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John Roadley

The churchyard  reached capacity and ceased burials in the 1930s apart from in family plots but ashes continue to be scattered or buried. Whilst some ashes were buried in unmarked spots, much work was done in the mid-1970/80s to clear and level the area between the church and the river to create a Garden of Remembrance.

Here ashes have been interred since 1984 and memorial tablets mark the spots. The location of these memorial tablets (at the end of 2021) can be seen by clicking on the download button at the foot of this page.

Photographs of the tablets and their inscriptions can be found below

A2  Cecil S Brooks

In loving memory of Cecil S Brooks 1902 – 1984

A3  Joan Mary Wood

Joan Mary Wood  13-9-34  1-4-85

A4  Ivy Gladys Warren

In loving memory of Ivy Gladys Warren  Born  Jan 12 1908  Died May 6 1985

A5  John Edward Cairns

John Edward Cairns  1986

A6  Tom Want

Tom Want  19-9-1915  22-9-1999  Together again  RIP

A7 Hilda Want

Hilda Want  Born 27th January 1918  Died 26th February 1987

A8  Doris Maud Wisbey

In loving memory of Doris Maud Wisbey  Born 119th April 1899  Died 18th February 1988  Aged 88 years

A9  Peter R Smith

Peter R Smith   1928 – 1989

A10  Albert Edward Lawrance

Albert Edward Lawrance  Died 1st October 1989   Aged 61

A11  Ida Elizabeth Farrington

In loving memory of Ida Elizabeth Farrington  Born 18th Sept 1896  Died 26th April 1990  RIP

A12  Denys George Ashby

In loving memory of Denys George Ashby   18th August 1921  8th December 2001  All Saints Organist 1985 – 2001

A13  Alan Farrington

Alan Farrington 30-3-1932 – 5-8-2014

A14  Ray Oliver

Ray Oliver  24.11.1926  2.6.2015

A14A  Stuart Roger Dickerson

Stuart Roger Dickerson 5.2.1975 – 31.5.2017  Dearly loved son and brother

A14B  Margaret Bridget Bromilow

Margaret Bridget Bromilow  4th July 1929 – 12th March 2017  Aged 87 years

A15  Charles I Edwards

In loving memory of Charles I Edwards  17.12.1917 – 4.9.2011  Aged 93 years

A16  Eric F and Jennifer M Howes

In loving memory of Eric F Howes  19.11.1936   23.12.2004  Jenny Howes  1.3.1945 – 22.5.2009

B2  Maureen Eleanor Coad

In loving memory of Maureen Eleanor Coad  27.5.40 – 29.3.17

B3  Raymond George Levitt

In memory  of Raymond George Levitt  1932 – 2012  So dearly loved Always in our thoughts

B4  Harold and Letty Shipp

Cherished memories of dearly loved parent and grandparents  Harold and Letty Shipp Died aged 86 and 93 years  Together again

B5  Frank Henry Crawley

Frank Henry Crawley  1916 – 1999

B6  Suzanne Williams

Suzanne Williams  1946-1995 Better by far you should forget and smile  than that you should remember and be sad

B7  Ethel Irene Rodmell

Ethel Irene Rodmell  1902 – 1994  Remembered with love and affection

B7A  Keith George and Carole Rodmell

Keith George Rodmell  1.9.1931 – 15.9.2006  Reunited with his dearly loved wife Carole Rodmell 31.12.1943 – 31.12.2008  Both much loved and greatly missed

B8 Harold Paige and Wilhelmina Clark

In ever loving memory of Harold Paige Clark 24.9.1910 to 11.6.1992  Also Wilhelmina Clark 19.4.1908 to 8.10.2000. Sadly missed

B9 Eric S and Ruth Webb

Eric S Webb Died 9th October 1993  Aged 57 years  Ruth Webb  died 28th January 2003 Aged ?5 years

B10  Grace Farrington

In loving memory of Grace Farrington Born 16th Nov 1899 Died 9th Oct 1991 RIP

B11  Albert Thomas Ross

In loving memory of Albert Thomas Ross  20th January 1917 – 6th April 1991

B12  John Gresham Loveday

John Gresham Loveday  1937 – 1996  Beloved husband of Pat

B13  Sheila Cook

In loving memory of Sheila Cook  21.10.1936 until 08.9.2003  At peace

B14  Thomas and Vera Gibson

In loving memory of Thomas Gibson  26.12.1923 – 27.3.2011  Also of Vera Gibson  20.12.1919 – 23.2.2016

B15  Norman D Parker

In loving memory of Norman D Parker  18 Aug 1914 – 23 Mar 2011

B16  Harry C Sanders

Harry C Sanders 1.9.1917 – 30.6.2005

C4  Nell Oliver and Sally Lane

Nell Oliver 1900 – 1984  Sally Lane 1904 – 1995

C5  Ron and Beryl Gaskarth

In loving memory of Beryl Gaskarth  1934 – 1986   Ton Gaskarth  1922 – 1998

There is also group of tablets for members of the Hays family located in the north-west corner of the churchyard close to other Hays gravestones. These are:

H1  Ursula Mary Hays

Ursula Mary Hays  27.7.1910 – 30.12.1989

H2  Thomas Allen and Betty Hays

In loving memory of Thomas Allen Hays dDed 20 June 2010 age 98 and his wife Betty Hays Died 19 Oct 2002

H3  Marion Elizabeth Hays

Marion Elizabeth Hays 19.5.1909 – 23.4.1977

H4  Frances Eileen Hays

Frances Eileen Hays 1.1.1913 -4.1.2011

H5  Mary Heather Hays

Mary Heather Hays  Born 6th Feb 1927  Died 9th Feb 2000 Beloved wife

H6  William Smith Hays

William Smith Hays Beloved father and husband of Heather 26.6.1920 – 23.12.2014


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