Jan 1810 - Dec 1819

summarised by Hilary Roadley & Chris Bates from British Newspapers Online

1810 March 30 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Notice, that William Flack, late of Harston, having assigned his effects to trustees, for benefit of themselves & other creditors, the deed of composition is left with Messrs Nash, son & Wedd, of Royston……creditors…..payment of debts (etc).

1810 September 28 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

‘Inquisition’, taken on 20/9/1810 before John Ingle Esq (? coroner) on the body of Roger Amps (servant of Rev Leworthy of Harston) who, while mowing haulm, ‘fell down & immediately expired’.

1812 May 22 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Auction by Thomas Prior at the Swan Inn on 1/6/1812, 6-7 pm, a piece of ground, 2a, 1r, 36p, being part of the common or green allotted to Mr Josiah (? Fford) on the late inclosure of the parish – adjoining the Royston Turnpike.

1812 June 19 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

‘Inquisition’ at The Swan on the body of Richard Wallis, aged 20y, who drowned in the river near Harston. (Because he drowned in shallow water and had been ‘absent’ for only 3-4 min, it is supposed he had a fit, or cramp).


1812 October 23 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Death of Francis Hodson – ‘James will carry on his business on behalf of the family’.

1812 October 23 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Auction, by T Cockett, of ‘valuable livestock’ at The Swan on 13/11/1812 at 11 am. 7 cart mares, 1 brown mare & foal, 5 cart geldings, a 3y-old Hackney, 3 three-yr filleys, 2 two-yr filleys, 1 yearling colt & 15 fat heifers. Credit until Lady Day on approved joint security. Catalogues at nearby Inns etc.

1812 October 30 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Auction, by T Cockett, of ‘valuable livestock’ at Barton’s Close, Harston on 13/11 at 11 am.  2 cart geldings, 8 cart mares in foal, 2 with foals at side, 4 cart fillies, 1 (4y) cart colt, 2 (3y) cart colts, 4 yearling fillies, 2 (5y) hackneys, 1 (4y) ditto, 100 fat Southdown wether sheep, 30 ewes, 15 Leics heifers in cal, 2 cows in calf. Credit, catalogues etc.

1812 October 30 & November 6 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Arable & meadow land for auction – by  T. Cockett at The Swan on 16/11 at 3 pm: Lot 1, an inclosed arable field called ‘Mill Close’ in Harston parish, but near Mr Whitechurch’s Haslingfield farm, with a ‘browess’ of wood of more than 400 young timber trees, pollards & spires, ca. 6a 2r;  also, a meadow pasture called ‘Alice Dams’, with many pollards, copyhold Harston Manor: 3a;  Lot 2, a pasture meadow called ‘Roundabouts’, north of Lot 1, with many pollards, 3a;  Lot 3 an inclosed pasture adjoining lot 2, with pollards, 3a. Total, 15 a 2 r. Viewing, catalogues, at nearby Inns etc.

1813 February 19 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Re: Haslingfield Inclosures ….Act of Parliament….50th year of the reign of his present Majesty……we have proceeded to set out and appoint the following private carriage roads, bridleways, footpaths (etc), …..no. 9, private carriage road & driftway branching out of the Harston road…….., no. 10, eastward from the Harston road…… to an old inclosure in the parish of Harston belonging to John Bangle,  no. 11, ……ancient lane leading into the Harston road…….cottage & garden belonging to Earl de la Warr (etc).

1813 April 16, 26 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Livestock for sale by auction (Thomas Cockett, auctioneer) on William Whitechurch’s farm, at Harston on Tuesday 27, twenty-one 2 or 3-yr-old Derbyshire heifers, most in calf, two cows calving, one milch-cow, and a 2-yr-old bull. Catalogues from The Swan Inn.

1813 April 30 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Subscribers to the Association for prosecution of felons in each parish, from Harston includes the Hurrell family, Whitechurch family, Rivers Taylor, Swan Wallis, etc.

1813 July 16 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

For sale by auction (Thomas Cockett), freehold residence and 9 acres arable. Lot 1, inclosed 9 acres arable between Hauxton  Mill and Harston, abutting High Road near the Hand Post, occupied by Mr Robert Tuck with 5y unexpired lease. Lot 2, freehold messuage at Harston., 6 rooms, stable, cart shed, piggery, large garden, orchard, residence of Mr Richard Eton. Particulars available at nearby inns.

1813 July 30 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Inclosures in Little Shelford, with brief mention of Harston.

1813 August 13 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Cambs Assizes, Nisi Prius Court before Lord Chief Justice Mansfield. The King vs. the inhabitants of Haslingfield – an indictment for failure to repair part of the road from Haslingfield to Harston at Mill Lane. (The greatest part belonged to Harston parish  – the road was in very bad repair & defendants were found guilty).

1813 September 10 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Game preservation laws, re Manor of Tiptofts. ‘The game on that part of the manor leading from Harston to Hoffer Bridge on the right hand side of the road is intended for preservation, and gentlemen are requested not to sport thereon. All unqualified persons found sporting will be prosecuted.’

