

William Jude of Harston fined 6d plus expenses for allowing a pony to stray onto the highway. Also, Eliza Corell summoned for wilfully damaging a hurdle belonging to Robert Pick. Fined 6d plus costs.

1881 October 8, 15 Cambridge Independent Press

To let: house with 2 large rooms, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, garden, detached wash-house.

1881 October 8 Cambridge Independent Press

Sale by Grain & Long of farming stock, 7 horses plus 2 yearlings, 12 cows (steers, heifer, bull), 19 pigs, 140 poultry, 12 ducks, 9 geese, agricultural Implements, 2 drills, 4 carts, 3 ploughs, barn tackle, harness, harrows, turnip cutter, pulper, iron pig troughs, water cart, effects. Directed by John Allen, whose lease expires at Michaelmas.

1881 October 29 Cambridge Independent Press

Sarah Ann Jude (tenant, complainant) accused John Tuck, thatcher, landlord, defendant, of taking all the furniture from a house let to Sarah;s mother (who had moved to Mr Northfield’s cottage). Tuck ordered to pay double the worth of the furniture removed.

1881 November 1 Cambridge Independent Press

Death, Mary Ann Lawrence 53y, at Harston.

1881 November 26 Cambridge Independent Press

John Sidney Smith was ordered to give up possession of a cottage & garden, property of Charles Northrop at Harston.

1881 December 3, 31 Cambridge Independent Press

Samuel Northrop, labourer of Harston, was charged with assault, wounding & GBH, aided & abetted by Matilda Cox, on Joshua Northrop (many details) Report mentions the Green Man and Coach & Horses pubs; also Samuel’s brothers Arthur & Eli; also Eliza N. and her son Arthur; Joshua Northrop. Mr John S Smith, surgeon of Harston, and Mr Ramsay’s surgery. Accused were committed for trial at the quarter assizes, Sam Northrop later sentenced to 9 months prison. Also, William Cox, labourer of Harston, was charged with stealing beans, value 5s, the property of John Allen. Henry Cook was charged with receiving these, knowing them to be stolen. Involvement of Joshua Northrop, John Edwards, PC Ding. Both defendants pleaded guilty, Cox sntenced to 1d prison, Cook fined £1 plus costs.

1881 December 30 Morning Post

Birth of a son to Fred H. Smith, Harston.

1881-2  December 31, January 7 Cambridge Independent Press

Sale for FW Rowley of ca. 200 trees, willow, black poplar, ash, elm, adjacent to the High Street, Grain & Long, auctioneers.

1882 January 7, 21, 28, February 18 Cambridge Independent Press

For sale, detached house opposite the vicarage, would suit small family, garden & orchard, detached wash-house & outbuildings. Apply CF Jarrold, solicitor.

1882 January 14  Cambridge Independent Press

Cambridge Division Petty Sessions, application to transfer The Old English Gentleman’s licence, adjourned.

1882 June 21, 28 Cambridge Independent Press

Sale of trees, 18 ash, 23 elm, 11 poplar, 11 willow, 7 oak, 2 beech, 1 walnut. Directed by A. Jennings, Grain & Long, auctioneers.

1882 February 11 Cambridge Independent Press

Cambridge Division Petty Sessions, Eliza Dew of Harston was summoned by Eliza Jane Willers for ‘threatening to do for her’, case dismissed.

 1882 February 18 Cambridge Independent Press

Marriage of Ferman Levett of Harston to Rowena Augustar Ayres of Cambridge.

1882 March 4 Cambridge Independent Press

Cambridge Church Temperance Association, membership in Harston, 68 juvenile 19 youth.

1882 March 25 Cambridge Independent Press

Bath House offers ‘Middle Class Education’. Advantages, home life, subjects taught thoroughly. Apply for prospectus.

J Rusted, wheelwright, business ‘into liquidation by arrangement’. Later (13/5 1882), his horse, 2 ponies,, 2 business carts, a spring van, brass-mounted harness etc, were offered for sale by his trustees.

1882 June 24 Cambridge Independent Press

James Northfield, shopkeeper, of Harston was summoned for ‘unjust scales’, an inspector of weights & measures found ‘one quarter ounce against purchaser’, had previous conviction, fined £3 plus costs.

