VE day 75th anniversary celebrations in Lawrance Lea

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On 8th May 2020 during the Covid19 restrictions Lawrance Lea had a safe distance street party with everyone setting out their tables and bunting in their front gardens 4pm onwards. Impromptu singing by Susie Curran of VE day songs was much enjoyed by many in the street as well as enjoying tea, coffee and other selections of drink and cakes.

Guernsey bunting reflected those people who had relatives that lived under German occupation until May 9th 1945 Liberation Day there.

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  • Number 21 – I moved there in 1976 (I was 6) & my parents moved out in the early nineties – had a weird garage from memory – it looked like a double, but the laundry took up a quarter off it

    Happy memories

    By Paul Harvey (13/10/2022)

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