Jan 1910 - Dec 1919

Compiled by Hilary Roadley; Main researcher Chris Bates

1910 March 25 Cambridge Independent Press

Advert, 6y-old Shetland pony and trap and harness, £20, H. Spencer, Harston.

1910 April 8 Cambridge Independent Press

Receiving  (court) Order, Herbert William Burrows, grocer of Harston.

1910 April 8 Cambridge Independent Press

Sidney & James Cornell, both drunk & disorderly and quarrelling on 25 March, fined 7s 6d and 2s 6d respectively. They had already been discharged from the army for ‘misconduct’.

1910 May 20, June 24 Cambridge Independent Press

New Baptist pastor, Rev W Burnett, gave his ‘Lighthouse’ address and presented Sunday School diplomas for long service as teachers (33 y) to Miss Annie Watson & Mr Benjamin Wesley. Sunday School treat in The Park (courtesy of Mr Hurrell) on 21/6.

1910 July 1 Cambridge Independent Press

CJ Jude’s costs for carrying out building work on  Harston School premises.

1910 August 19 Cambridge Independent Press

Travers Waller, 31, licenced hawker, was fined 5s + costs for having no proper control over a horse & waggon at Harston.

1910 August 26 Cambridge Independent Press

William Seagrave was summonsed by Cornelius Stokes for being drunk & disorderly and for trespassing with a dog in search of game in Button End. Pleaded not guilty to first offence, but admitted catching a hare on Button End allotments where Mr T Hays has the shooting rights. Mr Evelyn Gee (Harston Farm) and Tom Papworth gave evidence, as did William’s brothers, Lewis & Allen Seagrave. Fine 7s 6d.

1910 October 7 Cambridge Independent Press

Jonah Northrop, labourer, of Harston, fined 40s plus costs for ‘obscene language’. Joe Warren, labourer, fined 5s + costs for being drunk & disorderly.

1910 October 21 Cambridge Independent Press

Baptist’s service, Rev Egbert Gregory of Duxford spoke on his experiences among the Red Indians.

1911, 1912: no relevant records; no ‘hits’ for ‘Harston’ in Cambridge Independent Press until 1913, reason not known.

1912 September 13 Sussex Agricultural Express, September 27 Chelmsford Chronicle

Wanted, position as head cowman, J Nottage, Harston, 38, married. On a gentleman’s home farm, poultry if required, wife dairy, 13 good references.

1912 October 18 Bedfordshire Times & Independent

Rev. EC Baldwin of Harston, preaching at Apsley Guise, Beds.

1912 October 19 Essex Newsman

Position wanted as 2nd groom, Harry Northrop, 19y, 10 Hurrells Row, Harston (‘used to horses’).

1913 January 10 Cambridge Independent Press

The ‘Brotherhood’ held its 2nd anniversary meeting. Baptist Chapel, New Year services by Pastor W. Burnell.

1913 January 17 Cambridge Independent Press

Death, William Charles Northrop, 31y, at Rectory Farm, on 10/1/1913.  Dr Young to give first aid classes at Haslkingfield.  The Brotherhood to hold its New Year Social in the Baptist Chapel schoolroom.

1913 January 24 Cambridge Independent Press

Young Helpers Association met for a slide show in the Chapel schoolroom.

1913 January 24, February 7 Cambridge Independent Press

‘Liberalism in Harston & District’ (proposed) formation of an Association, to include the 5 nearest villages, inaugural meeting at Harston school on 4 February. Sir Charles Waldstein, Bart., has agreed to accept the presidency and the Hon. E.S. Montagu MP willbe vice-president. Mr P H Hall (Harston) will be honorary secretary and Mr F H Hall is an officer. (Long, 2-column article about the inaugural meeting follows).   YPCA music programme by the choir of Mill Road Baptist chapel, Cambridge.

1913 February 14 Cambridge Independent Press

Court case: PC Martin, on 26/2, shortly after 10 pm, while on duty in the main road, heard an uproar coming from The Coach & Horses. The landlady, Mrs Green, was ‘hopelessly drunk’, and her husband, the publican, Mr Charles Green, was standing over her and abusing her. (There follows Mr Webb’s Report to the Magistrates, plus a discussion of pub licence redundancies).

1913 February 21 Cambridge Independent Press

Baptists annual tea & AGM; YPA/YPCA meeting.

1913 March 7 Cambridge Independent Press

Nominations for Cambs County Council officers: for Harston, Harold William Hurrell of Newton, proposed by A Hurrell & M Smith.

1913 March 7 Cambridge Independent Press

An undergraduate was clocked at 50 mph on a motor-cycle in Harston, fined 30s + costs.   Telegraph posts are to be erected from Baggot Hall in Harston, to Foxton.

1913 March 12 Cambridge Independent Press

Concert in the village school in aid of the Nursing Assocition. Violin pieces by virtuoso Doraswami.

1913 March 14 Cambridge Independent Press

Pemberton Arms licence was renewed at Cambs Licencing Sessions. Mr Lyon applied on behalf of Messrs. Phillips of Royston, it is fully licensed and is tenanted by Owen Churchman, rateable vaue £27 15s, including 2 acres of land. The licence had been renewed 8 times during the past 12 years. (The Swan also belongs to Messrs Phillips, and the population of Harston is 671, there are 6 licensed houses and trade at the Pem was 64 barrels in the pat year). ‘The sanitary arrangements are about the best in the village’. ‘About a dozen carts can stand in the yard, which is the largest in Harston’. ‘People leave their horses there while they take the train, making it the most convenient in the village’. Mr Quarrie, Messrs. Phillips’ manager said there are allotments and a quoits ground, assets belonging to the premises. During the past 3y, his firm had paid Mr Judd £43 for overhauling the premises, including the drains, and he considered it the second best house in Harston. Mr Pickering, who had preceded Mr Churchman, had left because of poor health, and the previous 2 tenants had left to run other businesses.

1913 March 14 Cambridge Independent Press

Brotherhood meeting, address by Mr J Impey, songs etc.

1913 March 28 Cambridge Independent Press

Fred Barker, 70, labourer, drowned while clearing ditches. Verdict: ‘Found drowned’, but the coroner criticised locals for not pulling the body from the river promptly enough, as it might have been possible to revive him?

1913 March 28 Cambridge Independent Press

Elsie Chapman broke her thigh when she tripped.

1913 March 28 Cambridge Independent Press

Marriage, Miss Kate Churchman, eldest daughter of the Churcmans ofthe Pembeton Arms, to John Burling.

1913 April 11 Cambridge Independent Press

Brotherhood meeting, address by Rev Herbert Rodwell, music etc.

1913 April 18, 25 Cambridge Independent Press

Auction of a property in Harston near The Old English Gentleman, by auctioneers Messrs. Scruby & Gray, a 9-room brick & slate house, orchard and outbuildings with ca. 15 acres arable land and 514 ft frontage on the road, occupied by Mr J Rodwell. Has ‘prospective building value’, since ‘substantial attractive villas have been erected on the opposite side of the road recently’. Copyhold, Manor of Harston Shadworth and part of Foxton Mortimers.

1913 April 24 Western Daily Press, April 25, May 9 Cambridge Independent Press, April 26 Framlingham Weekly News

Fatal accident: Mr John Morrison Marlowe, eldest son of the editor of the Daily Mail and a student at Pembroke College, was killed when the motor car (a new Bedford) that he was driving collided with a pony trap between Foxton and Harston. The shaft of the trap entered his skull through his eye socket, resulting in  instantaneous death. The steering wheel was shattered, and ‘a half sovereign in Mr Marlowe’s waistcoat pocket was broken into 3 pieces’. The accident happened nearly opposite Mr Rowley’s farm on the north side of the Hoffer’s Brook bridge, where the road is only 16 feet wide. Mr Rowley’s foreman, Joseph Impey was the first on the scene. He informed PC Martin, who stopped a cyclist to take the news to the Cambridge police HQ. Dr Young then attended but ‘found life extinct’. The occupants of the trap, with lesser injuries, were Mr Wilkinson (who was taken home to Melbourn by Mr Ashby of the Queen’s Head), and Mr Taylor. There were ducklings in the trap, only one of which was killed. The pony, which was seriously injured, with a leg broken in several places, was put down. Mr Marlowe’s body was taken to the Swan Inn for an inquest on Tuesday, which was undertaken in Harston schoolroom. The County Coroner, Mr A J Lyon opened it but then adjourned it. Mr Marlowe had been driving for more than 3y and the condition of the car had been ‘excellent’, with all lights working. The offside tyre burst on impact. (On May 9, motor speed-caution signs called for in Harston, especially near the school. Many motoring speeding fines reported in the Csambridge Independent Press during this period.)

1913 April 25, May 2 Cambridge Independent Press

Harston & District Liberal Association held a ‘smoking concert’ in  the club room of The Royal Oak pub in Barrington. Their ‘energetic’ secretary was Mr F H Ball. (Event described in detail).

1913 May 9 Cambridge Independent Press

The Roads & Bridges Committee asked their Chairman & other members of their Council to inquire into applying for ‘caution’ signs to be erected at Harston (and Caxton). Alderman Howard said they were ‘receiving complaints about the speed of motors driven by young men from Cambridge’, some of them ‘without hats’. Alderman Hurrell moved that a caution sign be erected in Harston near the school ‘without delay’, as there were many complaints of motorists driving at 40 mph there. There had been ‘many prosecutions already’.

1913 May 30 Cambridge Independent Press

Severe thunderstorm, Dr Young found hailstones one-and-a-half inches across, and there was ‘much damage’ in a nearby village.