1882 June 27 Bury & Norwich Post

‘Spiritual Aid’, Harston donated £5

1882 July 8 Cambridge Independent Press

Mr Badcock of Harston has purchased an orchard (with coprolite deposits) in Orwell, 1a 2r 6p, for £210.

Joseph Ison, laborer, fined 1s for failing to ensure that his son attended school.

1882 July 29 Cambridge Independent Press

John Bond & William Smith, brick-layers & John Graham, engine fitter, remanded on charge of stealing tobacco & cigars from Mrs Covell, landlady of The Old English Gentleman.

1882 August 12 Cambridge Independent Press

2 Cambridge men were charged with hare-poaching on the Harston-Hauxton road.

1882 September 30 Cambridge Independent Press

2 hawkers (Benjamin Tapsell & George Marshall, apprehended by pc Ding) were camped unlawfully and caused damage to a field of clover, property of Joseph Bowd, farmer, of Harston, on the main road in Harston, pleaded guilty, fined £7 2s 6d each.

1882 November 25 Cambridge Independent Press

Addenbrookes Hospital received £5 6s 10d from Harston Church (Harvest Thanksgiving collection).

1882 December 9 Cambridge Independent Press

W John Marshall, deaf & dumb, convicted of stealing a live tame rabbit (pet) value 2s at Whittlesford, 14 d prison.

1882 December 23, 30, 1883 January 6 Cambridge Independent Press

F W Rowley & The Governors of Haslingfield Charities seek a ‘beneficial’ (land?) exchange with J I Headley.

1883 February 3 Cambridge Independent Press

Robert Nelson Skoen, labourer, pleaded guilty to being drunk & disorderly at the Pemberton Arms and of assaulting pc Ding. Hard labour 2 months, plus 20s fine plus 26s costs or an additional prison term.

1883 February 28 Morning Post

Payment of a dividend by A. Wisbey, bootmaker of Harston, 2 shillings.

1883 April 7 Ipswich Journal, Cambridge Independent Press

Death of William Long aged 85, on April 1, at Harston.

1883 April 14 Cambridge Independent Press

Measles epidemic closed Harston school, one fatal case.

Inquest at The Green Man under Mr CW Palmer, coroner, on Henry Marshall, 7y, son of Thomas Marshall, labourer. Boy ‘meddled with kettle lid’ and was fatally scalded, ‘accidental death’.

1883 May 12 Cambridge Independent Press

Baptist church at Harston has 71 (adult?) members and 140 children.

1883 May 22 Bury & Norwich Post, May 19 Ipswich Journal

Death of Harry Allan Long, son of late William Long of Harston, aged 40, at Kimberley, S Africa.

1883 May 19, 26, June 2, 9 Cambridge Independent Press

Auction, Catling & Mann, freehold/copyhold messuage with orchard, farmyard, barn, pigsties, stable, chaff-house, coach-house, cart sheds, coal shed, plus other buildings, on the High St., 9a 2r 11p of arable land on the Newton-Harston road, occupied by James Northfield, part freehold, part copyhold.

1883 June 30 Cambridge Independent Press

Fred and George Hammond, labourers, accused of failing to ensure their cildren attended school, which persuaded them to comply.

1883 July 28 Cambridge Independent Press

Mr Butler, gardener to General Nott of Harston, was a judge at the Trumpington & Grantchester Flower Show.

1883 September 1 Cambridge Independent Press

Samuel Northrop, labourer, charged with stealing a silver watch & chain at the Old English Gentleman (outcome uncertain).

1883 September 29, October 13 Cambridge Independent Press

Auction, by Wisbey & Sons, of ‘dead’ (ie other than livestock) and ‘live’ farm stock, by order of Messrs. Few, who are leaving, 4 carthorses, 1 mare, 2 cows, 7 young stock, 3 sows, a brawn, 4 dung carts, 1 dog cart, 2 ploughs, plough harness for 5 horses, harrows, wurtzel mincer, cart, set of gig harness, wheelbarrow & other implements plus tools.

1883 November 17 Cambridge Independent Press

Joseph Ellis, labourer, late of Harston, charged with setting fire to a haystack in Huntingdon Road, value £30, committed for trial at next assizes.

1884 January 12 Cambridge Independent Press

Joseph Kemp of Newton pleaded guilty to being drunk & disorderly at Harston on 25/12, fined 2s 6d + costs.

1884 January 19, 26 Cambridge Independent Press

William John Marshall, a deaf-mute, was charged with assaulting his father Thomas, and was boiund over for 6 mo. to keep the peace with a £10 surety.