1813 September 17, (repeated in September 1814, 1815, 1816 etc) Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

List of persons who have obtained General Certificates for Killing Game at £3 13s 6d (5/4 to 10/9, 1813), from Harston, James Allen, Samuel Johnson, Rivers Taylor (farmer), Rev. William Leworthy (clerk).

1813 October 8 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Credit sales held by T. Cockett in April, payment now due at Swan Inn, October 14 at 1 o’clock (at dinner).

1813 December 3 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Auction, by T Cockett, of horses, carts & effects, the property of Mr Thomas Samuel, carrier, who is leaving the road business on account of ill health. Included are: 2 young cart geldings, a mare & foal, a stout broad-wheeled road cart with tilt, nearly new; a light one-horse cart, a dung cart, a neat taxed cart,  cart harnesses for 3 horses, beer casks, a sow & 9 pigs, 40 turkeys. Catalogues etc.

1814 February 23 Bury & Norwich Post

Death of Ann, wife of Mr G. Wallis, at Harston.

1814 June 17 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Auction, by T Cockett, of further property of Thomas Samuel, late of Harston, deceased. Household furniture, brewing & dairy utensils, implements, a young cow & calf, a milch cow, a draught horse, 2a 3 r of growing wheat, a close of growing tares.

1814 July 22 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Farmland sale: Auction by Thomas Crockett at Swan public house on Fri 5 Aug 1814 4-6pm: Lot 1: 2 pieces of arable land, containing one acre and half lying in Newton field.Lot 2: piece of land, in Green Field in Harston aforesaid, containing 13 a 1r 35p-copyhold manor of Tiptofts Lot 3: another piece of land, lying on the Green in Harston aforesaid, containing 4a.2r.5p. copyhold Manor of Tiptofts another piece of land, lying on the Green in Harston, aforesaid, containing 4a.2r.38p copyhold of manor of Abbotsbury. For particulars enquire Mr Crockett, Royston; Mr Silk & Mr Jennings, Harston.

1814  September 16 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Game certificates for killing game: person receiving: Rivers Taylor of Harston

1814  October 21 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

To let, further property of T Samuel, a house with 5 bedrooms, kitchen, pantries, Brewhouse, Keeping Room & hall, garden, hog-stie, stable, outhouses, close & orchard with fruit trees etc.

1815  January 27 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Residence, formerly of T Samuel, and now of Mr Geo White: a plastered & tiled messuage (list of rooms similar to the above), ca. 1.5 a land with fruit trees. (Later, on 12 April 1816, the same advertised as ‘To Let’.)

1815 May 12 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

For sale at Harston, 4 felled elm trees, not less than 450 ft total. Apply, John Norfield or Robert Tuck.

1815 May 19 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

‘A few days ago, Mr Brusher of Linton was attacked in a post-chaise by 2 villains between Harston and Bournbridge, who robbed him of £20, and decamped towards Chesterford.’

1816 June 28 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Cambs. Agricultural Society, 25/6/16, prizes to Mr Wallis for best 3y-old long-wooled ram, £3 3s.

1817 March 14 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

County Assizes Trials, Samuel Rayner & Edward Bangle of Harston, committed for stealing silver and copper coin there. Also,  of Edward Darcey, convicted of begging with a forged petition in Harston, 3 mo. prison with whipping.

1817 Mar 21, 28 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Notice, that all persons indebted to Mr Henry Royston of Little Eversden must pay their dues to M r G. White of Harston, solicitor, within 1 month or legal proceedings will be taken.

1817 July 25 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Notice, re ‘Price & Assize of Bread’ – to be set for this Parish of Harston –  all Corn-factors, Millers,  Mealmen,  Bakers & others ….….are required to make Returns according to the forms of the Act, to John Barton, appointed Receiver of Assize Returns…… true & precise Quantities of all Wheat & Flour, fit for making Wheaten Bread, Standard Wheaten Brad, & Household Bread  – and the true & exact Price for which (this) shall have been bought or sold …….penalty   ….not exceeding £10  –   signed John Barton, Receiver of Assize Returns for Harston, & for the 5 miles around, appointed by Wortham Hitch Esq & Wm Leworthy, Clerk.

1817 April 25, May 2 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Subscribers to the Association for prosecution of felons in each parish, from Harston includes Rivers Taylor, James Allen, Thomas Thurnall, E. Johnson, Swan & Gearge Wallis etc. Annual meeting at The Eagle & Child, Cambridge on 9/5. (Similar notices in April 1818, 1819 etc).

1817 June 20 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Letter from Rev. William Leworthy, supporting the addition of a Mr Henry Headly to the list of surgeons elected to practise at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

1817 September 19 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

‘The quartern loaf wheaten for the Harston district was, on Friday last, set at 11d’. (A correspondent here noted that the price of wheat was falling, but the price of flour, for bread-making, was not. Recommended the erection of parish mills, whereby ‘the poor might get their corn ground for the expense that was actually incurred’.)(The price of the standard quartern loaf was quoted regularly in subsequent numbers of the Chronicle, and there was a noticeable decline in its price over the next several months and years).