1913 June 13 Cambridge Independent Press

Speeding fines , main road in Harston, C B Trewhella, student, 18y, fined £3 plus costs for speeding on a motor bike, G W Keen and H N Swann and J H Snowdon, all fined (£2 or £3) for speeding in a car (the latter estimated at 12-15 mph). More speeding fines (£1 or £2) reported on June 20 and 27 and 12 September, 24 October etc. (One car was described, by PC Martin, as doing 30 to 35 mph, despite there being pedestrians, bikes and a hay cart on the road, and raising clouds of dust!)

1913 June 13 Cambridge Independent Press

Quoits match, Harston team, J Burling, A Todd, R Pink, F Cornell, C Chapman, E Whisken, A Jude, O Churchman, J Howe, F Carter, M Creek, L Legrave. Harston beat Shelford.

1913 June 13 Cambridge Independent Press

Clothing Club dinner & music at Three Horseshoes (Haylocks hosting). Thanks expressed to Messrs Bailey &Tebbutt, brewers, to Mr Peachey, secretary, Mr Robinson, (tailor to the club), and The Haylocks.

1913 June 20 Cambridge Independent Press

Military Parade on Parker’s Piece, (Territorial Force, National Reserves, Voluntary Aid Detachments of The Red Cross, etc etc) marched from Castle Hill, the women’s regiments included the 27th Cambridge from Harston, with Miss Smith as assistant commandant.

1913 June 27 Cambridge Independent Press

School building repairs, C J Jude of Harston to carry out repairs & alterations to Harston & Fowlmere council schools, the cost for Harston school being £176.

1913 June 27 Cambridge Independent Press

Baptist anniversary service, tea, sports and games on the cricket field.

1913 July 4, 11, 18 Cambridge Independent Press

Harston & District Liberals Association are organising a ‘demonstration’ at Newton Hall, on July 25, to include sports, dancing, speeches (addresses by Mr E S Montagu MP and Mr Harold Baker MP, financial secretary to The War Office – on ‘The Land Question’, ‘Rural Housing & Wages’, ‘Conscription’, & ‘The Territorials’.)  Sports to include: flat races, ‘slow’ cycle races, blindfold wheelbarrow race, egg-and-spoon, sack races, hurdle race, pensioners race, pillow fight, obstacle race.

1913 July 11 Cambridge Independent Press

Scarlet fever outbreak, 6 cases sent to the isolation hospital.  Brotherhood meeting, £4 raised for the hospital.

1913 August 1 Cambridge Independent Press

Death of Mr JS Wilson of The Laurels, and of Mr Cracknell, formerly of Melbourn House, Harston. Wedding: Mrs Papworth of Harston to Mr MJ Mills.

1913 August 1 Cambridge Independent Press

6 lath & plaster cottages in Green Man Lane were sold to the Victoria Lodge of the Oddfellows for £210. ‘Owing to a shortage of cottages in the village, preference (for rental) will given to members of the Lodge’.

1913 August 8, September 12 Cambridge Independent Press

Lists of Parliamentary Electors, County Electors, Parochial Electors, including Harston (arguments over the precise criteria for being a householder and for eligibility to vote!)

1913 August 29 Cambridge Independent Press

Wanted, a house and orchard, suitable for poultry rearing, apply to ‘Pearl’, Edendale, Harston.

1913 October 10 Cambridge Independent Press

Mr A Jude grew a giant marrow, 24″ long and 30″ in diameter weighing nearly 22 lb.

1913 October 10 Cambridge Independent Press

At a women’s meeting (chaired by Mrs W Burnett), an address was given by Mrs Smith Nutter.

1913 November 21 Cambridge Independent Press

Band of Hope for Harston & Hauxton, annual autumn tea, songs, recitations etc. Miss Una Gill conducted; Miss Watson accompanied. John Jackson was chairman, Mr & Mrs Burnett were superintendant and secretary resp.

1913 November 28 Cambridge Independent Press

Young Peoples Association heard a lecture on ‘Florence and Famous Florentines’.

1913 November 28 Cambridge Independent Press

Court case, tenancy misunderstanding, Mrs Sarah Wallace claimed £3 10s after being given notice to quit by James Speed (defendant); judgement in defendant’s favour.

1913 December 12 Cambridge Independent Press

Deaths: William Edwards, 54 (photographer) and James Taylor, 72.

1913 December 12 Cambridge Independent Press

Share-Out Club supper at THe White Swan; smoking concert.

1914 January 23 Cambridge Independent Press

The vicar, Rev. E C Baldwin (with his wife) is taking on a chaplaincy in the south of France for several weeks; Rev. Wilkinson will act as locum. The ‘Brotherhood’ held their 3rd anniversary tea meeting with music, Mr H Hall & Mrs W Burnett organising, list of performers given.

1914 January 30 Cambridge Independent Press

Funeral of Mr WT Rowley, 77, of Harston Manor. He had, for many years, been Harston’s representative on the Chesyterton Board of Governors. Long list of mourners. His estate was worth more than £19,000, and the Manor passes to his nephew, also WT Rowley.

1914 February 6 Cambridge Independent Press

Liberals held a meeting in the school with Mr C Edwards (Cantelupe Farm) in the chair. A vote of confidence in the Government was carried.

1914 February 13 Cambridge Independent Press

Young Persons’ Christian Association  (YPCA) concert, high attendance (mostly illegible).

1914 February 27 Cambridge Independent Press

Harston’s vicar has now returned from an extended visit to France.  YPCA lecture on subject of Oliver Cromwell.

1914 February 27, March 6 Cambridge Independent Press

Harston & District Liberals’ Association met in Shepreth, with J E Rodwell (Harston) in the chair, Hon E S Montagu MP (Mr Asquith’s government), address.

1914 March 13 Cambridge Independent Press

Court case, PC Martin (Harston) summonsed a man driving a pony cart too fast and out of control, fined 2s 6d plus costs.

1914 April 10 Cambridge Independent Press

Funeral, Mrs Wilson of The Laurels, Harston. Messrs. Rodwell & Sons lost much of their farm equipment in a large fire at Little Chesterford.

1914 April 17 Cambridge Independent Press

YPCA functions, including tea and brass band, 200 attendees. Brotherhood open meeting, address by Rev Frank Chilton with Mr Hurrell in chair, solos by Miss Carey L Barnett accompanied by her husband and the President’s daughter-in-law. Baptist chapel service, organist Mrs Annie Watson.

1914 May 8 Cambridge Independent Press

Mr GE Willers has written to the RDC on behalf of the Parish Council, complaining of the poor condition of Button End road.

1914 May 15 Cambridge Independent Press

Cambs. Baptist Association annual meeting, Harston attendees included Rev. W Burnett, Mrs Burnett, GT Willers, H Wisbey. New hymnal for Harston Baptist church (some other news illegible). Brotherhood meeting in memory of the late Rev. Sylvester Horne, President of the National Federation, Harston members attending included J Roe, J E Radwell, W Burnett. Cornet solo by Mr F A Wood (Whittlesford) with Miss U Gill and Mr F Hall accompanying.

1914 May 29 Cambridge Independent Press

Thunderstorms caused structural damage and ‘affright’.

1914 June 12 Cambridge Independent Press

Harston & Whittlesford United Brotherhood held an open air meeting in Newton, with music (cornet, harmonium, violin).

1914 June 19 Cambridge Independent Press

Motor accident, Dr Young’s chauffeur caused his car to collide with Mr Rodwell’s iron fence, car badly damaged.    Harston Rifle club (J Harding, F Carter, E Haylock, H Martin, R Speed, E Chapman) beat a team from Caxton. Subsequently (see June 26) they also did well against Sawston and Newmarket teams.

1914 July 3 Cambridge Independent Press

Death, aged 34, of Mrs James Northroyd, leaving 4 children aged under 11y. She had lived at The Coach & Horses with Mrs Haylock for several years. Funeral held at Harston.

1914 July 10 Cambridge Independent Press

Release of a Harston man, James Cornwell, labourer, charged with assault (details illegible).

1914 July 31 Cambridge Independent Press

A Harston resident, Miss Sarah E Timbers, 55y, drowned in Hoffer’s Brook – she had been staying with Miss Hays at The Old House, verdict’ found drowned’ but cause of death a mystery.

1914 August 7 Cambridge Independent Press

Brotherhood meeting on The Green, address etc.

1914 August 14 Cambridge Independent Press

‘Preparing for the Wounded’: Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) formed, and has started making stretchers & bedsteads, erecting shelters, field kitchens etc. ‘It is probable that there wsill be a joint hospital for the detachmentsa of Shepreth, Shelford, Foxton, Harston & Trumpington; provision for 75 – 100 patients’.

1914 August 21 Cambridge Independent Press

Scholarship (Count Council Minor Scholarship), awarded to Harold Pearman, 10y, from Harston Council School, for free tuition at the County Boy’s School plus a free railway pass from Harston.

1914 August 21 Cambridge Independent Press

Mrs Loretta Freestone from Cambridge was killed when the horse (of a horse-and-wagonette belonging to a Mr Blane, in which she was travelling) bolted etween Foxton and Harston. The coroner concluded that she fell or jumped out, fell on her head, fractured the base of her skull, and died. It appears the bridle was too loose, and it fell off, startling the horse, which was subsequently caught on the railway bridge near Newton, by a porter. Dr Young attended the victim, and the bus company was commended for assisting.

1914 August 28 Cambridge Independent Press

British Red Cross Society, collection and donations for ‘war work’, £10 16s 7d collected by Mrs A Hurrell.

1914 September 4, 11 Cambridge Independent Press

‘Roll of Honour’, Cambs. recruits for Lord Kitchener’s Second Army, ‘Splendid Response’, including (from Harston), Robert Collins, labourer (20), Frank Carter, bricklayer’s labourer (24), John Henry Wilson, farm labourer (19), Valentine Harry Northrope, mill hand (20), Edward Charles Northrope, farm labourer (21), Eric Wilfred Haylock, carpenter (19, William Starling). William Ives had already left his wife & children, a week ago, to enlist. Mr Hurrell assisted with the recruitment process.