1884 March 25 Cambridge Independent Press

To let: 9-room house with gardens, apply James Northfield, Harston.

1884 May 10 Cambridge Independent Press

Joseph Morley of Harston was charged (at Bottisham Petty Sessions) with stealing 2 live ducks, a wheat hoe and sack, total value 7s 6d, the property of William Parnell, at Swaffham Bulbeck, on 14/4, he was committed for trial at the Quarter Sessions.

1884 May 17 Cambridge Independent Press

Mr H.E. Golding of Harston has appealed to the Chesterton Board of Guardians (? workhouse ? asylum), against his ‘assessment’ of £12; it was reduced to £8.

1884 May 24, 31 Cambridge Independent Press

Harston District Liberal Association Meeting at Barrington, E.A. Wedd chair, Reverend A.W. Johnson of Foulmire, secretary. Reverend Conybeare addressed the meeting re The Reform Bill and ‘universal franchise’ (for householders) – large audience of enthusiastic working men!

1884 July 5 and 12 Cambridge Independent Press

For sale, Grain & Long auctioneers, 26 acres of ‘corn’ crops, consisting of New Zealand oats (plus straw), Black Tartar oats; barley, wheat, beans. Directed by Mr Burton for General Nott .

1884 July 26 Cambridge Independent Press

Agricultural show, prize for butter awarded to General H. Nott, Harston. Two Harston residents (Hyson, Papworth) were fined for failing to send theri children to the village school; 2 others (Cornell & Northrop) were warned for the same offence.

1884 August 23, 30 September 6,13 Cambridge Independent Press

Auction, by Grain & Long at Carlton Grange, as instructed by Mr George Long, a herd of Alderney cattle, property of General Nott.

1884 December 20 Cambridge Independent Press

Transfer of The Green Man fromCharles Northrop to William Rouse.

1884 December 20 Cambridge Independent Press

Death at Harston of James Smoothy aged 49y.

1885 January 17 Cambridge Independent Press

Liberals’ meeting ‘for new voters’ in the Club Toom of The Green Man, chaired  by Mr Watson. Address by Mr Cox MA on ‘land, labour & capital’; ‘primogeniture, entail & security’. Mr Mason of Haslingfield spoke aboiut ‘the labourer’s desire for land (ownership) and free education’. He contrasted the policies of the Liberals versus the Tories, and gave examples of decisions made by The House of Lords.

1885 February 21 Cambridge Independent Press

Concert at Harston in the Board Schoolroom, for the newly established Institute. The performers included Miss Hayes, Miss Cox, Miss Badcock, Master Wallis, Miss Gouldthorpe, Mr Mortlock, Mr Quarry, Mr Cook, then the National Anthem to finish.

1885 February 28, March 8 Cambridge Independent Press

Sale of trees, Mr Walter Finch for Mr H. Hurrell, 10 ash, 6 poplar, 60 ash poles, 40 lots leg & top wood, brush& underwood.

1885 April18 Cambridge Independent Press

Oddfellows supper at Harston Lodge.

1885 May 2 Cambridge Independent Press

Death of Matilda Ayres, 85y.

1885 May 23 Cambridge Independent Press

Frank Garner, Charles Hay, Harry Jude, and Thomas Woodcook, all of Harston, were summoned at the instance of James Northfield, of Harston, for committing wilful damage and injury upon certain growing nightshade at Harston, on the 6th inst…For the defendants, Allen Wisbey was called, who said he lived at Harston, and was 66 years of age.  He had lived there all his life.  He knew the complainant’s close.  It had been called “The Called Close”.  It was called so when he was a boy.  The boys had been in the fields hundreds of time,  As a boy he had been there.  It was called “The Play Ground”.  He remembered the prosecutor’s grandfather, who had seen them there, and he never attempted to turn them out.  He had seen stalls there: but only on Shrove Tuesday.  Found guilty, fined 2s 6d, for the damage and costs. Allowed fourteen days to pay (our thanks to Graham Webster for this extract).    ‘Newland used to dry & mend his clothes there’. The defendants were fined 5s each + costs.

1885 May 30 Cambridge Independent Press

J Ison fined; J Speed, SA Coville warned, re failure to send their children to the village school.

