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Carefield Button End 2015

The site was originally part of the 8 acre Apple Cottage plot and was sold by Christopher Baker

Subsequently it was occupied, on a temporary basis, by 2 caravans in connection with an attempt to establish an agricultural enterprise from 1978-84. Any further extension of the planning permission was refused as the enterprise failed and the area was in the Green Belt which had come into being in 1960s and restricted development. The site remained empty until it was purchased in 1999 when the new owners moved their caravan on to the site.

Since then, there has been a series of planning applications relating to the number of residential caravans allowed on the site. Recently permission was given for an additional 3 residential caravans

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  • This was occupied by Peter Osbourne during the period that my family lived next door.(1979 – 2008) He kept goats, geese and had a dog named ‘Blue’ who was actually black! Not sure what happened to him. there was a shed near the bottom of his property that was identical to the one on ours and the same kind trees (Serotina Poplar) ran across the bottom of his property, so they were probably part of the same property at one time.

    By Hilda Rogers (23/12/2021)

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