1914 September 18 Cambridge Independent Press

Court case, Peter Thompson recently convicted at the County Police Court of buying a bicycle from a soldier, fined £10.  Brotherhood meeting, Mr Burnett gave an ‘earnest address’ on the war, ‘devotional meeting’, re the men called up & Roll of Honour;  hymn ‘For the Men at the Front’, prayers, collection. (remainder illegible).

1914 September 25 Cambridge Independent Press

‘National Relief Fund’, ggift of £21 from TH Smith & Sons, Harston.  Re: ‘Transit of Troops’, War Office Requirements Improvements to Cambridgeshire Roads: ‘a large slice was taken off the Vicarage garden and a smaller piece from the opposite side of the road (to enable military vehicles to pass).

1914 September 25 Cambridge Independent Press

Arrival of wounded men (around midnight) at Cambridge Station, Harston ladies, members of the Red Cross, (commandant, Miss Smith) plus VAD members, were helping with ambulance duties & refreshments, plus stretcher-bearing, ‘crowds cheering’. Motor ambuances and vans were lent for the purpose. Wounded were taken to First Eastern General Hospital at Shelford, their wounds having been caused by shell fragments & shrapnel, most had been wounded on the Aisne and had returned via Le Havre. Reports of ‘heavy and desperate fighting, German cruelties’.

1914 October 2 Cambridge Independent Press

Parcels of clothes donated to the Red Cross, including from the ‘Harston Working Party’. Roll of Honour included Percy & Claude Beaumont, Harston, being Old Perseans and sons of the late master of the County Schools (they were enrolled into the Grenadier Guards & Queen’s Wesminsters, respectively).

1914 October 9 Cambridge Independent Press

Harston Working Party sent 107 garments to the Cambridge Red Cross depot.

1914 October 16 Cambridge Independent Press

Sudden death of Mrs Stokes, wife of signalman Stokes. Brotherhood meeting, Mr Oxenham’s war hymn sung. Band of Hope, tea, hymns, lantern lecture etc. Thanks to Mrs Burnett, the Misses Watson, Gill & others. Baptists autumn meeting on 23/10.

1914 October 30 Cambridge Independent Press

Recruitment meeting at Harston School, Mr T Smith presiding. Addresses etc by Sir George Fordham, Colonel Howard Marsh, Major CW Stanley, Mr Burden, Commander Sergeant Ranson. Thermes: National Crisis, Rally to the British Flag etc.

1914 November 6 Cambridge Independent Press

Relief Funds Concert, arranged by Mr CC Legge in the schoolroom in aid of the Red Cross in Belgium Relief Funds. £9 was raised. Huge attendance, hall overflowing, many turned away. Flags of the Allies were flying, and National Anthems of Great Britain, France and Russia were played. Accompaniment by Miss Benstead< Miss Smith & Mr Legge.

1914 November 13 Cambridge Independent Press

Special Constables Emergency Committees appointed; ‘military cooperation’, included Clement James Jude, Tom Hays, WT Rowley, TH Smith, of Harston.   Waifs & Strays Society: ‘At Home’, given by Mrs WH Phillips at Harston House  –  ‘War Emergency Fund’  – taking children ‘to help men who had to go to the front, especially reservists’.  (See also , on 4/12, ‘Cambridge Home of Mercy & Church St. Mission, gifts of clothing etc from Harston.)  Pig Club Dinner, hosted by the Haylocks at the 3 Horseshoes pub, songs etc.

1914 November 20 Cambridge Independent Press

Recruitment to the Cambs. Battalion of the Suffolk Regiment, one recruit (William Taylor, farm labourer), from Harston during the past week.

1914 November 27 Cambridge Independent Press

Link?  – between the Harston Oddfellows and The Manchester Units (largely illegible).   Smallholdings Loans (involving Barclays Bank), re 263 acres at Manor Farm, Harston, ca. £7300 (puposes unclear).

1914 December 4 Cambridge Independent Press

Beer prices have increased by 1d/pint, now ca. 3d/pint, ‘new taxes are hitting both the brewers and the retailers’.   Band of Hope, meeting, songs, recitations etc.

1914 December 11 Cambridge Independent Press

‘In Case of Invasion’ – instructions to the civilian population and duties of eligible men, status of the Volunteer Training Corps.

1914 December 18 Cambridge Independent Press

Brotherhood, monthly meeting in the chapel, address by Mr A J Impey, solos by Mr Ernest Dickerson. Harston Clothing Club, supper at The Three Horseshoes, music etc.   ‘The Harston Fountain’ is ‘intended to supply 6 houses with water, but a pump is needed’ –  ‘owners’should supply this’.

1914 December 25 Cambridge Independent Press

‘Victims of the Advance in Belgium’, 150 wounded, mention of the Red Cross & RAMC Detachment no. 24 from Harston, under Miss Smith. 50 stretcher cases arriving from France via Southampton.    Tenancy dispute (Warren, Harston vs., Barker, Haslingfeld), compromise judgement reached)

1915 January 15, 22 Cambridge Independent Press

Brotherhood, New Year Tea provided by Mrs Burnett & staff, meeting presided by J E Rodwell, address, songs, recitation. ‘Help’ for Addenbrookes Hospital.

1915 January 29 Cambridge Independent Press

Death & funeral of Mr John Dilley.

1915 February 5 Cambridge Independent Press

The Small Holdings & Allotments Committee voted £130 for ‘adaptation’ of Harston Manor Farm for use as small holdings ( see 27/11/1914 above).

1915 February 12 Cambridge Independent Press

British Farmers’ Red Cross Fund: Mr A Hurrell donated £2.  Band of Hope: Lantern slide meeting.  YPCA meeting.

1915 March 19 Cambridge Independent Press

Mr T Hays will continue to serve on Chesterton Rural Council.

1915 March 26 Cambridge Independent Press

Band of Hope & YPCA meetings; Brotherhood meeting (military service has ‘thinned the ranks’), Mr J Black gave an address, quoting Kipling.

1915 April 2 Cambridge Independent Press

Funeral at Harston of Mr James William Mills, 71y. Youngest son of James Rodwell is now the pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Genoese, Pennsylvania, USA. Fomerly at Barrow-in-Furness and Cardiff.

1915 April 9 Cambridge Independent Press

Easter Day services at Harston church, well attended. YPCA meeting, whist drive & dance in the schoolroom.Mr Charles Legge presided at the piano; £4 1s was collected for the Red Cross Society. Pte Thomas Collins of the 2nd Beds Regiment has been invalided home, having been wounded in the battles of Ypres and Neuve Chapelle (some embedded shrapnel in his ribcage could not be extracted). He had previously served in the South African war and was awarded the King’s & Queen’s medals with 5 clasps.   A Whist Drive has raised £4 1s for the Harston Red Cross Society.

1915 April 16 Cambridge Independent Press

Cambs. Territorials, recruiting tour, visited Trumpington, Harston & Foxton on May 10. Brotherhood meeting, hymns ‘for soldiers & sailors’.

1915 April 30, May 5 Cambridge Independent Press

Harston flower show cancelled. School re-opened after measles epidemic. Anniversary service at the chapel.

1915 May 14 Cambridge Independent Press

Mr Arthur Hurrell contributed to a dinner and recruiting party. Brotherhood meeting chaired by J E Rodwell, speaker Mr Burnett.  Wedding at Baptist Chapel, of Mr Harold J Impey to Miss Una K Haylock, with her uncle, J K Rodwell, giving her away. Bridesmaids, Miss Grace Impey & Misses Grace & Mabel Rodwell.

1915 May 21 Cambridge Independent Press

Cambs. Band of Hope, speeches at the Baptist chapel, on ‘Temperance & War’. (long list of delegates). Pageant ‘Banishment of The Bottle’.

1915 May 28 Cambridge Independent Press

Boy Scouts’ outing on Whit Monday, tent lent by Mr Hurrell, Messrs. Legge & Lawrence assisting. Open air service on ‘the Fair Green’, Rev. Burnett officiating. ‘The Feast’ was held at The Swan Inn on Whit Monday, the largest yet seen.  (minor accident involving a steam roundabout – the manager of this sustained head and rib injuries when he slipped off, and was attended by Dr Young). The Baptist chapel is being renovated & re-decorated.  Army recruitment: S. Leavans (18y), to the 3rd/1st Cambs Regiment.

1915 June 4 Cambridge Independent Press

‘Miss E M Smith, commandant of the Cambs 24th VAD, thanks all who have contributed to The Red Cross Hospital, Great Shelford, and to those who loaned their cars for transport: T Hay, H W Hurrell, J Rodwell junior, T Smith, J Waldock, and also for gifts of food, papers & walking sticks etc.

1915 June 11 Cambridge Independent Press

Harston has sent 2 more recruits in response to Lord Kitchener’s (latest) appeal, Charlie Willows & Harry Lawrence have joined the Loyal Suffolk Hussars (Yeomanry).  A quoits match was played (Harston vs. Shelford), however the Harston team has been weakened through loss of 5 of its players to military service this year. The Red Cross Hospital thanks Mrs Ashby for eggs, Mrs L Northrop for gooseberries, lettuces, & tinned pineapple, Mrs Rowley for pillow cases, Mr White for jam, Mrs Jude for gingerbread, Mrs Wedd for eggs & cake, Mrs Smith for cakes & jam, Mrs Phillips for a cheque.  The Brotherhood held an open air meeting, cornet players etc. A collection for the National Association for Soldiers Blinded in the War raised 16s 6d.

1915 June 18, 25 etc Cambridge Independent Press

Gifts for the wounded included food, bandages, cigarettes etc. (lists of donors). Baptist Sunday School anniversary, list of activities. Summer festival at Newton, mens’ football, traction engine, sweets, oranges etc.