1885 June 13 Cambridge Independent Press

James Rouse fined 5s + costs for allowing a pony to stray onto the highway.

1885 July 11 Cambridge Independent Press

Fox terrier found, apply to Mr Rodwell of Harston.

1885 July 18 Cambridge Independent Press

Grain & Long, auctioneers, instructed by Mr John Wallace (who is retiring) to sell his ‘corn’ crops : 8 acres barley, 3 acres winter tares, near the windmill on the Harston-Newton road, also 5,5 acres, 3 roods wheat, 3.5 acres winter beans at Burton End (?Button End).

1885 July 25, August 1 Cambridge Independent Press

Mr A.M. Robinson is selling 13 acres of wheat, 31 of oats, on Newton Hill.

Marriage of Fanny Jackson of Harston to Herbert Brett of Godmanchester.

1885 August 29 Cambridge Independent Press

Richard Badcock, coproilite merchant, and 2 olthers, fined £1 10s 8d for cruelty to horses (this involved the RSPCA as well as the local constabulary.)

1885 September 12 Cambridge Independent Press

James Jude and Fred Warren (boys) fined 1s for stealing greengages from Mr Badcock.

1885 October 10 Cambridge Independent Press

Meeting at Harston to promote the candidature of the Liberal candidate, Mr Neville Goodman; discussion of the price of bread & sugar and of the land-transfer laws etc.

1885 November 7 Cambridge Independent Press

Mr Bunn of Harston is selling a 13-3 hands cob horse.

1885 December 26 Cambridge Independent Press

Harston Oddfellows, Victoria Lodge, contributing to the Widows & Orphans’ fund A Junior Lodge to be inaugurated in the New Year.

1886 April 10 Cambridge Independent Press

Chesterton Board of Guardians, Harston residents elected: overseers, T Smith, TG Williams; surveyors, FW Rowley, T Hays; constable, A Cambridge.

1886 May 1 Cambridge Independent Press

Centenary of Harston Baptist Chapel, special meeting to lay a ‘memorial stone for new schoolrooms.’ The new buildings will comprise one large and 2 smaller rooms, at the back of the chapel.The architect was Mr JS Robins of London and the (local) builders were HE Hall and F Willers. The Rev. E Richardson recounted a history of the chapel: there have been 10 pastors, startiing with Mr Harrison, who was succeeeded in 1790 by the Rev Compton who was pastor for 27 years. The chapel was renewed in 1870 and The Manse was purchased for £400 in 1871.When Rev Richardson came, adult membership was 61 with 160-170 scholars. The latest bulid started with £220 in hand, needing £80 to complete it. He referred to events such as the abolition of slavery, increased suffrage, and the rise of non-conformism (long article following).

1886 June 19 Cambridge Independent Press

Cricket, Harston lost to the Working Mens Liberal Cricket Club. Playing for Harston: 3 Northrops, Wisbey,Jude, Willers, Ashby, Weldon, Beaumont, Badcock, Thurlow.

1886 June 19, July 10 Cambridge Independent Press

J. Carter Jones, auctioneer, is selling 6 farms plus land (1360 acres) in 10 villages, including in Harston, 261 acres plus a substantial farmhouse, cottages, and land. Tenant is Mr Watson and it Includes one cottage with 1a 20p of land, belonging to Mr Hurrell, value £200. Across Cambridgeshire, the average price for agricultural land is £33 per acre and for building land, £263/acre. In Harston, Mr W Hurrell recently sold a 14 acre arable field for £370 and the 77 acre ‘Obelisk field’ was sold for £1700. C Thompson sold a 7 acre arable field for £215.

1886 July 10 Cambridge Independent Press

Grain & Long are selling some ‘corn’ crops for Mr Thomas Smith, Harston.

1886 July 17, 24 Cambridge Independent Press

Ditto, ‘Burton End’, Harston vicarage farm, 19 acres of wheat; 9.5 of winter beans, 8 of barley.

1886 July 24 Cambridge Independent Press

Grain & Long auctioneers, directed by Mr J. Wallman are selling farming stock, 3 carts, a plough, harrows, root pulpers, a bean mill, a dressing machine, , other barn tackle, iron pig troughs, a stack cloth, manure, harness, a Bay Nag horse,15-1 hands, a 3y-old unbroken Bay Colt, likely to become a good Brougham horse.

