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Famila Ravi

Ravi and Famila: We have taken a few pictures during our walking around Harston village during the lockdown and after during this Corona virus  period.

Though we have lived here in Harston for more than ten years, this is the first time we have found these walking paths around Harston. It’s been an amazing experience.

DR FAMILA RAVINDRAN’s 2020 COVID lockdown experience:

I wish to share my lockdown experiences both at work and at home during the COVID pandemic; myself being a key worker, working for the NHS.

During this 2020 lockdown, with the peak of COVID admissions in our hospital at Addenbrookes in April, as a Consultant Anaesthetist working in the frontline I was faced with a very different and challenging situation.

With ICU admissions increasing steadily with unwell Corona patients, our ICU capacity was increased triple-fold rapidly, and all our junior doctors were re-deployed to help out there. I volunteered to work in ICU which is not my usual place of work as I wanted to get a very good clinical experience of this new pandemic.

Spending long hours in full PPE looking after very unwell patients was exhausting both in ICU and the operating room. In addition to this, being a trauma Anaesthetist I had to look after very unstable polytrauma patients in the emergency department, with full PPE, so communication and clinical management was more tricky.

The constant pressure of contracting the infection and then spreading to our loved family was a scary thought indeed. I had to remind myself to frequently hand wash, be vigilant to not touch my face, have multiple showers and take all the precautions. We had to stay as resident in the hospital during that period as we had no junior doctors for the theatres.

With a constant change in guidelines at work each day, we had to keep up with the emails/ guidelines/ training.

We all worked very well as a great team in our department and supported each other including our mental well-being.

At home, during the lockdown for the first time my 11 year old daughter had online school and needed help, which was interesting and a new experience again.

As things have changed at home for my husband and the kids as well, I tried to keep them supported in addition to my busy work schedule.

To take my mind off, I tried to relax by doing acrylic on canvas painting after a very long time, focused a bit on gardening and indoor plants which made us all happy.

Long walks in our Harston village relieved my stress a lot and I felt very satisfied, proud and happy when all our neighbours clapped for us every Thursday.

It continues to be the ‘new normal’ after four months and we continue to fight the virus.


This page was added on 14/06/2020.

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  • God bless you and your family Famila.
    Volunteering to do services is a very courageous decision. Your expertise would have surely saved many.
    Work – life- family balance as a frontline worker is very challenging. The write up proves that you have done everything with great love and dedication. Keep it up 👍👍👏👏

    By Vani R (16/09/2020)
  • It brings tears of fear and joy to hear you Dr.Famila .Being a front line Doctor ,mom,wife and daughter you have beautifully managed your duties towards home and country.we are forever indebted to you and your team and your very cooperative family as well.A big hug to you dear ,words are not enough to thank you.

    By Geetha Guruswamy (16/09/2020)

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