1915 July 2 Cambridge Independent Press

Harston Scouts involved in funeral parade for the late Master of Downing College, Professor Howard Marsh.

1915 July 16, 23 Cambridge Independent Press

County War Census, ‘what the towns & villages are doing’, Harston, n=34 are serving, out of a male population of 326 (10%), mid-range of villages. Gifts for the wounded (Mrs Ernest Northrop, Mr Archibald Ashby, Mrs Waldock, Mrs Ray, Miss White, Mrs Laurie Northrop, Mrs Smoothy, Mrs W Lawrence, Mrs Smith, Mrs Swann, Mrs Lyon). Brotherhood, annual meeting, £3 12s raised on behalf of Addenbrookes Hospital, brass band concert, tea on the lawn of The  Manse, processuion on The Gren etc. Court case, James Cornell of Harston, convicted of being drunk & disorderly at the Old English Gentleman, fined 5s + costs.

1915 July 30 Cambridge Independent Press

War Loan Campaign, West Cambs open air meeting, urging people to invest, meeting at Harston on Wednesday, addresses by Mr Devereux, Conservative & Mr Kellock, Liberal. More gifts for the wounded. Baptist chapel, memorial service for the fallen; sympathy for the Mead family, mourning the loss of their son at the front. Roll of Honour, 63 men from Harston now serving, including 18 old members of the Basptist Chapel sunday school. Band of Hope, flower show, Mr Atkinson (Mr Hurrell’s gardener) judging. Music, etc.

1915 August 6 Cambridge Independent Press

Freddy Wing is home on 10d leave from HMS Vengeance, from action in the Dardanelles)-  ‘one of our youngest sailors’. Wedding, Miss Rhoda Ison of Harston to Mr Alfred Twin of Chesterton.

1915 August 13 Cambridge Independent Press

Marjorie Harding of Harston has won a minor scholarship to the Girls’ County School.

1915 August 20 Cambridge Independent Press

Cambs villages & the war, Roll of Honour, for Harston, 45 are serving, 68 of military age are not serving (ca. average for the region)(note that these numbers are different from those published on July 30 – why?) . More gifts for the wounded.  A Garden Fete was organised in the grounds of Harston Manor by Mr Sadler, the schoolmaster, in aid of Shelford Auxiliary Hospital. Tea was provided by Miss Cecily Smith, Commandant of Harston VAD. Some of the wounded (from the Shelford Hospital) were present, and appropriate sports were held, including egg-and-spoon race, bobble skirt race, pillow fights, etc; also a ‘hat trimming competition’ which ’caused much amusement’. Shies, at ‘Kaiser Bill’, Little Willie’ and ‘The Terible Turk’; also ‘guessing the weight of the cake’ and ‘the name of the doll’. Concert, dancing in  the illuminated grounds, National Anthem, vote of thanks to Mr Rowley, event finished at 8.45 pm. £16. 4s 2d collected for the Hospital, see 10/9/2015.

1915 September 3 Cambridge Independent Press

Motor accident in Harston (near where Mr Marlowe was killed recently). At Cambs Division Police Court, G W T Tolman was summonsed for dangerous driving, since he entered a bend at high speed, and the vehicle turned over on the grass on the wrong side of the road. One person (of 3 in the car) was badly injured. Mr Rowley of Harston Manor was a witness, Dr Young gave medical assistance. Driver fined £5.     Julius Hull of Harston won a Triggs Scholarship Exhibition to the Boys County School, which included £4 towards maintenance.

1915 September 10 Cambridge Independent Press

William Legge of Harston won a Haslingfield’s Scholarship to the Boys County School. Harston schoolmaster Mr W H Sadler collected £16 4s 3d at a Garden Fete, in aid of Shelford Auxiliary Hospital.

1915 September 17 Cambridge Independent Press

Brotherhood meeting with address, music, etc, including a cornet duet; howevers numbers attending were reduced by war service.

1915 September 24 Cambridge Independent Press

Harvest supper at The Coach & Horses, music etc. On 1 October, a report of the chapel’s harvest festival service, with gifts collected for the Red Cross hospital.

1915 October 1, 15 Cambridge Independent Press

Band of Hope Clothing Club at the Three Horse Shoes. Gifts for the Wounded and for the Red Cross Hospital.   Wedding: Mr Arthur Wisbey, son of Mr & Mrs J Wisbey of Fountain Farm, to Miss Nora Haylock of The 3 Horse Shoes, the service conducted by Rev Burnett.

1915 November 19, 26, December 12, 17 Cambridge Independent Press

More gifts for the wounded. YPCA meeting and entertainment.

1915 December 3 Cambridge Independent Press

A concert given by wounded soldiers from Shelford raised £4 13s for Red Cross hospital funds. Gifts for Prisoners of War in Germany, hampers given, and £5 collected (houseto-house) and forwarded to the Prisoners-or-War Committee in Cambridge.

1915 December 24 Cambridge Independent Press

Brtotherhood meeting, address, songs etc. Chapel, the Sunday scholars peformed, and there were solos by Una Gill, Mabel Rodwell, recitations etc.

1916 January 7 Cambridge Independent Press

Publican-owner of a dog found straying ion the highway, fined 5s, and Jonah Northrop fined 5s for using bad language outside the Coach & Horses.

1916 January 14 Cambridge Independent Press

Harston & District Brotherhood meetings on January 5 and 9; tea in chapel schoolroom, songs, recitations, address, choruses by Sunday school pupils and and Band of Hope boys with Mabel Rodwell at the piano. Collection for the Hospital, the Blind Soldiers and the Soldiers Christmas Pudding funds.

1916 January 28 Cambridge Independent Press

The Pig Club held its annual dinner at the Three Horse Shoes, songs sung by Kidman, Warren, Lunt, Northrop & others. Hosted by The Haylocks.

1916 February 11 Cambridge Independent Press

Gunner E. Racker of the 35th Battery Royal Garrison Artillery is home on leave, having been at the front since August 1914. Mr Reginald Northrop has joined up as of last Wednesday.

1916 February 18 Cambridge Independent Press

Picture of Pte Edward Northrop who was killed in action whilst charging German trenches in October 1915.

1916 February 25 Cambridge Independent Press

Application for (call-up) exemption on behalf of Mr TA Smith, 33, flour mill manager at Harston, ‘certified occupation’, ‘intricate machinery’, exemption granted. Wedding:  Miss Nancy Ashby of Harston to W Barron, Veterinary surgeon, Manchester. Brotherhood, Band of Hope and Women’s meetings and Clothing (VAD) and Coal Clubs.

1916 March 3 Cambridge Independent Press

Peter Thompson & Frank Wisbey have joined up; ?? Seagrave and Philip Thompson are to attend the Recruiting Office in Cambridge on 8/3 to be enlisted.

1916 March 17 Cambridge Independent Press

Brotherhood meeting, ‘men are still responding to the military call’, songs including ‘When our boys come home’ were sung. Jonathan Wisbey has applied for, and been given 3 months exemption for his son, Harry, horsekeeper & stockman of a 40 acre farm. 6 of his sons are ‘attested’ and one has been called up. Mr William Pearmain was refused exemption for William Mitham, 19y, bread baker, ‘his only assistant on whom he is dependent’. Likewise (24/3) exemption was denied to Arthur Pluck, who is working 175 acres of land in Harston.

1916 April 28 Cambridge Independent Press

Egg collection (n534 in Harston) for Addenbrookes. ‘Cigarette Club’  – cigarettes for local men on active service. Chapel: anniversary service and Brotherhood meeting.

1916 May 5 Cambridge Independent Press

Memorial service by the pastor, Rev W Burnett, for Ptes C E Laman and Edward Northrop of Harston, both fatally wounded at the front. Sympathy was expressed to the bereaved families. Also, a memorial service was held for the late Rev Akehurst who was the first Harston pastor when the chapel was built. Mr Valentine Northrop, after 4 months in hospital, now has a few days leave in Harston before returning to his regiment, he now ‘looks fairly fit’. Mr William Ines, a machine-gunner who has earned his stripes, is home on leave. Pte Jack Collins and Johnny Wilson, previously reported as killed, were, by 25 August, now known to be prisoners-of-war in Germany. Picture of Corporal VH Northrop, one of the frst to enlist from Harston, badly wounded in the arm at Hullock, now hospitalised in Doncaster.

1916 May 19 Cambridge Independent Press

Pte Frank Carter, home on leave, was saved from serious injury by his steel helmet.

1916 May 26 Cambridge Independent Press

Exemptions refused:  William A Jude, horseman on a 400 acre farm, appealed by his employer, Mr T Smith, and Joseph Jacklin (employed by Mr Howell), with many horses to look after.

1916 June 9 Cambridge Independent Press

Report headed ‘The Great Battle off Jutland Coast; German Fleet Crippled; Beatty Glorious Fight Against Fearful Odds; Mr Balfour At The Victory’: the following from Harston are ‘missing, believed drowned’ from the sinking of The Queen Mary: George Arther, Gordon Seaman (gunner), Edward Cook (only 18 men were saved from that ship’s loss).

1916 June 16 Cambridge Independent Press

Teachers and scholars from Harston School have given wedding presents to Miss Mildred Ada Barkway, a teacher there for 4 years. Her new husband, Sergeant-Major HW Court was badly wounded on active service and is being treated at the Shelford hospital.  Another wedding, at the Baptist chapel, Mr Richard Whisken to Miss Alice Whisken (service by Rev Burnett and Mr Potter, the former minister).  Home on leave: Pte Herbet Starr.  Funeral: Mr Ives (of his 3 sons, one is wounded & recovering oin France, the other 2 serving as soldier and sailor resp.)  Exemption refused: Mr RL Harradine, master builder.  Brotherhood, open air meeting. ‘On the eve of the traditional Harston Feast, perhaps at no time have the effects of the war been more plainly seen’.