1886 September 18 Cambridge Independent Press

Death at Harston of Frederick William Rowley aged 72y. (Condolences sent by the Chair of Chesterton Board of Guardians, on which Rowley had served for many years). (See also 6/11/1886, notice to his creditors & debtors).

1886 October 27 London Evening Standard, October 30 Cambridge Independent Press

Death of Edward Walter Long, 31y, youngest son of William Long of Harston, (he was a partner in) Grain & Long, auctioneers and had the organ installed at Harston Church (and frequently played it). He had been one of the originators of the Casmbs lawn tennis tournament and of the University & Town Music Society concert series. He ‘will be sorely missed’.

1886 November 6, 1887 July 30 Cambridge Independent Press

Invitation to any claimants on the estate of Frederick William Rowley deceased, to come forward.

1886 July 17, November 13 Cambridge Independent Press

Court case, arson of a stack of straw, the property of William Haylock, – against William John Marshall, labourer, 23y, of Harston, a deaf-mute, who pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to 5y prison!

1886 November 13 Cambridge Independent Press

Richard Badcock summoned for keeping a dog without a licence, discharged on payment of the licence fee and court costs.

1886 November 27 Bury Free Press

Death of Susan Peacock, 61y, wife of the late William Poole Peacock of Harston.

1886 December 25 Cambridge Independent Press

Willim Bunn, licenced victualler at The Pemberton Arms, fined £2 _+ costs with licence endorsement for keeping the premises open during prohibited hours; also, Walter Ingrey (28), wheelwright, James Northfield (44) shopkeeper, Thomas Peachey (30) baker and Thomas  Thurlow (carpenter, were each fined 2s 6d + costs.

1887 February 19 Cambridge Independent Press

To let: Grain & Long, auctioneers, HARSTON HOUSE, a commodious family residence with pleasure grounds, kitchen gardens, stabling, etc.

1887 April 2, 9, 16 Cambridge Independent Press

Grain & Long, sale of furniture at HARSTON HOUSE,  pictures, dairy utensils, garden tools etc. Adverstisement ater added, Outdoor Effects, Library, valuable Oil Paintings, Tennis Racquets, etc, as directed by Mrs William Long.

1887 April 16 Cambridge Independent Press

Promotion of Mr Herbert from position as station master at Harston to that at Linton – celebratory supper, speeches, gifts.

1887 April 23 Cambridge Independent Press

Coroner’s inquiry, on a fatal accident to William  January aged 78y. Amos Pateman, labourer, of Harston saw the accident happen near Hauxton Mills – ‘the deceased was ‘picking flints from fossils’, and while moving a tree, 18-20 in diam., the harness broke and it fell on him’. Another witness, James Northrope of Harston, said ‘the tree rolled down a slope onto him. He was taken to a nearby house, attended there by a Dr Carver, then taken to Addenbrookes Hospital where he died on 14/4/87. Jury verdict was ‘accidental death’.

1887 October 15 Cambridge Independent Press

William Cox, labourer, was drunk in the High St, fined 1s plus costs, to be paid within a week.

1887 November 19 Cambridge Independent Press

Mr John Watson who has been superintendant at Harston school for 20 years and is now leaving, was presented with ‘a purse of gold, a marble clock and Rev Conybeare;’s ‘Life & Epistles of St Paul”.

1887 November 26 Cambridge Independent Press

Death in France of Catherine Bridge Headly, a grand-daughter of Thomas Bridge Littell, formerly of Harston.

1887 December 3 Cambridge Independent Press

Residents of Harston, Hauxton and Newton presented a marble clock to Thomas Cambridge who had been their postman for 40y.

1888 February 24, March 2,9 Cambridge Independent Press

Grain & Long, trees for sale by H. Hurrell, larch (160), ash(12) plus ash hurdles and brush; elm(5), poplar(8), oak(4).  9/3/1888  – more trees for sale, from Harston House, Mrs Long.

1888 March 16 Cambridge Independent Press

Protest by Cambs Non-conformist Ministers, against the government’s ‘coercive policies’ in Ireland, especially the  Crimes Act – they espouse Mr Gladstone’s Home Rule proposals. E. Richards of Harston participated.

1888 April 6 Cambridge Independent Press

Cambridge Division Petty Sessions have appointed officers, including for Harston, Thomas Smith, overseer, Thomas Hayes, surveyor,  James Lawrence, parish constable.   Mr Fred Willers of Harston had the task of identifying the body of his brother, a florist at Trumpington, who was found in a ditch witrh his throat cut, verdict suicide.