1817 October 24, 31 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Auction by T. Crockett, of ‘livestock, agricultural implements, dairy utensils, beer, casks, effects.’  This comprised: 5 farm horses ‘in good condition for hard work’, 60 Leicestershire ewes in lamb, a corn threshing machine, a dressing machine, a chaff-cutting machine by Passmore, a steel corn mill by Stockdale, 3 dung carts, 2 broad-wheel mould carts, 2 seed carts on wheels, a plough, harrows, rolls, sacks, cart & plough harness, bell-shaped beer casks, dairy utensils, strong-built curricle & harness etc, Credit on approved joint security. Catalogues from The Swan & other neighbouhood Inns.

1817 November 21 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Cattle ‘taken in’ at 1s 6d/head/week at The Vicarage – good straw & water (provided).

1818 May 9 Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough Gazette

Ploughing contest, Mr C. Rickards of Foulmire beat Mr Rayner,  bailiff to Mr James Allen, farmer, of Harston.

1818 July 4 Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough Gazette

Death of Mr James Allen, 42y, farmer at Harston.

1818 July 17 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Auction by T. Cockett for the executors of Mr James Allen deceased. 4 draught horses, a mare, a yearling filly, 6 cows, 2 in-pigged sows, 5 fat hogs, 5 store hogs, a narrow-wheeled waggon with iron arms, 2 narrow- and 1 wide-wheeled dung car ts, 1 broad-wheeled mould cart with iron arms, a 1-horse cart & harness, 6 ploughs, 2 sets of harrows, 2 oak rolls, barn implements, sacks, cow cribs, hog troughs, hurdles, cart & plough harness for 8 horses, straw, manure, a hogshead brewing copper with mashing & working tubs, 2 large thatched stacks of last year’s cinquefoil hay, a stack of pasture hay etc. Plus, valuable growing crops of corn at Harston, 41 acres of wheat, 34 of barley, 4 of oats, 11 of peas. £10 deposit to be paid at the sale; the rest on credit until Christmas, given the usual security.

1818 July 24  Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

‘All persons with a claim or demand on the estate of Mr James Allen (of Harston), deceased, to deliver their accounts to Mr GB White, solicitor, and those indebted to him to pay their debts immediately.’

1818 August 7, 14, September 11 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Sale (by T Cockett) of Mr Allen’s estates in Harston, Newton, Melbourn, Chrishall. His residence, with hall, parlour, kitchen, wash-house, brew-house, pantry, 4 bedrooms with closets, 2 attics, good cellaring, inclosed yard, 3 barns, 2 stables, cow-house, granary, poultry-house, 2 pig-sties, hayshed, 2 gardens, orchard of more than 300 fruit trees in 2 acres and a rood. Garden wall with peach & nectarine trees & grape vine.  2 Cottages with yards & gardens. 128 acres, 2 roods, 13 perches of arable land in the parishes of Harston & Newton. The dwelling house is situate at an agreeable distance from the High road, commanding pleasing views with a delightful frontage garden containing numerous espalier fruit trees, fenced from the north by a lofty wall clothed with fine healthy peach and nectarine trees, and a large luxuriant grape vine in front of the house.View on application to Mr James Northfield of Harston.

1818 December 4 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal, December 9 Bury & Norwich Post, 12 December Norfolk Chronicle

Death of Mr John Watson, 76y, farmer of Harston.

1819 February 26 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Tenements and a large orchard for sale by T Cockett on March 11. 4 freehold Tenements pleasantly situated beside the High Road and are occupied by Gilbey, Collins, Morley & Salmon. A brick-built pigeon house, a large orchard well planted with fruit trees, and a close of pasture adjoining with about 50 ash and elm timber trees growing thereon. Apply James Northfield or nearby Inns.

1819 May 7 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Sale, by T Cockett,  of household furniture, live stock, brewing & dairy utensils and farming implements from the estate of Mr Robert Tuck, late of Harston, on March 10. Catalogues from The Swan.

1819 July 9 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Cottage to let immediately: neat and convenient, containing 2 rooms on a floor, and a large piece of garden ground planted with fruit trees, situate at Harston, 4 miles from Cambridge, on road to London. Enquire of Mr Brown, PO Cambridge.

1819 August 6 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal, August 7 Suffolk Chronicle, August 11 Bury & Norwich Post

Death, Mr William Taylor aged 18, after a long illness, son of Mr Robert Taylor.

1819 September 10 Cambridgeshire Chronicle & Journal

Game certificate issuances, Rev Leworthy, Rivers Taylor, Thomas Thurnall, William Whitechurch jun., Swan Wallis, William Jennings (gamekeeper & assessed servant).

 1819 13 November Oxford Journal

Marriage in London of George Starkins Wallis of Harston to Martha Fordham of Royston.

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