1916 July 7 Cambridge Independent Press

Clothing Club meeting at THe Coach & Horses (hosted by Mr A Lant). (Their tailor is Mr Robinson of Melbourn – vote of thanks to him).

1916 July 28 Cambridge Independent Press

Lance-corporal John Burling of the Cambs Regiment was shot and killed on  17/7; a letter written by his platoon officer to his wife is printed here. He had been employed by Mr Thomas Smith at Harston Mill, and had livec in Harston all his life.

1916 August 25 Cambridge Independent Press

Corporal Percy Northrop, Suffoilk Regiment, was killed in action at Gommecourt on 1 July, a picture of him was published on 6/10. P.A Lee, R.E., son of Mr & Mrs Thomas Lee, was awarded the military medal for gallant devotion to duty.  However, contrary to previous reports, Pte JackCollins and Pte Johnny Wilson have not been killed, but captured as prisoners-of-war. Exemption granted to Ernest Whisken, horse-keeper, responsible for 6 horses. Womens meeting summer outing to Royston Heath, 42 attended.

1916 October 6  Cambridge Independent Press

Exemption granted (2 months) to Mr George Wright, 27, in charge of the horses on 97 acres land.

1916 October 13 Cambridge Independent Press

Harston residents were fined for breaching (house) lighting regulations, Mrs Agneta Holben’s lights ‘could be seen a half mile away’ (PC Martin), 10s fine. Mr Arthur Lant of THe Coach & Horses ‘was abusive’, fined £1. Mr Walter Marsh, farm foreman, fined 2s 6d. Mr Herbert Peters, horsekeeper, fined. Zeppelin raids ‘expected’.

1916 October 27 Cambridge Independent Press

Collection, door-to-door for Red Cross funds, £15, which was a record for a door-to-door collection. Military exemption applications, H. Hammond, 32y, hay- and straw-trusser, of The Old English Gentleman, on the grounds that he was supporting hi blind father and epileptic sister, 4 mo. exemption granted. J Impey, 24y, flour packer, assisting in the working of a flour mill, 2 mo. exemption granted.

1916 November 3 Cambridge Independent Press

Exemption until 31/3/17: Harold  Wisbey, 34, horsekeeper & stockman. 130 eggs collected re National Egg Collection. Brotherhood meeting, special collection for ‘Soldiers’ Christmas Puddings Fund’, 25s collected.

1916 November 10 Cambridge Independent Press

Absolute exemption on medical grounds: TV Lawrence (29).

1916 December 15 Cambridge Independent Press

Brotherhood meeting. Band of Hope, chapel schoolroom, recitations, songs, piano pieces.

1916 December 22 Cambridge Independent Press

British Farmers, gift to Red Cross Fund .

1917 January 5 Cambridge Independent Press

Christmas services etc., held in the chapel. Gifts to Soldiers, Mrs Burnett’s Women’s meeting & Band of Hope, prepared a parcel of woollen clothing, 210 candles, 60 cakes of soap, forwarded to the men in the trenches via chaplains in France.

1917 January 10 Cambridge Daily News

Exemption granted to Arthur Wisbey (25) to cart wheat, flour, coal etc to and from the railway station and the Mill.

1917 January 12, 19 Cambridge Independent Press

Advert, General help wanted for a family of 4, apply Mrs Gee.  Convicted of poaching: Arthur F Bush, taxi-cab proprietor & small holder, fined £2. Exemption granted to MG Wright, horsekeeper & stockman ‘until a substitute can be found’; conditional exemption for George T Willers, wheelwright & carpenter, ploughman & horsekeeper on 9 acres of land. Also (ditto) for J Day (19), horsekeeper, for 7 horses, applied by Mr Rodwell.

1917 January 26 Cambridge Independent Press

Death of Harriet Chamberlain, formerly of Harston.

1917 February 2 Cambridge Independent Press

Annual ‘Pig Club’ dinner at the Three Horse Shoes, Mr J Rodwell, secretary, who is moving to Shelford, will remain in post. Songs by Messrs. January, Bounds, Warren, Northrop.

1917 February 5 Cambridge Daily News

For sale, Metzler (piano roll) piano with 40 rolls, apply  Spencer, Harston.

1917 February 10, March 27,  June 5 Cambridge Daily News

Temporary exemptions granted to: Harold J Impey, flour packer, Fred C Wisbey, granary hand, AJ Pearman, baker, Bertie  Northrop, bricklayer, Frank Henry Hall, carpenter (but not to C Chapman, asistant baker for Mr Baldock).

1917 February 23 Cambridge Daily News

For sale, Rhode Island Red fertile hens, apply C Powell, Harston. (From here onwards, the small ads in the Cambridge Daily News have been ignored as they are very numerous and seldom very revealing!)

1917 February 23 Cambridge independent Press

Sergeant Claude Leopold Beaumont of the Queen’s Westminster Rifles was killed at Gommecourt on 1 July, leaving a widow & 2 children. Pte Edgar Beaumont is now serving with the Salonica force, and Oswald Percy Beaumont, after 2 years in the Grenadier Guards and 4 months with the Officers Cadet Corps is now a Lieutenant with the Middlesex Regiment ‘somewhere in France’. Their father is now ‘dangerously ill’

1917 March 23 Cambridge independent Press

Death of Mr Thomas Peachey, 62, interred at the Baptist Chapel cemetary.

1917 March 30 Cambridge independent Press

Baptist chapel missionary service. Death & funeral of Reuben Davis Seagrave, youngest son of Mr & Mrs Davis Seagrave of Button End. Mourners included Mr L Seagrave (brother), Miss E Seagrave (aunt), Mrs E Chapman, Mrs E Swann, Mrs G Warden & Mrs W Froder (sisters) and many others, listed. Funeral of Mr Thomas Peachey (arranged by F. Willers, undertaker). Band of Hope, lantern slide meeting (Mr & Mrs Burnett), more than 100 attended. Baptist chapel missionary service.

1917 April 6 Cambridge Independent Press

To let, furnished house, 2 bedrooms, dining & drawing rooms, kitchen, garden, rent £30, apply, Harrodine.

1917 April 13 Cambridge Independent Press

Clothing club annual dinner, Three Horse Shoes, songs by Ward, Northrop etc. Birth of a daughter to Mr & Mrs Harold B Hart in Royston; Mrs Hart is from  Harston.

1917 April 27 Cambridge Independent Press

Exemptions granted to Harry Wisbey, stockman & Frederick Charles Wisbey, granary hand (until substitutes can be found), but not to Arthur Wisbey or Claude Chapman. During July, exemptions wre also granted to Maurice James Ilsley, night operator at Harston telephone exchange and Lionel Edward January, 36, butcher. However, an exemption certificate granted to John Herbet Waldock, miller, was withdrawn.

1917 May 8, 9 Cambridge Daily News

Accommodation Land auction at Lion Hotel by Nash & Son & Rowley, auctioneers, instructed by Rev Canon Baldwin. 3 lots of freehold land, arable, meadow, garden allotments i n Button End, 103 acres, 3 roods, 18 poles, occupied by T Hays, J Wisbey, H W Jude et al., at rents totalling £110 10s pa.

1917 May 11 Cambridge Independent Press

Chapel, anniversary services,tea etc.

1917 May 18 Cambridge Independent Press, May 17, Cambridge Daily News.

Pte W Taylor, Suffolk Regiment, killed in action on April 28 after serving for 16 months. He is the 5th man froim Harston to be killed; sympathy expressed to his parents, living in Button End.  Lieutenant OP Beaumont has been seriously wounded and is in hospital in Rouen.  Mr Charles Hymans, optician, from Cambridge, was fined £5 for dangerous driving. He collided with a buggy near Rowley’s farm on the Foxton-Harston road, knocking the bottom out, so that the occupants fell out of its back and the horse was injured. He ‘did not see the rear light’ (which was alight); the car had run onto the grass for 28 feet before it struck the buggy. Mr Jude was a witness.

1917 May 25 Cambridge Independent Press

Brotherhood meeting, 24s collectedd for Dr Stephenson’s Homes & Spurgeon’s Orphanage.   Sale of Harston ‘Accomodation land’ (Nash, Son & Rowley), 2 pieces, just over 87 acres sold for £1545, Another piece withdrawn.

1917 June 8 Cambridge Independent Press

Exemption granted until 1/9 to Frank H Hall, builder & carpenter. Memorial service for Pte William Taylor, 21, at the chapel. Killed in action in France, he had been a Sunday school scholar & member of the Brotherhood.

1917 June 15 Cambridge Independent Press, June 15, Cambridge Daily News.

Exemption for 6 months, Havelock Hammond, 33, haycutter, of the Old English Gentleman, on hardship grounds.

1917 June 22 Cambridge Independent Press, June 20  Cambridge Daily News

Battery-Sgt-Major Percy Tom Smith, 39y, of the RFA was killed on 5 June by a shell that fell at the door of his tent (his sister, Mrs Sadler, had the news from the regiment’s Major). He had enlisted in 1899 and had gone to France with the first Expeditionary Force in August 1914, being then involved in the battles of Mons, the Marne, Ypres etc. He is buried in a British cemetery behind the firing line.    A Harston schoolboy was convicted of stealing 5s 6d from a Harston widow, described as ‘very unruly, also stole from orchards’, father bound over with £5 surety.   Death & funeral: Mrs Elizabeth Owen Jude, 73y.  Baptists Sunday School anniversary service.

1917 June 29 Cambridge Independent Press, June 23 Cambridge Daily News

Funeral of Lieutenant-Colonel H W Hurrell at Shelford church, attended by several Harston families, including Mr & Mrs A Hurrell (his brother & sister in law), Rev Baldwin, etc (lengthy article followed).  Exemption application adjouned pending medical exam: John H Waldock (29), miller, corn & seed merchant.