1888 May 4 Cambridge Independent Press

Board of Directors of Cambridge University & Town Public Swimming Bath Co. (capital, £4000, 800 shares issued) included J Odell, Vintner of Harston.

1888 May 13, June 6, June 8 Cambridge Independent Press

Deaths in Harston, Nash Cornell, 18y, Amanda Smith, 19y, Susan Taylor, 66y, Sarah Chapman, 51y.

1888 June 29, July 6 Cambridge Independent Press

Fatal accident to Joseph Ryder, 78, a labourer, who fell from a loaded waggon, and died of an apoplectic fit (had been subject to previous fits). Autopsy found an effusion of blood in his brain. At his inquest, the jury’s verdict was ‘death due to an apoplectic fit’.

1888 July 27 Cambridge Independent Press

Flower show at Harston, for Harston and 5 adjacent villages, prizewinners listed (flowers, veg, fruit, honey, needlework etc), useful listing of Harston residents.

1888 August 17 Cambridge Independent Press

Marriage, Louisa Wisbey of Harton to James Rae of Cambridge.

1888 August 24, 31 Cambridge Independent Press

Ebenezer C Garner (builder) and Augustus J Beaumont (schoolmaster, both of Harston, summoned each other for assault at Harston school. Beaumont had detained one of Garner’s daughters (a 10y-old girl) after school; a fight followed, ‘disgraceful scene’, long deposition but uncertain outcome, both cases dismissed.

1888 September 7 Cambridge Independent Press

Harston Liberal supporters wish to start a club there – they held a meeting at The Green Man, Reverend Higgins presiding.

1888 September 7 Cambridge Independent Press

Allan Wisbey,70, a shoemaker at Harston for 40y,was summoned by Chesterton Board of Guardians for ‘refusing’ to contribute to the maintenance of his ‘imbecile’ daughter Lydia, who has been an inmate of Fulbourn Lunatic Asylum. Mr Wisbey lives with his 3 unmarried sons, one of whom pays him 8s a week for his keep. The defendant failed in business 6y ago an was declared bankrupt, but had (still) continued paying 1s6d/ week towards the keep of his daughter until a few weeks ago. The Chairman said this was a very small sum for him to pay towards the keep of his child, and the Board decided that he must continue to pay the 1s6d/wk.

1888 September 7 Cambridge Independent Press

Charles Sanders of Great Shelford was charged with riding a horse without reins at the High Street, Harston, fined 1s plus costs.

1888 November 30, December 7,  1889 January 18 etc., Cambridge Independent Press

J. Odell Vinter, resident of Harston, has offered his services as a Candidate for the County Council, for the Electoral Division of Harston. Mr John Chivers also stood as a candidate.  However (see 25/1/1889), the successful candidate was T Hays, Conservative, 197 votes, against 90 votes for Vinter.    Funeral of Rev FJ Durbin, Harston vicar  for 40 years. Service conducted by Rev Canon Waldon. Principal mourners, his 2 daughters, Misses L and A Durbin and Mr Scott Durbin and the house servants. The coffin was interred (by Mr F Willers) in a brick vault at Harston church.

1888 December 7 Cambridge Independent Press

Re: Reverend Frederic Jeanes Durbin, deceased, an invitation for claims against  his estate.

1889 January 25 Cambridge Independent Press, February 1 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Catling & Mann, auctioneers offer, a freehold homestead in the High St., Harston, adjacent to the school. Brick and slate construction, a 2-stall stable, a barn, cowsheds, other outbuildings, a small yard, a field of arable, 2a 24p, with frontage of 101 ft on the street. Occupied by Mr Arthur Tuck, at £28 pa.

1889 February 8 Cambridge Independent Press, February 8, 15 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal, February 2 Cambridge Daily News

Alleged ‘unlawful detention’, charge against Walter Henry Crouch, a watchmaker of South Street, Cambridge, who was charged with ‘converting to his own use’, a silver bracelet, value 10s 6d, which was handed to him for repair in Harston on 31 May 1888, by Edwin Smith Ashby, who kept a pub in Harston, the bracelet being the property of his sister Alice. On 2 June it was pawned in Dalston. Prisoner was remanded, then convicted and sentenced to 6 months hard labour (!)