1917 July 6 Cambridge Independent Press

Advert for ‘Xtra-Vim Poultry Powder’, a ‘vitalising & egg-producing food adjunct’, 6d/carton, sufficient for 20 hens for 14 days, obtainable from A J Gawthorp, grocer, Harston.

1917 July 10 Cambridge Daily News

Withdrawal of exemption certificate from John Herbert  Waldock, 39 y, miller & seed merchant.

1917 July 13 Cambridge Independent Press

Picture of Lance-Corporal Laban Thoday, of the South African Infantry, killed in action on 15/7.

1917 July 27 Cambridge Independent Press

Brotherhood annual meeting and collection (£4 13s 6d) on behalf of Addenbrookes Hospital. Mr Burnett presiding, address, songs (Misses Rodwell & Una Gill) etc.

1917 August 31 Cambridge Independent Press

Furniture for sale, Harvey Edendale House, Harston, comprising a Mahogany Sheraton Inlaid Bedroom Suite, a Dining Room Suite, a china cabinet which cost over £50, sheets, galvanised roofing, hurdles, wire netting, felt, chicken house etc.

1917 September 14 Cambridge Independent Press

Sugar distribution to fruit growers (for jam making?), Mrs TH Smith, Miss Clarke & others. Home on leave, Elliott Chapman, Arthur Lee, Claude Chapman, Charles Warren, Leonard Northrop. Leonard Wisbey of Fountain Farm has been slightkly wounded.

1917 September 28 Cambridge Independent Press, September 24 Cambridge Daily News

Court case: Thomas Churchman, charged with stealing 3 cwt of coal, value 5s 3d from his employer, George Jackson, coal merchant of Harston. PC Henry Martin of Harston was a witness (long transcript), fined 40s.

1917 September 28, October 5 Cambridge Independent Press, September 27, October 3 Cambridge Daily News

Sale of ‘surplus furniture & outdoor effects’ at the Pemberton Arms (Auctioneer, R W Bell) for Mr A Ashley who is leaving. Comprises, Rubber-tyred trap, governess car, spring cart, pony & harness, barrel churn, hurdles, wood, galvanised iron tank, pails, scraper, double-barrel gun, wire netting, hen coops & runs, stools, carpenter’s bench & drawers, panel screen, oil stove, shears, folding steps, paint cans, stable ladders, reins, cart rug, table, gilt looking-glass, weights & scales, mangle, books, washstand, bedstead, wire-spring mattress & bolster, bamboo table, flock bed, carpet, night stool, coal shoot, chairs, warming pan, marble-top wash-stand, lamp & oil stove, fender, pots, glasses, decanters, pictures, ornaments.

1917 October 5 Cambridge Independent Press

War Savings:  Harston Mill, £39 19s 6d. school, £2 9s 10d

1917 October 8 Cambridge Daily News

Dorothy Bliss of Harston has illustrated a book on the VAD called ‘In Blue and Grey’ by Lorna Cobbold; profits to the Red Cross.

1917 October 19 Cambridge Independent Press

January Lionel, Harston butcher, fined 15s for failing to exhibit a list of his meat prices, and for failing to close his shop at 8 pm on 5/10. Licence transfer, for The Pemberton Arms, Alfred Ashby to Charles G Webb.

1917 October 26 Cambridge Independent Press

C Thompson of Harston announces that he has given up his business as a carrier.  Band of Hope, annual Tea and meeting in the Baptist schoolroom, lantern slides, 120 attended.  Wedding: Miss Lucy Eveline Haylock to Pte Frank Ashby who is about to return to the front.    Exemption denied to Arthur Robert Lawrence, 18, assistant to Mr Pask, grocer & pork butcher.

1917 November 1 Cambridge Daily News

Property for sale in Harston, 33 Mill Road, dwelling house, price £1,200 or to let £50 pa.. (Grain & Sons, auctioneers)

1917 November 2 Cambridge Independent Press

Colin Rae, youngest son of James Rae of Harston was killed in action in France.

1917 November 9 Cambridge Independent Press

Car accident at Hauxton, man of 60 ‘died of shock’, Arthur Lant of the Coach & Horses and Ernest Wisken, horsekeeper, were witnesses.

1917 November 16 Cambridge Independent Press, November 12 Cambridge Daily News.

Fines imposed for corn gleanings, price offences: William Lawrence, William Haylock.  ‘Lost in Harston’: a lady’s gold brooch, gold bracelet, gold watch with precious stones, £5 reward for return.

1917 November 23 Cambridge Independent Press

6 months exemption: CMJ Ilsley of Harston Post Office, passed C3, secretary of 3 approved lodges.

1917 November 30 Cambridge Independent Press

Jumble sale to buy Christmas presents for the soldiers & sailors of the village, £45 (including some subscriptions) was raised.  Chapel  – missionary services.

1917 December 7 Cambridge Independent Press

Picture of Corporal Colin Rae of the Sussex regiment, son of Mr James Rae, killed on 26/9.  Band of Hope, now 7 yrs old, 120 members – entertainment.

1917 December 21 Cambridge Independent Press

3 months exemption for George T Willers (36), wheelwright & carpenter, and for Bertie Northrop, 34, bricklayer, whose wife ‘is an invalid’. Made conditional on his being ‘at the disposal of the War Agricultural Committee’.

1918 January 11 Cambridge Independent Press

3 months exemption for Mr H Hammond (33), hay trusser, who has 2 incapable dependents (father & sister), and is living at the Old English Gentleman where his wife is the manager.

1918 January 18 Cambridge Independent Press

Horse for sale, apply Seagrove (? Seagrave), Button End, Harston.

1918 January 25 Cambridge Independent Press

Heavy snowfall, the Haslingfield Road bridge over the River Rhee became impassable.  On  leave from the front, Cadets W Sadler, V Northrop, Corporal Eric Haylock, Ptes P J Newling, F Collins, W Starling, Len Wisbey (who has just recovered from his wounds, and was married in Harston church). Arthur Northrop, just turned 18, has joined the RNAS.

1918 February 1 Cambridge Independent Press

Harston church collection for the Red Cross: £8 2s 1d.   Brotherhood & Band of Hope meetings.

1918 February 5 Cambridge Daily News

Exemption granted to Bertie Northrop until 1/6.

1918 February 9 Cambridge Daily News

For sale, by Robert W Bell, auctioneer,on 14/2/1917, for Mr Fred Willers, owing to his son, G T Willers having to join the Colours,  (and being of interest to carpenters, undertakers, small-holders), 3 carpenters’benches, planks, coffin boards, mouldings, undertakers’ stools, posts, doors, axes, nuts, bolts, screws, wheelwright’s iron work, saws, steps, Reynold’s Morticing Machine, circular saw bench, paint mill, wheelbarrow, tar, sash weights, coffin palls, sectional workshop (18 x 9 ft), trees (ash, elm, spruce), wood & corrugated iron sheds, Capital Tumbrel & copes & ladders, builder’s spring cart, timber gill,4-wheel trolley, rustic pony trap on rubber tyres, water cart on iron wheels, brown cob (14 hands), ladders, stack-cloths, ladder poles, sack barrow, hand seed drill, iron ploughs, harrows, horse hoe, Avery’s platform weighing machine, horse roll, harness, chain trace, haulage chains, root pulper, corn sacks, chaff bags, anvil, iron tyres, stable utensils etc. (but see notice posted by G T Willers on January 3, 1919).

1918 February 15 Cambridge Independent Press

Prisoners-of-war fund collection, £21 18s 4d.   Whist Drive.

1918 February 22 Cambridge Independent Press

Sgt. C Willers is on leave from France, he has seen hard service, and looks thin; his brother, Sgt GE Willers is currently serving in France. Cpl. Eric Haylock has returned badly wounded. Others on leave include F Lawrance SBA, Pte E Chapman, F Northrop, W Gatward, F Coillins, J Ashby. Pte Claude Chapman is also expected to come home, as his father is very ill, and his brother, Pte Elliott Chapman is already back from Italy. Pte W Starling, who recently lost his father, is also expected home.

1918 March 1 Cambridge Independent Press

Brotherhood meeting, JE Rodwell presiding, Band of Hope meeting, Mr Moore played flute solos etc. Membership up by 10 to 50.

1918 March 15 Cambridge Independent Press

In Memoriam, Reuben Davis Seagrave of Harston who has died aged 17 y 6 mo (a sad poem follows).

1918 March 29 Cambridge Independent Press

Funeral at Harston of James Chapman, for many years foreman at Smith’s Flour Mill. Service taken by Rev. Colbrooke (Newton) in the vicar’s absence. List of mourners included 10 members of the Chapman family. Funeral arrangements by Messrs. Wisbey & Son of Haslingfield.

1918 April 5 Cambridge Independent Press, April 4 Cambridge Daily News

Auction by R W Bell, auctioneers, of furniture from Harston, a wide variety of household items including oil paintings (a pair by C. Broome) in about 200 lots.

1918 May 3 Cambridge Independent Press

Death of Sarah, wife of John Wallman, aged 79 y.

1918 May 5, 17 Cambridge Independent Press

For Sale, good stud goat and honey extractor, apply H Wilson, Heydon Cottage, Harston.

1918 May 14 Cambridge Daily News

Housemaid wanted, apply Mrs Smith, Mill House, Harston.

1918 May 17 Cambridge Independent Press

Letter, corn crakes were heard on the Harston-Foxton road for the first time in years.  Baptist chapel anniversary service.

1918 May 24 Cambridge Independent Press

Temporary exemption (Grade 3, for 6 mo) from call-up, E M J Ilsey (20 y), secretary to a friendly society (Chesterton Tribunal).