1889 February 4, 6 Cambridge Daily News

For Sale (as Lot 3), Freehold Homestead adjacent to the school, 4 bedrooms, farm yard, well, stable, barn, orchard, cowsheds, henhouse etc plus arable land 2a, 0r 24p. Occupied by Mr Arthur Tuck at £28 rent pa. Bounded by village drain and properties of Mr Dobson and the late William Long, Catling & Mann, auctioneers. Also, 3 acres known as ‘East Field’ near the railway crossing at Hauxton adjacent to the Little Shelford-Hauxton road, recently sold for £140.

1889 February 14 Cambridge Daily News

Harston choir, dinner & tea at The Od Schoolroom, Rev Amos, curate, presiding, Mr & Mrs Smith and Hays, entertainment, including songs etc, catering by Sam Ashby. Rev C Baldwin to move soon to Harston.

1889 March 8 Cambridge Daily News

Conservative Association supper, Mr T Hays presiding with T Smith vice-president, other members listed, addresses, music etc

1889 March 8, 15 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Mr A.T. Grain, auctioneer, offers trees for sale, adjacent to The Driftway, Harston, comprising larch poles, 3 poplars, 2 ash plus leg and top wood, as directed by Henry Hurrell.

1889 March 8 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Mr A.T. Grain, auctioneer, offers, as directed by Mrs Durbin who is leaving, ‘outdoor effects’ from Harston vicarage, comprising 1 crosskill cart, iron harrows, an iron horse rake, a mowing machine, a dressing machine, a horse-powered oat crusher (nearly new), 5 iron hay racks, a stack cloth with ropes, pulleys & poles; pig troughs, wheelbarrows, a ladder, frames & lights, wire netting, acoprolite pump, a Summer House, a Mushroom House; materials of several outbuildings, 2 Greenhouses; 20 tons of mangold wurtzels, potatoes, carrots; a Landau with pole & bar; household furniture & fixtures; a dresser cupboard; Venetian & other blinds; picture rods, hall stove, etc.

1889 April 17 Cambridge Daily News

Baptist chapel anniversary (103rd), total mermbership increased to 79. Young men’s Association inaugurated.

1889 May 25, 31 Cambridge Daily News

EC Garner fined for failing to licence his dog, 30s + costs (previous offences taken into account).

1889 June 7 Cambridge Independent Press

Estimated cost per mile of maintaiuning the roads in Harston over 5 years was £35 16s 9d.

1889 June 14 Cambridge Independent Press

George Chapman suffered an injury to his leg while chopping wood and was treated in Addenbrookes.

1889 June 8 Cambridge Daily News

Lightning caused a fire in a haystack, property of Robert Pick of Harston.

1889 August 31, September6 Cambridge Daily News

George Augur (10) of Harston fell from a horse and injured his thigh, treated in Addenbrookes.

1889 September 20 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Chronicle & Journal, September 14 Cambridge Daily News

Court case: Elizabeth, the wife of James Cornwell, a labourer, was charged with assaulting a boy, the son of Lydia, wife of John Mead, also a labourer, and was found guilty and fined.

1889 October 18 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Concert by members an friends of Harston Cricket Club, entertainment by Messrs Balls, Coleman, Driver, Gibbs, Jude, Lings, Moden, Wakeling, and the Misses Finch, Hays & Pick.

1889 November 1 Cambridge Daily News

Death, and burial of Christopher James Wedd, saddler & harness maker, at Harston church. 23/11, notice to creditors & debtors of his estate.

1889 November 8, 14 Cambridge Daily News

Wanted for a small family, a strong, active, experienced general servant, apply Mrs Midelton, Harston.

1889 December 20 Cambridge Independent Press

Judgemnt for J Ellis, fruit grower of Thriplow against Ebenezer Garner of Harston who failed to honour an agreement to buy his fruit, £2 10s damages + costs.

1889 December 27 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

J. Winship, auctioneer, offers, at the Manse, Harston, directed by the Reverend E. Richards who is leaving, household furniture & effects; mahogany, easy & other chairs, couches a library table a dining table with a loose leaf a pedestal sideboard, Brussels & other carpets, hearth rugs an American organ by Estyle Co., bedsteads, feather beds, bolsters,  pillows,mattresses, washstands & ware; fenders, irons a tricycle; a perambulator a Harper Twelvetrees washing machine, utensils etc.

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