1918 May 27 Cambridge Independent Press

For sale, 2 nanny kids, 8 wks old, 15s each, apply Germiston, Harston.

1918 May 24, 31, June 3, 4 7, Cambridge Daily News,  Cambridge Independent Press

For sale by Carter Jonas & Sons, auctioneers, 3 lots in Harston. Lot 1, an old-fashioned residence fronting the High Street with gardens in front, including numerous farm buildings and a large orchard, previously occupied by the late Mrs Wallman, 3 acres, 3 roods, 0 perches. Lot 2, two houses with gardens and orchards in fruit front and back, yard, buildings – adjacent to lot 1, let to Mrs Stoney & R J Sheldrick at rents totalling £25 pa, 2 roods 27 perches. Lot 3, arable field on the summit of Newton Hill, let to Thomas Hayes, ca. 3 acres.

1918 May 31 Cambridge Independent Press

Brotherhood & Sisterhood meetings.

1918 June 14 Cambridge Independent Press, June 13 Cambridge Daily News

Military Cross awarded to Captain WL Smith Worcester Regiment. He is the youngest son of Mr & Mrs T Smith, and went to France in Ocrtober 1914, he was wounded, and is missing since April 15.

1918 June 21 Cambridge Independent Press

For sale, honey, beeswax, apply The Apiary, ‘Camwell’, Harston.

1918 June 28 Cambridge Independent Press

Sgt GE Willers, of the Suffolk Regiment Rifle Brigade, sustained a foot injury and is now in hospital in France.

1918 July 12 Cambridge Independent Press

A collection by schoolchildren for the VAD hospital (sale of vegetables etc) raised £4 10s 8d, and a house-to-house collection raised £4 12s 6d.

1918 July 15, 16, 19 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Daily News

Mr H W Andreae, Harston, elected to Poultry Committee (Rations for Poultry, scheme).

1918 July 19, August 9 Cambridge Independent Press

Garden Fete in the grounds of The Manor House (Mr W T Rowley) in aid of the Red Cross Working Party Fund. Stalls of plain & fancy work, provisions, fruit, vegetables. Fish Pond & White Elephant Stall. Shakespearian recitations by Canon Baldwin, 2 concerts, Hoop-la, Bowls & other amsements. Decorated bicycles & perambulators. Mrs Wingate, vice-president of the No. 1 dfivision of the Red Cross Society will open it at 3 pm on July 25. Entry, 6d adults, 3d children, tea 3d.  Outcome report published on August 8, Mrs T Smith was responsible for organisation and the following (from Harston) participated, Mrs Burnett, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Legge, Mrs Dilley, Mrs Hays, Mr & Mrs Hutchinson, thr Missses Watson, Gill & Smith, Mrs Mansfield, Mrs Points, Mtrs Chapman, Mrs & Miss Young, Mrs Thoday, Miss Levett, Mrs Phillips, Miss Clark, Mrs Horn, Miss Holben, Mrs Rowley, Mrs Newling, Mrs & Miss Hurrell, Mrs Gee, Mr Guest. The concerts were arranged by Miss C Smith in a large marquee. Miss Peggy Gee, dressed as a fairy, danced on the lawn to music from her father’s gramophone. The 1st bicycle prize was awarded to Miss Gee and the perambulator prize (single entry) to Miss Hilda Greenwood. Over £130 was realised.

1918 August 8 Cambridge Independent Press

The Reverend William Burnett is retiring due to ill health. He has ministered around the country for more than 41 years and has been at Harston since 1910. He is known for his enthusiasm foir the Band of Hope & temperance movements.

1918 August 9 Cambridge Daily News

Wanted, general servant at Beech Farm, apply Mrs E Gee.

1918 August 12, 15, 16 Cambridge Daily News

Sale by A T Grain & Sons, auctioneers, for the executors of Mrs Wallman, household furniture, ladder, garden ‘roll'(er), iron garden seat, hen coops etc.

1918 August 16 Cambridge Independent Press

Cambridge & District Food Culture Society meeting at the School of Agriculture, Messrs Andreae (Harston) attended. To Let, part of a 10-room house, 5 min walk from Harston station, apply Stockbridge. Brotherhood meeting in aid of Addenbrookes, £3 13s collected.   Estate of Sarah Wallman, notice for claims and debts, and advertisement for sale of her furniture & outdoor effects (AT Grain & Sons).   Demonstration of a new plough + tractor attachment in Mr Rodwell’s field.  Wanted, cook & parlour maid at Baggot Hall for Mrs Hays.

1918 September 6, 13 Cambridge Independent Press

Killed in action on August 24, William Harold Sadler of Harston, 2nd Lieutenant, London Regiment, ‘The Queen’s’. the youngest son of W C Sadler, ‘while leading his platoon in a successful attack’. He had been a schoolmaster at Harston School from April 1912, joining the Royal Naval Division in October 1916, gaining a commission in June 1917, then trained as an officer with the 5th O.C.B. at St John’s College, after which he joined The Queen’s Regiment. Mrs Sadler is unable to answer every letter of condolence, and begs to thank all those who have expressed their sympathy.

1918 September 13, 20 Cambridge Independent Press, September 18, Cambridge Daily News

Wanted, cook-general at Harston Manor, apply W T Rowley. British Friesian cattle for sale at Beech Farm, by Mr E. Gee (John Thornton & Co, auctioneers). Death announced of Rev. William Burnett, Baptist Minister, Harston. He had been a pastor for more than 44 years, and ca. 1200 young people have been mentored by him. He regularly took services also at Fubourn Hospital and Chesterton Workhouse. See 18/10 and 22/11 for details of his funeral and memorial service.

1918 September 20, 27 Cambridge Independent Press

For sale, pure-bred Friesian cattle at Beech farm, John Thornton & Co., owner E Gee Esq. Originated from heifers from Mr W P Cowell & Mr A S Bowlby, they are good milkers & breeders, 2 of them being ‘thousand-gallon’ cows.

1918 September 24 Cambridge Daily News

To Let, furnished bedroom, sitting room & use of kitchen, apply Mrs Harradine, Summerdale.

1918 September 27 Cambridge Daily News

Harvest festival service with sermon by the Rector, Rev W. Ellison; collection for Addenbrookes raised more than £3. Pte CT Rayner, who is home on leave, played the organ.

1918 September 27, 1919 April 18 Cambridge Independent Press

Wanted, parlour-maid and plain cook for Baggott Hall, apply Mrs Hays.

1918 October 25 Cambridge Daily News

Flu epidemic (? presumably this is what later became known as ‘Spanish Flu’, and was responsible for a huge death toll worldwide?).  Harston school now closed along with many others. More than 1000 children are ill in Harston and the surrounding area. It is affecting the whole country and is spreading across Europe, and it is particularly virulent in Cambridge and Cambs. There have been several deaths already in Cambridge. The advice given is to stay in bed for 3-4 days after symptoms appear. On 8/11 it was reported that Captain RG Jude had died of the flu in Glasgow; his body was brought to Harston for burial, Rev. Baldwin officiating at the funeral.

1918 December 6 Cambridge Independent Press

C Laman, a railway porter, fined 5s amd ordered to pay 15s damages for damaging a wall, the proiperty of A Hurrell.

1918 December 3, 6, 13 Cambridge Daily News, Cambridge Independent Press

Prisoners-of-war repatriated, Pte H W Docwra, Buffs, Pte T W Stocker, Mdx, Pte S Human, E. Surreys, Pte J Wilson, Pte R Northrop, 12th Suffolks.

1918 December 13, 20 Cambridge Independent Press

Marriage at Harston, Lieutenant E A Dix, second son of Mr & Mrs G Dix of Melbourne, Australia, to Constance M Sanderson, youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs W Sanderson of The Laurels, Harston.

1918 December 27 Cambridge Independent Press

Funeral, Sarah Ann Jude, 73 y. Mourners included Mr W G Jude (nephew), and Mrs Chapman & Mrs Jackson (nieces). Pte A Jude (son) was on active service and could not attend. Mr Wisbey, Haslingfield, acted as the undertaker.

1919 January 3, 17, 31 etc Cambridge Independent Press

George T Willers, now released from the army, wishes to give notice that he intends to carry on his father’s business as carpenter, wheelwright & undertaker at the High street, Harston, and is hoping for future orders. (See notice posted by his father on February 9, 1918).

1919 January 17 Cambridge Independent Press

Address by the Cambridge branch of the National Council for combating venereal diseases, ‘Public Health & Morals: Teachers and Sex Education of Children’, Dr Young attended.

1919 January 10 Cambridge Independent Press

Whist drive at the school, 80-90 attended and £6 10s 8d was collected for the District Nursing Association.

1919 January 17 Cambridge Independent Press

For Sale, 100-egg incubator, ‘Chicken Foster-mother’, Gloucester make, as new, apply Thoday or Harry Wilson, Harston. Also, a ‘good stud goat’.

1919 February 2 Cambridge Independent Press

Mr W Ives, who has opened a hairdressing business at The Pemberton Arms, will receive orders for ‘The Press & News’.

1919 February 7, 21 Cambridge Independent Press

Comrades of the Great War, inaugural and second meetings of The Great War Association at The Pemberton Arms Headquarters, large numbers of (nerw) members attended. Mr Royston was elected chairman. Third meeting on 7/3, again a large attendance.

1919 March 6, 7 10 Cambridge Daily News

Auction by Nash, Son & Rowley, auctioneers, ‘The Old House’, 5 min from Harston station, with extensive outbuildings & orchard land.

1919 March 7 Cambridge Independent Press

About 20 men have been demobilised and several discharged from war service.   Auction: ‘The Old House’ (‘picturesque residence’), outbuildings + orchard.

1919 April 11 Cambridge Independent Press

Baptist chapel, Rev. James T Schofield from Rye, Sussex has become the new pastor for Harston. Lantern slide lecture on 14/3. Pask’s shop was broken intio by 2 Haslingfield boys  –   bound over for 12 mo. at £5 surety.

1919 April 24 Cambridge Independent Press, April 24, 26 Cambridge Daily News

Nash, Son & Rowley, Royston, auctioneers, are selling, for Mr George Warren who is leaving, his household furniture etc., iron bedsteads, feather beds, wool & hair mattresses, feather pillows, bolsters, painted wash-stands, dressing tables, swing mirrors, mahogany chests of drawers, night commode, oak chest, cane-seat chairs, mahogany table, Pembroke table, treadle sewing machine, oak circular table, carpets & rugs, sofa bedstead, couch, antique mirror, Chiffonier, Windsor & elbow chairs, brass candlesticks, wall clock, deal table, cupboards, mangle, iron saucepans, fenders, fire-irons, tea service, crockery, glass, cutlery, etc.

1919 May 1 Cambridge Daily News

Court case. A ‘shell-shocked, blind and sick’ soldier (Sidney Dean Hart), a tenant of Stag Villa, Harston, is claiming £20 from his landlord, William George Judd of Quarry Farm, Haslingfield, for alleged ‘trespass’ and for (unjustly) demanding that he leave, and for destroying the contents of the garden at Stag Villa.The plaintiff (Hart) ‘had found it impossible to find another cottage in Harston’. The defendant (Judd) had said ‘You discharged soldiers are a nuisance to the community at large, and are a lot of cadgers’. Case adjourned (and re-adjourned on 29 May); £10 damages offered but declined.

1919 May 2 Cambridge Independent Press

Marriage, Miss Dora Willers of Harston to Percy Warboys of Comberton. The bride had been District Nurse for Cottenham and Rampton. Comrades of The Great War, held a concert in the schoolroom   – ‘excellent programme’.

1919 May 9 Cambridge Independent Press

Baptists held a ‘recognition service’ for their new pastor, Rev Schofield.

1919 May 15 Cambridge Daily News

G. Love & Son, auctioneer, is selling furniture etc for Mrs Whiting, including ‘a whatnot’, a dinner wagon, chimney glass, a galvanised water cart, lawn mower, lawn tennis marker, carpenter’s bench & tools etc.

1919 May 16 Cambridge Independent Press, Cambridge Daily News

It has been confirmed that Rev. Burnett, former Baptist Pastor at Harston, has died.  There was another (5th) meeting of the Comrades of the Great War at their Pemberton Arms headquarters, thanks were expressed to Mr A Gentle & Mrs Grace Jude for entertaining the Comrades.

1919 May 30 Cambridge Independent Press

Sidney Dean, a shell-shocked soldier, of Stag Villa, Harston, claimed damages from William Jude, farmer of Haslingfield, for trespass and harassment – later settled for a a £10 payment.

1919 July 4 Cambridge Independent Press

Lecture on bees by Dr Young of Harston at the Zoological Lecture Room for the Cambridge Beekeepers Association (lengthy article).  Letter published by AJ Andrews, pleading for more generous pensions for war widows etc.

1919 July 25 Cambridge Independent Press

Sale of wheat from 28 acres on the south side of the Harston-Newton road, Nash, Son & Rowley forA Hurrell.  Funeral of Mr W Mansfield of Manor Farm.

1919 August 1 Cambridge Independent Press

Herbert Horn won a County Minor Scholarship  (his sister, Eileen, was awarded a similar scholarship 2 years ago)

1919 August 7 Cambridge Daily News

Funeral of Augustus John Beaumont, 72, formerly a teacher for many years at Harston.

1919 August 8 Cambridge Independent Press

Peace celebrations (on July 19), the committee included Mesdames Schofield, J Lawrence, Andrews, Frank Ashby, Haydyn & Miss White, Rev Schofield, Messrs Martin, Joseph Lawrence, H Lawrence, W Runham, Val Norhrop, CG Webb, Eric Haylock,  Jorden H Valles, Symmonds. A Hurrell lent the Park for sports (30 events, including Tug-of-war). Tea was provided by Mrs Newling at The Swan; also banjo music, dancing until midnight, and finally The National Anthem. Mr Shemwell & PC Martin assisted, Mr Evelyn Gee acted as judge, and prizes were donated by Mr Rowley (The Manor) – these were won by H Spencer & Elliott Chapman junior.

1919 August 29, 30, September 3, 4, 9 Cambridge Independent Press & Cambridge Daily News

Auction, by Nash, Son & Rowley for the Trustees of the Victoria Lodge of the Oddfellows of Harston, 3 allotments of arable land (tenant, A Jackson) fronting the Cambridge-Newton Road & Cowell’s Lane, ca 26.5 acres, & 5 freehold cottages which are central in the village and are occupied by Messrs Oakman, Allen, Balls, Bangle & Easy, with a total annual rent of £25.

1919 September 4, 5, 26, October 2, 3, 14 Cambridge Independent Press & Cambridge Daily News

Auction by Nash, Son & Rowley, The whole of the Live & Dead Farming Stock of Mr A Hurrell, who is giving up farming. The stock comprises, A bay pony, rising 4 y, unbroken, agricultural implements, 5 narrow-wheel farm carts with copse & ladders, an iron-cylinder water cart, 4 single & double ploughs, spring-tined cultivator, horse hoe, horse drag, harrows, iron roll(er)s, mowers, binders, a 14-coulter corn & seed drill by Garett, dressing machine, sack lifter, root-pulpers, cake-breaker, misc. harness, ladders, cattle cribs, hand tools, etc. 2 stacks of oat & barley straw. 1150 ft greenhouse lights  in sections and 156 ft two-inch hot water pipes.

1919 September 5 Cambridge Independent Press

Discharged soldier seeks situation as a poultry keeper or gardener, apply Brickfield, Harston.

1919 September 19 Cambridge Independent Press

PC Henry Martin promoted to Sergeant at Melbourn. Funeral of Mrs Jane Wisbey, 80y, at the Baptist chapel.

1919 October 3 Cambridge Independent Press

Death of Miss Durbin, who ‘came to Harston as a small child with her parents in 1848’, so she must have beeen ca. 72 when she died.

1919 October 10 Cambridge Independent Press

Whist drive & dance at the Council School on 1/10 in aid of the Comrades of The Great War, prizes donated by Messrs. Rowley, Hurrell, H. Smith, T Hayes, Dr Young. Mr Harold Smith distributed the prizes. Dancing until 1.30 am. Mr V Northrop was Master of Ceremonies.

1919 October 17 Cambridge Independent Press

For sale, 3.5 hp ‘Quadrant’ in running order, £15, apply The Laurels.  Cost of repairs and upgrade to Harston school, £64 3s 9d, and for the heating apparatus, £134 8s 3d.  Baptists  – collection for the Young Worshippers’ League’ raised 13s 2d.   Advert for ‘Wheat Protector’ against birds, Harston agent,  J Rodwell & Son, coal merchant.

1919 October 24 Cambridge Independent Press

Parlour maid wanted, apply Mrs Hurrell, Harston. Initial discussion of a war memorial, proposed for Harston, committee formed.

1919 October 27 Cambridge Daily News

Havelock Hammond (Harston, Old English Gentleman) was charged (inter alii) with having in his possession, articles from His Majesty’s stores, suspected as stolen or unlawfully obtained.

1919 October 31, November 4, 6,7,12 Cambridge Daily News

Messrs Arthur Rutter, Son & Co., auctioneers for the executors of the late Mr R G Harding, are offering arable land on the southern side of the Old English Gentleman, 2a 0r 15p, ‘ripe’ for fruit planting or building.

1919 November 14 Cambridge Independent Press

Baptists, sale of work to help pay for a new organ. Ladies sewing society, Mrs Schofield, Miss Watson, Miss U Gill, Mrs Emson, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Wedd. Others involved were, Mrs Pask, Miss G Golder, N Wisbey, G Williams, Mrs Thompson, Taylor, Pearman, Willers, Edwards, Peters, Harding, Royston, Schofield, Miss D Rae, Miss G Rodwell, K Day. Nearly £100 was collected.

1919 November 28 Cambridge Independent Press

Comrades of The Great War at The Pemberton Arms, 4 new members joined. Mr A Jude elected to represent Harston on the Grand Provisional Council. Plans to give another concert at the school.  For sale a 9y pony, Seagraves, £20.

1919 December 2, 3, 4  Cambridge Daily News

For sale, inlaid cabinet gramophone, 3 ft high, £18, apply ‘Arcadia’, Harston.

1919 December 5 Cambridge Independent Press

County War Pensions Committee, thanks by Mr Andrews for their interest & assistance.

1919 December 5, 9 Cambridge Daily News

Rocking horse for sale, £2 10s, apply H Spencer, Harston.

1919 December 12 Cambridge Independent Press

For sale, roan cob ca. 9 y, 15 hands high, ‘good trapper & rider’, apply Seagrave.

1919 December 17, 18, 20, 22, 23, 24, 26, 1920 January 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc, and February 28 Cambridge Daily News

Messrs Scruby & Gray, auctioneers, are instructed by the executors of the late Mr Joseph Wedd, to auction ‘Melbourn House’ (5 lower and 4 upper rooms), overlooking The Green; has stabling, loose boxes, store room with loft, small garage, outbuildings, business premises including harness-maker’s shop, foreman’ house, large orchard, enclosed gardens, part vacant possession, part tenanted by Miss Clark on a yearly tenancy.

1919 December 19 Cambridge Independent Press

Wedding, Amy Sarah Collins, daughter of Mr & Mrs John Collins of Button End, to Mr C Kent of North Finchley. Freddy Stittle rang a peal of bells at the wedding.


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